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I’m ready. Let get started! Oh! Why camera doesn’t focus? Is it broken? But I just bought it Ah I got it. It’s because of you How? i’m so beautiful so you can’t focus, right? Come back down to earth please I mean your skin is so shiny so the camera can’t focus Really? Let me check Oh my god my skin is so oily Wait, give me 5 seconds Tada An here again I wonder do you have oily skin like me? When our skin produces so much oil, our face will be shiny and it will be very sticky when we touch More importantly, we always feel like our pores get bigger In the past 2 months, I’ve learned and researched some ways that can help our skin looks so much less oily I’m gonna be sharing with you today Before we start, Emmi reminded me to remind you guys please to subscribe to Happy Skin channel Even thought Emmi isn’t here today, I can feel she’s somewhere around this studio And now let get started OILY SKIN CONTROL DURING SUMMER Why your skin produces so much oil? Firstly, I believe that lots of you guys misunderstand that Only someone has oily skin type produces oil It is completely wrong! Everyone’s skin has oil, dry skin or normal skin, baby or adult Because oil is synthesized in the sebaceous glands and excreted via our pores It helps moisturize your skin and make your skin smoother And avoid things that might penetrate the skin like viruses The different is how much – or how little – oil your skin produces and it changes frequently The technical term of oil in English is Sebum that includes Glycerides, free fatty acid, squalene, wax esters, cholesterol esters, and cholesterol Adults produce about 1mg/10cm2/3hrs If the ratio is less than 0.5mg/10cm2/3hrs, your skin type is dry Otherwise, if the ratio is more than 1.5mg/10cm2/3hrs, your skin type is oily or get seborrhoea that is caused by excess skin oil produced We don’t talk about dry skin today, it’s for another video In conclusion, why your skin produces so much oil? There are 2 reasons The first reason is because of your general health It’s obvious. If you have oil skin, the oil your skin produces is more than if you have dry skin Genetics is also a reason If your mom or dad have oily skin, it’s likely you will have inherited the trait The second one is gender Usually, men produce more oil than women Because Androgens are present in much higher levels in men However, your skin type can change A lot of you guys have dry skin But one day, your skin type changes to oily skin or combination skin The reason why is because of increasing production of androgenic steroids An androgen is a kind of hormones which makes sebaceous glands can start to over produce oil It happen when female in their puberty and or during periods Another reason that makes your skin type changes is the environment and the weather For example, during summer, humidity and hot weather make your skin produces more oil than normal Wrong skincare routine is a common reason Don’t moisturize enough, over-cleanse, under-cleanse or exfoliate too much make your skin dryer than normal Because of that, your skin will send a signal to sebaceous glands to excite them to produce more oil So the skin hydration level can be balanced Tips to manage oily skin Instant remedies To deal with oily skin instantly, we can you use oil control products Like oil control primer, oil control powder, oil control foundation and oil control sunscreen For oil control foundation, we have Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte L’oreal Infallible Pro – Matte 24HR Foundation Bare Minerals Original Foundation Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup Tarte Amazonian Clay 12HR Full Coverage For oil control powder, you can choose invisible powder or normal powder There are some products you can check out Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder RCMA No Color Powder Soap And Glory One Heck Of A Blot Srichand Translucent Powder Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder It will be more effect if you use oil control sunscreen You should priority choose inorganic sunscreen which have more Zinc They will protect your skin from the sun and also control your oily skin However, superior sunscreen is sunscreen powder With a high level of Zinc, sunscreen powder removes oil effectively But this products is very white, it will be unnatural if you have dark skin Furthermore, oil control paper is a “magic” product that can save your skin during summer There are 2 type of oil control paper, paper and film Oil control film is more effectively and quickly than oil control paper This is the best way to use oil control paper Place a paper between to finger Press the paper gently against the shining area for 3 or 4 seconds Starting with your T-zone which has the most oil and then other areas Long term solutions The ways I just showed you are instant remedies If you want you skin to produce less oil and less shiny, We have to have a right skincare routine Your skincare routine can have 3 steps, 7 steps or 10 steps, this doesn’t matter But you have to comply two principles, there are deep-cleansing and light moisturizers Happy Skin have a video about how to deep-cleansing and choose light moisturizers very detaily Link below in the description box For me, I’m in love with foam cleansers which have Salicyclic acid or AHA for summer It helps deep-cleansing pores and exfoliate Clay masks, mud mask or activated carbon masks are very good for skin detox and removing excess sebum production very effectively For your skin has so much oil, I’m pretty sure that you need products that help reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands by applying and taking medicine ways Suggest some apply products Whamisa Organic Flower Sebum Treatment Bioderma Sébium Pore Refiner Moreover, apply products that use for ances and anti-aging are also use for reducing oil production For instance, products have retinol, above 2% niacinamide, salicyclic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur or peel products I have used Obagi Retinol 1.0 so I’m sure that it controls oil production very good Even though 1% is not too strong, This Obagi product have a very obvious effect So I have a advice for you guys who haven’t try Retinol products before That you should start from 0.5% so you can avoid irritation About taking medicine way First I’ll talk about prescription medicines The most effective product which reduces oil production is Isotretinoin This Vitamin A is proved that is the best ingredient for reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands However, never use this when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding Moreover, we have Spironolactone Dermatologists use this for oily skin and ances Spironolactone is proved that will reduce oil production when we use about 50-200mg everyday For non-prescription medicines, you can find supplements that contain vitamin A and D that reduce oil production or Zinc, an ingredient which reduces DHT hormone that causes oily and inflammation Another medicine which regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands is pill Because pill is used for inhibiting Testosterone in your body You shouldn’t use pill on your own choice because it has a lot of side effects Such as periods disorder, weight gain, reduce fertility, dull skin and black spots on your face In conclusion, every medicines but supplement, we always need doctor’s doctor’s prescription In case you have pecuniary condition and want to get rid of oily skin quickly You can choose high technology treatments First treatment is botox Not only remove wrinkles,
skin rejuvenation, smaller face But also reducing oil production and excess oil and other skin problems Like big pores, ances It’s sound very wrong when you choose botox treatment just because you want to reduce excess oil I think we shouldn’t use botox when we are too young especially under 35 Another high tech treatment is using laser A study found that when using 1,450nm diode laser after 6 weeks – the laser used for hair removal The result is 18% reduction Actually, I had use laser YAG for dark spot on skin With shorter wavelength and the result is more obvious, the oil in my skin is reduced considerably However, as i know the result is just instantly, after awhile the oil in your skin’s still back to normal Finally, if you want to reduce oil production, you need to have a healthy diet and lifstyle More specifically, don’t stay up late, avoid stress and eat food that have omega 3 and vitamin A Also don’t eat too much food that stimulate oil glands in the skin Such as milk and dairy category, fast food, fried food, soda drink or alcohol There are lots of tips for you guys who are worried because of the shiny face Comment below If you guys also have experiences about this topic Last but not least, subscribe Happy Skin channel for more videos in the future Bye~

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