Blonde Pearl-fection Technique with LumiShine

– [Denis] Clients love to
brighten up their hair for summer and Joico’s LumiShine color collection has the perfect products
to help you do that. I’m Denis de Souza, Celebrity
Hair Colorist for Joico and I’m going to show you how
to add brightness to the hair while you’re keeping it on trend with some dimension at the roots. Today we going to use
three different formulas to create this gorgeous blonde look. Formula one is Blonde
Life Lightening Powder with 20 Volume Joico LumiShine Developer. Formula two is Joico
Free Play Clay Lightener with 40 Volume Joico LumiShine Developer. Formula three is Joico LumiShine
Permanent Cream Color XLN with 40 Volume Joico LuniShine Developer. Start with the hair
sectioned into four sections. One mohawk section on the top, two sections on the sides from
the back of the ears, forward and one in the back with a
section and the nape left out. Start here in the back. Take a section from the
left side of the section, gently backcomb and apply
formula one from mid to ends. You want to feather the
formula up towards the scalp to create a seamless transition. Wrap the hair in a foil and repeat on the right
side of the section. Here’s a tip. Rotate your wrist as
you backcomb the hair. It’s gentler on the hair and
prevents damage to the cuticle. Next, take another section of hair down and grab a section from the
center and repeat the process. Work your way up in a wriggling pattern until you’ve reached the base
of the of the occipital bone. (energetic music) Now let’s move on to
the right front section. Take a section at the bottom and lightly feather on formula one, concentrating the lightener on the pieces that frame the face, to
create extra brightness. Make sure to fully saturate the ends to get an even result. Repeat on the other side. Then take down a two
inch horseshoe section all the way around the head and start to balayage with formula two. Use your judgment to decide where to paint each balayage piece based on the density of the hair, and the desired lightness. Joico Free Play Clay Lightener
is great for balayage because it stays where you
place it and doesn’t transfer where you don’t want it. I love that you don’t need to use foils because it has a stay-moist formula that won’t dry out or
flake during processing. Once you’ve reached the other side, take down an inch section, balayage, and repeat again until you’ve
reached the mohawk section. When I balayage, I hold the
piece I’m painting tight to create a solid base for the brush to help me create straight lines. Take down the last section
from the back and balayage until you reach the mohawk. Then repeat the same balayage
technique on the other side. Now it’s time for the mohawk section. Take a quarter inch section from the back, finely weave and apply formula
three from scalp to ends. Wrap a piece of foil around
the foil to prevent bleeding and to keep the original foil in place. Repeat this process until you
are about an inch and a half away from the front. Because Joico’s the healthy hair company, Joico LumiShine is great because it really strengthens the
hair and doubles the shine so it looks and feels healthy. Then take a very fine
slice of hair for the front and paint formula three. Take a quarter inch section behind that. Finely weave and apply formula three. Continue until you complete this section. Take the hair left out of the foils in the front of the mohawk section, apply formula one from mid to
ends and wrap it in a foil. Leave this process for 35
minutes before you shampoo with Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo. Next, apply a glass formula
of one part Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid 10 NWB and one part Joico LumiShine
Demi-Permanent Liquid clear with five Volume Joico
LumiShine Developer. Process for 10 minutes. Shampoo and condition with
Joico K-Pak Color Therapy and you’re ready to style. Then you have this gorgeous blonde that looks like it’s
been kissed by sunshine. It’s bright and it’s also healthy, Thanks to joico LumiShine. For more tips and tutorials, download the JoiColor System App and check out the Joico YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching.

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