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so what causes bloodshot eyes? in this
video I’m gonna be going over some of the reasons people develop red bloodshot
eyes as well as how we treat bloodshot eyes in the clinic and some of the
things that I think about as an eye doctor when I see somebody with this
condition let’s take a look. hello and welcome to dr. Allen here from the Doctor Eye Health show helping you learn all about the eyes and finding the best vision
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and today we’re talking about a blood shot eyes actually fairly recently a few
weeks ago former Vice President Joe Biden during an actual like live event
he was talking about climate change he actually developed a red bloodshot eye
on screen live and it looked pretty sinister now when this happens we
actually call that a sub conjunctival hemorrhage and then it’s actually we’re
one of the blood vessels underneath the soft conjunctival tissue on the front
surface of the eye one of these blood vessels actually bursts and because of
that front membranous tissue of the eye again called the conjunctiva is actually
clear the blood ends up pooling underneath that tissue and it kind of
looks as just like blood on the eye and yeah this looks pretty nasty
usually when people have this they’re pretty freaked out they’re worried that
something terrible has happened with their eye but for the most part it’s
really just a pop to blood vessel that’s really all it is then one of the blood
vessel bursts and now the blood is pooling so yeah it’s not usually as bad
as it looks Phillip most people who come into the
clinic for one of these bloodshot eyes they actually will say that they rubbed
their eye because there I felt kind of weird and then eventually somebody else
or themselves looked in the mirror and sad whoa with my eyes all red now so it
kind of comes in that question is it red because they poked themselves in the eye
or rubbing it or was it feeling irritated because it was swelling with
blood and then they were rubbing their eye and then they just happened to
notice so it’s kind of one of those chicken or the egg sort of things but
it’s true that by rubbing or poking the eye it just believed that yes you can
burst some of the blood vessels on the eye and that can actually cause this
whole problem in the first place but actually one of the more frequent causes
of having a bloodshot eyes anything causes increased pressure of your upper
body cavity this includes things like coughing sneezing maybe lifting weights
in fact even just bearing down while going to the bathroom can cause this
problem I actually had a gentleman come in who had a really good time the night
before hanging out with his buddies I think they were celebrating his birthday
but he drank too much and he actually vomited and that next morning he woke up
with two bloodshot eyes yes both of his eyes were completely bloodshot and he
was freaking out but yes you can get these bloodshot eyes from doing
something very simple such as sneezing or lifting something heavy but there’s
actually some systemic issues that I actually have to worry about when I see
you in the clinic for this condition most notably is blood pressure so if
somebody has elevated blood pressure then this could actually be an early
sign that they’re having problems so if you’re having this issue and maybe have
a family history of blood pressure issues or you yourself haven’t checked
their blood pressure and wallet you don’t see a regular your family
physician on a regular basis that could be an indication of why you’d have a
bloodshot eye like this and that’s also more of a concern for us because if you
have elevated blood pressure you’re at higher risk of things like heart attack
and stroke so ya need to check the blood pressure now with bloodshot eyes most
people don’t get them that often it’s just once in a while but sometimes
people actually come in there saying hey I’m getting like three or four of these
a month that’s a little bit more concerning for me when I start hearing
that’s happen more frequently that’s when I start ordering blood tests to
kind of rule out other major issues with the blood itself maybe that person is
anemic or maybe in a worst case scenario they could even have leukemia and that’s
cancer of the blood that’s something that we have to be really alert for but
thankfully that’s very rare and I’ve only had to order blood tests for that
maybe like two or three times know when it comes to treating or getting rid of a
bloodshot eye and I mean that a subconjunctival hemorrhage that’s again
that blood pooling underneath that soft tissue of the eye that’s very different
from just treating a red eye that’s caused by dryness or a allergy or
something like that and I do have another video covering more of that
topic if you’d like to see that I will hook that up in a link up here but when
it comes to a true subconjunctival hemorrhage or bloodshot eye doctors
really don’t do much because these naturally resolved on their own
just a couple of weeks usually most people notice the blood starting to
basically resorb into the tissues and the redness will kind of gradually go to
a pink and then sometimes even leave a little bit of a yellow brown spot kind
of like it’s resolving bruise or something like that but in more severe
cases the blood can pool a little bit and that causes swelling and so people
will feel it as they blink and so often times it’s giving an artificial tear
people will use some sort of lubrication on the eye that will help improve
comfort same thing with using cold compresses that often times makes things
feel better as well I can think Philippe for most people when they have these
bloodshot eyes it’s not as bad as it often looks
however if somebody has elevated blood pressure or they’re getting them more
frequent that’s when we start to get more concerned and we start ordering
extra tests so last question of the day have you ever had a red bloodshot eye
like the ones we’ve shown here if so do you know why you had it was it because
you sneezed really hard lifted weights or is there something else going on go
ahead and connect in the section below hey if you learned something new from
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on it we’ll talk to you soon

39 thoughts on “Bloodshot Eyes | What Causes Bloodshot Eyes and How to Get Rid of Them | Doctor Eye Health

  1. Yes, I thought it was just a minor infection, Now thinking it could have been allergies. Caused by the symptoms of coughing and sneezing. Thanks, for the video and explanation.

  2. Hey Doc,
    I have dry eyes and my eyes turned so red after wearing contacts one day ! Hasn't disappeared since then. 🙁 When it started eye doctor has gave me Tobradex for 7 days, then we tried Alrex for 2 weeks. Now I have been on lotemax for a month and a bit… Took 4 drops a day then 3, then 2 etc but now we have weaned me of to a drop every other day but the redness is still here… especially on days where I dont get enough sleep! Some days my eyes look white but for the most part they arent. This started in mid July 🙁

  3. Could you make the youtube video about history of optometry because in 19970s one of states allowed have diagnostic agent drugs for optometrist? The optometry care change a lot over years and every state laws is different from others. People should know this before becoming a optometrist.

  4. Thanks for ur info and explanation easy to understand. It's very timely because one of my friends had this recently. I'll share ur video with him. Thank u very much. ありがとうございます 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️

  5. Hey quick question so listen I have dry eye syndrome and the cause of this was during spring in 2018 when I recently started to become allergic to pollen and my eye doctor who is specialized in cornea told me that my cornea is clouded because of my allergy. So here’s my question is it ok for me to wear eye contacts because I’m not use to glasses at all.

  6. My eyes don't get bloodshot, but the 8nside of my lids get very red. What causes this? Would this be allergy related?

  7. I have the grayish bruise looking stuff on my eyeball. What is it and why does my eyes do this?? My doctor says it fine

  8. I once had a short series of mishaps: threw up before work, on my way to work, some rain came into my lenses and topping it off I lifted a heavy box. When washing my hands, in the mirror that it was: bloodshot eyes and one eye, Doc, had sort of this “bubble”’of air, which my younger brother would get from rubbing his eyes hard. BTW, every time I hear your video intro music, I feel at ease knowing I’m gonna have nice food for thoughts. Thanks for your helping us to see a better world of wellness.

  9. Never had a bloodshot eye, please let me know is it true that wearing a black liner absorbs more uv light and increases the chances of cataract..

  10. Why has someone down thumbed this video? I've never suffered from this but still watch as it's really informative. Get a life whoever you are!

  11. YOU'RE THE ONLY YOUTUBER I HAVE ON PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. I'm studying to become an optometrist in Sweden and your passion rubs off on me! Your videos are very informative and above all, so fun to watch! Thank you for all the effort you put on your content❤

  12. I’ve had this happen the first time I took out my contacts out of my eye because I the first time I had them at home.

  13. I don’t have a bloodshot eye, far from it, there’s definitely a lot more white present than red but I do have tiny red veins that are always there on the inner and outer corners of my eyes, regardless of time of day, season, wearing contacts or glasses. There’s no pain, soreness etc but cosmetically I’d sooner they were not there at all. Any tips?

  14. Ohh I am a first year optometry student and I just learned this 2 days ago at school haha.

    I would love to see you collaborate with doctor Mike 🙂

    Love ur vids

  15. I'd say in my personal case it was Leukemia. But I was also seeing visual auras as well. Nope. It wasn't detected by any eye doc. It was actually detected by my diabetic endocrinologist.

  16. I was having bloodshot eyes in both eyes for a few years and once it lasted for a whole month and one of my eyes ached. My sclera also became very bubbly for no apparent reason. I was told that I had dry eyes so I started using dry eye drops; it still happened. I knew something was not quite right as my blood pressure is generally good and I don't drink. I have recently had cataract surgery for Closed-Angle glaucoma, it was caught just in time. Could I be right in thinking there could indeed be connection with persistant subconjunctival haemorrhages and the onset of Closed- Angles?

  17. Can you please tell me the treatment for eye ptosis , I am dealing with this issue , I can see properly with glasses .

  18. I have a bloodshot left eye and started to see yesterday in that eye , while the right eye, I am seeing today, what should I do??

  19. Omg i had last week and it scared hell out of me. I went to an optimist. He checked thank God everything was fine. He Prescribed artificial tears eye drop.

  20. I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT … I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me : ) show some love for beginners 😀

  21. This was very informative. I had blood shot eye and coincidently i was seeing my ear nose and throat doctor for other issue and was prescribed azelastine nasal solution and montelukast to prevent my nasal drip and cough in the morning. This fixed the vessel burst from the aggressive cough. TY

  22. Thank you, for the reassuring video. Day 3 today suffering with bloodshot eyes, checked by optician, feels like grit in the corner of left eye. Waiting for the eye to heal.

  23. Doctor Eye Health, great video and thank so much for the information. I myself just recently got a bloodshot eye by lifting heavy weights and going through the days as it slowly disappears. It was pretty timely as I got this sinister look in my left eye in time for Halloween 😉
    Thanks again! I just subscribed and I hope you do the same.


  24. Yes I strain my eyes in a dark listening for mouse are the next morning my eyes always bloodshot red it feels dry and sore but I'm doing the cold compress is using Visine

  25. I really hate my eyes right now because the white part is dull and I can see tiny veins converging to my pupil, and also some black spots are present too (I read that it may be due to sun burn). Any remedy? Am considering the iBrite surgery as soon as I can afford it but I wanna know if there are complications..

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