Best Way to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

What is the best way to get rid of bags under
eyes? Go to bed an hour earlier, at least, and stop
drinking coffee and energy drinks after noon. I need an affordable, practical solution. You could cover it up with foundation. Stay
out of the sun, since sunbathing accelerates the breakdown of your skin. I’d hate to think that years of tanning
gave me baggy eyes. Allergies may be to blame. If you have a runny
nose, the same processes could cause puffy eyes. Enough about causes. What can I do? If the problem is allergies, take an antihistamine. That solves the lack of sleep problem, too. If the problem is due to thin skin from aging,
you could take collagen building cream. Pity there is not anti-aging treatment. Given everything else they are doing with
lasers, give it a few years. In a few years, the bags will be worse. You could use eye creams with caffeine to
restrict blood flow under the eyes if the issue is circulatory. Splashing myself with coffee would be cheaper. You could use green tea creams or grape seed
oil. If the cause was circulatory. Or use cold compresses on my eyes. That works, too. But then you can’t say
that you use green tea to cure your sinuses, your heart disease and your baggy eyes. I heard that you can fix baggy eyes via your
diet. In theory, eating flavenols and Omega 3 fatty
acids treats the circulatory-caused baggy eyes. How do I do that? Chocolate has flavenols. Walnuts have Omega
3 fatty acids. Cool. Chocolate brownies with walnuts are
now a beauty treatment. Be careful not to eat too much or you’ll
be shopping for weight loss products next.

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