100 thoughts on “Can Trump Supporters And Immigrants See Eye To Eye?

  1. You need to get a little more informed people. The white girl was really ignorant and would you say that represents white Trump supporters? Plus the orange guy had legit question, would love for a segment to discuss Jihadi concept in middle ground

  2. That white woman acts so much like trump I swear. She has that condescending “I’m better than you but I’m trying to hide it but not really because you need to know I’m better than you face” and never really contributes to the topic, but instead just makes claims and agrees with other people, and says yes, yeah, etc.

  3. If Americans just leave Arabs alone they will live happily they don't need any help.

    -we are bombing yemen to help them.
    -we are bombing Iraq to help them.
    -we are bombing syria to help them.
    -bombing Afghanistan to help them.

    And many other countries just to help them because we love them
    Lol very believable

  4. "Now I'm the enemy in MY own country"………questionable

    By definition you too can be considered an immigrant, the word MY in this statement is a reach, what freedom of speech have you lost exactly? I want to know…

    Don't say that you don't want these things to happen to immigrants and Muslims then say we worked hard to elect a president who can enforce the law which results in exactly that…..


  5. Idk . Um , communication is difficult . Made so , because of where we came from . My choice of words , offends the more knowledgeable , because what I say may not agree in the context of their understand ing .

  6. Disregarding one's religion partially makes a good human. We get to choose our religion. People don't understand that we also get to choose how much of that religion we want. Almost all of the religions of the world are offensive. The fear of trump supporters that an immigrant might frown upon gay kissing is acceptable but at the same time a catholic man might just do the same. The world is made up of 2 people free minds and right wings. America is made up of the same. Not letting a person in because he is a different kind of right wing is hypocritic. Right wing folks may be different in their practices but have the same intentions. Free minds will unite no matter what. Time will tell.

  7. This is a HOT topic that could go badly. Why go there…..

    Because you guys can.

    Meanwhile …..
    My coffee boiled over.

  8. I feel like people don’t understand that immigration has ALWAYS been a problem. Even from Mexico. Now here’s the thing. These people weren’t racist. They were nativists. People who dislike immigrations. Xenophobia is NOT the same thing. Xenophobia is where you’re genuinely terrified of immigrants. Now can you be a racist and a nativist sure. You can all 3 for all I care. But just because you’re a nativist doesn’t mean your a racist.

  9. I’m a trump supporter and honestly I think we need to better our immigration system to make it easier and faster for immigrants to come legally. And honestly the blonde lady has a point. I can’t wear my MAGA hat in public without getting harassed

  10. I will say also, you can be an immigrant and a Trump supporter. I don't like this idea that if you are an immigrant you automatically dislike Trump. I'm an immigrant, and I am most definitely in favor of stronger immigration laws.

  11. There have been many objective studies of overseas Muslims and their views about killing non believers (many of the studies were done trying to prove that Muslims are just regular people like everyone else). The results of these polls is absolutely frightening. Of course each country is different. But it would be impossible to conclude that overseas Muslims "wish us well". Most support killing non Muslims (although admittedly most don't want to do the dirty work of murder on their own).

  12. When pink shirt wanted to hear black shirt's stance on passages in the Qur'an that support violence, I think that's valid in a discussion about immigration. If people want to move to the US and they're not comfortable with women voting, or their children growing up to serve a different god, or disavowing the idea of killing infidels – well, we need to talk about how to handle that. (Speaking as a Canadian, here, so not the same country, but I expect people moving to Canada to be prepared to support our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you want permission to live in a free country, it's fair to ask you to stand for freedom.)

    Side note, the Bible has God commanding both genocide and slavery, so "there's nothing like that in our Bible" is quite a stretch. Asking incoming Christians if they are willing to renounce those parts of the Bible might be appropriate as well.

  13. The rap issue she is talking about is a very weak argument for the reason we don’t have as many ripest as they do is because we have a justice system where as they can just rape someone and walk away free

  14. I'm English. There is hardly any rape in England. 20 people die in a week in your country because of guns. So don't go after a country whilst your country has a lot of problems.

  15. My store manager and her husband are from Romania. Her husband applied for the lottery about 4 times and got denied. He filled out and application in her name and had her sign it…got approved the first time lol.

  16. The immigrants were willing to talk and discuss things politely. The trump supporters were just being rude and screaming things at them. This is a problem with America

  17. 12:38 "You shouldn’t question somebody’s religion" even if they flying planes into the buildings. Let’s just talk about Orange Man Bad

  18. Islam is a disgusting religion and it’s followers whether willingly or unwillingly MUST take the path of Mahmoud.
    If you don’t you are not a Muslim and an apostate ( person who leaves Islam ) and the punishment for apostates is death under Islam. Islam follower “yes” then ok Islam follower “no” then you are killed, that is not a choice!!!!

  19. Mexicans are not illegal immigrants to America.
    Mexicans are Native-Americans to the American continent descendants of the Aztecs. They just who adopted Spanish language and Catholic religion, because the Spanish conquistadores (European/White people) forced their costumes to them. Mexicans are not "Latino" or "Hispanic", those are umbrellas to hide the ancestry of Mexican people.

    Latino/Latin = European people who speak a Latin derived language. Initially the Romans, today their descandants the Italians, followed by the Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians and French people.
    Hispanic = Spanish people, inhabitants of Hispania, a former Roman province in Europe, the Iberian peninsula.

    Stop labelling things wrong. There are Mexicans of every race. White-Mexicans, black-Mexicans, yellow-Mexicans, etc.
    But the majority of Mexicans are racially Red/Native-American/Amerindian/Mestizos descendants of the Aztecs/Nican Tlaca.

  20. The white woman represents everything wrong with white people are saying and they act like they know what we’re going through but they really don’t

  21. The blonde guy has a point.
    Why you come to america if you hate the american culture?
    The quran hava 100+ verses inciting violence against non believers.
    Where do you think islamic terror comes from? Sooner or later these kind of attacks will be more common in the US.

  22. bruh it's so concerning why people dont understand the basic difference between immigrants and ILLEGAL immigrants. throughout history illegal immigration has led to massive political and societal disturbances. immigrants are MORE THAN WELCOME to the US as long as they enter LEGALLY. immigrants shape the future for america. immigrants are the cause for the growth of the economy. however illegal immigrants are a threat to national security in literally every single nation

  23. I applaud the patience of the immigrants for having to sit in the same room and listen to that white lady even breathe. I could barley watch this video without getting angry, she’s the proof of the problem with this country. She plays the victim, when she’s not and she’s selfish.

  24. The white lady is annoying the F out of me! She has all the opinions and solutions she interrupts but has most recently experience "discrimination". She … like most white women who voted for Trump is very rude and disrespectful. I hope she learns to be quiet and listen to those who have been oppressed! The United States was built on raping, killing, enslaving innocent humans and free labor! I'm sicken by Trump supporters.

  25. Not a Trump supporter but I love the lady with blonde hair!

    She's kept it civil and had a open mind with things. We need more people like her.

  26. So basically the white lady and white guy jumped the honest and nice muslim girl Edit: I'm surprised the muslim girl didn't smack the white lady

  27. the white girl just said that she doesn't take things personally but then when someone says their personal experience with trump and she be like, "I take that to offence" -_-

  28. "Now i'm the enemy… IN MY OWN COUNTRY"

    ayo it's our country too tho… but on the low it's not even ur country iTs gOds so haha i'm quirky now

  29. i wish they put some smarter immigrants im a puertorican and trump has disrespected our ppl and everyone. We are bombing yemen for oil to few the war machine
    we spend way to much on military cut back spend it on the orphans america
    and the bible talks about killing gays. howabout when god killed all of humanity, im pretty sure theres beef with jew someone in there you know the religion who killed jesus christ

  30. Lmao imagine thinking deporting immigrants will fix our fucked up economy. Do these people really think deporting immigrants will mean that the government will start feeding starving children and offering financial support for vets?

  31. I just think that it sucks that immigrants can have a baby in Canada (not sure if this is the same for United States) and their baby is automatically Canadian (In Canada you can have a baby for free, sort of) . But then the immigrants leave the country. So now their baby is able to go to our country, even though they didn’t pay taxes and use our healthcare to only benefit them. Unless If they stay in our country and pay taxes. Then I am okay with them using our healthcare system. Disclaimer. I am 16. So what said might be wrong.

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