hey guys welcome back to today’s video
where we are testing out Shiseido’s wrinkle resistant retinol Express
smoothing I masks guys online is blowing up the beauty blogs are popping over
these under eye patches these retinol containing under eye
patches are supposedly it better than Botox at reducing fine lines and
wrinkles on the under eye area those are some bold claims and listen at $20
apiece they better be good so if you’re ready
to check out my review of Shiseido’s under eye patches that are supposedly
better than Botox keep on watching alright let’s open up these eye patches
and get them on my face ASAP and then we’ll start reading about all the
beautiful things that these eye masks can do oh well this package was really
tough to get inside this thing all right now right off the bat I do want to let
you guys know because these under eye masks contain a retinol you do not want
to use them as part of your morning skincare routine or really even in the
afternoon like I’m doing now you want to make sure when you’re using these eye
patches or any a retinol product that you’re using it adjust at night or that
you’re using a really heavy SPF oh all right let’s do this let’s open it up
let’s do our first sniff test oh it looks a little milky in there oh it
smells like heaven it literally smells like heaven it smells like pink flowers
and like powder pink powder pink powdered flowers let’s open this up alright so as you guys can see these are
single application under eye patches they do come in this nice little sturdy
container here with the two patches they do look like a cloth material kind of
like a sheet mask let’s go ahead and put these on the under eye area I have been
saving these for a special occasion and I just thought like you know what today
is the day today is the special occasion you know what I realized every day is a
special occasion right about here it’s beautiful it is so beautiful it’s
like a really nice milky texture it’s clinging right to the skin the scent
definitely is not overpowering it’s not too much now Shiseido is known for their
brightening and whitening products anything that’s gonna give you kind of
like a brilliant radiant skin just say don’t really corners the market on that
so I have a really high hopes that this is gonna brighten and enlighten the
under eye area as well let’s get rid of some of those fine lines and wrinkles
all right now that these are on here let’s chat I do want to let you guys
know at $20 a piece you’re supposed to use these masks three times a week 15
minutes apiece that is $60 a week and under eye patches I don’t know who is
going out there and spending $60 a week on under-eye patches that is crazy
now the retinol that’s contained in these under-eye patches is one of the
most important ingredients if not the most important ingredient retinol is a
derivative of vitamin A that has been proven to increase collagen production
therefore reducing fine lines wrinkles giving you more youthful appearance you
know the most potent forms of retinol you do need a prescription for from your
doctor what retinol does is help increase the cell turnover so rapidly
that it keeps revealing a new youthful skin so as your skin continually
exfoliates and lifts off those top players all of those fine lines and
wrinkles kind of gets left off and pushed away revealing new youthful skin
that is the beauty of retinol these patches also contain two different types
of hyaluronic acid that are gonna penetrate deep into the skin absorb all
that moisture and help puff up the area to help get rid of dark circles and
puffiness and give you an overall more full appearance and these eye patches
are ranked 4.5 out of 5 stars which is a really good rating on
I’ll have these linked down below so you can check them out and see if they’re
better than Botox for yourself alright just like that I’m gonna leave these
under eye masks on for about another 5 minutes until they dry down I’m gonna
set a timer I’ll make myself a coffee I’ll meet you guys right back here
alright guys so 15 minutes of total has gone by since I applied these under-eye
masks I brought you guys it a little bit closer because we are gonna peel them
off together and we’re gonna see if these under eye patches actually work
better than Botox are you guys ready it definitely started to dry out they’re
starting to lift around here there really wasn’t as much serum as I thought
that there was they didn’t apply or stick to this
any better than any of those kind of cheaper eye masks but let’s go ahead
well this one just popped off right Oh see coming right off it’s so dry I just
turn my head whoo hmm okay it’s actually totally dry
there is no serum left my skin does look what do you guys think hi it definitely
looks really hydrated through this area there are no fine lines or wrinkles I’m
not sure if my dark spots kind of decreased and it does feel sticky kind
of like I used a thicker eye cream let’s go ahead and pull off the other side the
big reveal what do you guys think what do you think this side is even more dry
than the other side well my first impression of Shiseido’s a
wrinkle resistant or retinol Express under eye smoothing patches yeah that’s
what was kind of a flop guys now I didn’t notice a whole lot of instant
result other than some slight hydration through the eye area the main benefit of
these on dry patches is the retinol and I know that that’s why the price is so
expensive coming in at $20 an application and like I said $20 an
application is a giant price tag especially just for the under eye area
and since you’re supposed to use these masks three times a week that is
literally a $60 a week that you would be spending just on your eye contour area
I just want let you guys know a little secret you could go with Botox and have
those fine lines and wrinkles completely eliminated literally for $60 one time
for like six months to a year so when it comes to these under eye patches being
better than Botox doesn’t work now if you’ve ever tried these under eye
patches or have any under eye patch or recommendations I’m always looking at
how to hydrate and get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles and nasty crow’s feet
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to see you then bye guys


  1. Another amazing video!! Thanks for the review! I work for Origins and was wondering what your opinion of the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask is . Let me know. Sending hugs from Seattle 😊😊😊👍🏻

  2. Thank you for your awesome videos =) After I started attending a University with a bunch of Korean students I started to feel a little self-conscious about my skin. Thinking I could just ask my guy friends (Korean) about their skincare routine; I quickly realized its a social no no to ask about their skin-to-product information. Even my girlfriend (Korean) keeps her skincare routine a secret. You're so helpful and I wanted to thank you for what you're doing!

  3. It's a pity that you didn't actually apply them under your eye area, you had them on your upper cheeks. But I agree they are overpriced and the effect doesn't last long.

  4. I did try them, very expensive, they do nothing .. waste of my money. Honey you not even put them on the right area, they are EYE patchs, not chick patchs.. please!

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