BEST VEGAN ICE CREAM “Salt.Style.Shoot. Episode 1 – Avocado Ice Cream”

– Today we are making – [Both] Avocado ice cream! (laughing) – Whoo! (upbeat instrumental music) – Ice cream is not so fun to shoot, especially on a hot day like this. – Yeah, it’s not so set-friendly, so. – And Annie likes to deep
the studio nice and toasty, so that, I mean, she doesn’t
harvest giving challenges. – I need to see beads of sweat
to know she’s really working. All right, what surface are we gonna use? – I think that white will
be cool with a pop of green. – We really need to know
what angle we’re shooting at before we decide. We were kind of thinking
initially that we would do a cone with the ice cream stacked, but then– – Yeah, like a 90-degree angle, and like, stack it really high.
– That might present a problem if we don’t, like that has
to be executed so fast. – And we’ve never done that
before, so I don’t know if you could
– That could be a real – Put a skewer in it.
– Disaster. – Yeah, could be. – Or we could scoop the cones,
and then like (spitting) right, like just put the cones– – Upside down, like a 90 angle. – On a, yeah. – Yeah, that would be fun. We want to do something more messy. – So we’re going overhead. Does that mean–
– Let’s just do overhead. I think that’s a good idea. Yeah, I like this. And we can do linen? I know how you like linens!
– Yeah, I do like my linens. We need a little color in there. It’s all about how it falls. Like some of these are such garbage, because they’re super stiff. – You could fold it stiff and nice. We just like it to be flowy. – Yeah, and it does, I
feel like a lot of times it does depend on how you’re
gonna put it in the shot. Like if it’s just gonna be a
little peekaboo of the corner, – I like this one. – Then it can be stiff. But if you want it to like, like the texture of this
one is so, it’s just nice, ’cause it just has a lot
of give. (blowing air) – So I’m gonna set up
kind of a mock scene. That way whenever I have
the eie cream ready, we can just swap it out. – Ice cream is 100% about the prep. You’ve got to get it
completely ready, get your set, put the ice cream scoops in the freezer, is that what, – Very nice.
– Oh, thanks. I never paint my nails,
but I actually, I did. It melts, so that’s problematic. – Yeah, that’s the
biggest challenge, and– – It doesn’t stay where you put it. – A lot of times, we think
we have a plan in our mind, and then we start setting it up, and it goes a completely
different direction. – Those are the fun ones. Keep us on our toes. So which one are we gonna
make our focal point? – [Natalie] Maybe this one. – [Annie] Okay. – That might be too much greem. You have to tell me. ‘Cause the ice cream’s gonna be green. We might need a different bowl. Pink, you know I love pink. Yeah!
– You love your pink, and I hate pink! – Look at that! That’s cute. Are you ready for the ice cream? – I think so. The avocados were difficult to find ripe. She bought them all like two
days ago out of the store. So they were gone. But I got some. – I know.
– I got like three. And they’re medium-ripe.
– I did, I literally called Annie, and I was like, “Can you grab some
avocados on the way here?” I was like, “I just bought
the last ripe ones last night “at the store.” So the proper technique, you did a good job picking
out these avocados. – Why, thank you. – Very ever so carefully
with a very sharp knife, go around the outer edge, and then when you have your pit, ever so carefully, you
have to have a sharp knife to do this, but with the heel
of your knife, just ta-da! Voila. – My sister-in-law, who
works in the OR, said that this is the number one reason for people being brought into the– – Avocados?
– No, people with hand injuries.
– Can you imagine Cinco de Mayo?
{both laughing) – Give me a job. – You open these up.
– Oh, I get the hard job, huh? – Yes.
– You trust me with opening cans?
– Yes, I trust you with opening cans. – What are we opening here, by the way? – Coconut milk and coconut cream. – [Annie] Ooh, yum. – I don’t make a lot of ice cream. I just personally am not
a big ice cream person. – She likes Crunch. Who doesn’t like ice cream? – It’s not that I don’t eat it, and it’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just not my favorite. – I gotcha. Why are you putting lemon in that? Oh, ’cause of the avocado?
– Well, for two reasons. – To keep it from browning? – Yeah, that and just
because I’m gonna put a lot of sugar in it, and it balances out, gives it a little bit
of tartness and acid. So are we ready to put on this sucker? (blender whirring) (both laughing) I’m gonna pour this into the bowl, and then we’re gonna mix in our coconut, our toasted coconut. – That is an interesting color. – Whenever you say interesting,
I know what that means. She uses that word whenever
she doesn’t really want to say anything offensive,
but she’s not 100% sure. Lime would be good, coconut-lime avocado. – Oh, and in fact, can we
use this to squeeze some of those squeezed lmons in the shot? – Sure. We might have to cut ’em. All right, I’m gonna
put this in the freezer. So I am going to go ahead
and pre-scoop the ice cream and then put it back in the freezer so our scoops are nice
and hard for whenever we actually are ready to shoot them. So I’m gonna do more than what we need, just because of unforeseen circumstances. Mm, that’s good. I actually don’t make ice cream
all that much from scratch, but I love avocado ice cream. – I’ve never had the avocado so– – I don’t think so. Well, you’re in for a treat!
– A new experience for me. – Okay, ice cream’s ready! – Oh nice, beautiful!
– So let’s do this. We’ve got to do this fast.
– All right, let’s do it! – We got one here. Whoo, that’s cold! – [Annie] Ooh, I like the lemons. Did you add the lemons? – Yes, very cute. I’m just gonna test this
and see what it does. It’s a blaster. We’re just gonna call it a blaster.
– It’s a new tool. – It’s super official. It gives it like a
frosted, that’s the word. Okay, but it’s so fast. It probably works better on glass. What if it’s just melted
ice cream in there instead of an actual scoop? – [Natalie] Yep, I see what you’re saying. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m just gonna scoop and get it in there, and then– – This is what happens
when you buy 30-year-old ice cream scoopers from the rummage sale. – Well that’s good, it works perfectly. What are you talking about? (both laughing) Okay. All right. – Whoo! – Okay, so I’m just making,
you know, so it’s used. It’s an intentional mess. But there’s a fine line
between messy and sloppy. Like intentional mess versus sloppy. Like we don’t want it to
look sloppy, like melted. Yeah, we want it to be like, just fun. – Right. – Interesting. – Playful.
– Playful. – Like us. (both laughing) See how there’s a little– – Yeah, I know. – You know? Like can we get a little
of that on that side? – Oh, you’re asking a lot. – A little poof, you know
when you scoop the ice cream and it’s poofy on the outside. – [Natalie] Like a cloud. – [Annie] We need more poofs. – [Natalie] Like a cloud, right? – [Annie] Yes. – So much pressure, that
pressure is intense, right? – It’s actually holding
up surprisingly well. – I know, I’m shocked. Actually I was–
– I wonder if that has something to with–
– The avocado. – Oh you think the
avocado, ’cause it’s firm, and it’s keeping the shape?
– Well what were you thinking? – No, I don’t know. Oh you know what would
be fun, after we do this, we took a bite, one of them had like a– – [Natalie] Yeah, I like that. – [Annie] Bite taken out of it. – Go for it, Annie. You’re a good biter. – This is the one? Which side do you want
me to bite off of though? – I think right there. – Keep the, in the middle of the ears.
– Do you want me to bite the cone, or just the ice cream? – The cone, yeah, the cone. (laughing) Yeah! I think that looks like a bite. – I think I like it better the first way. – I think so too. – I’m the bite taker. – Annie is the bite taker
because she doesn’t hold back and she just, she bites it.
– I mean, as you can see, it was all over my face. But no, I think stuff like that kind of, like when you take a bite out of something that’s in your image, it
just brings it to life. It makes it more real.
– It does, in certain circumstances. Like this shot, the bite just
made it look even more messy. ‘Cause I think we already
had a messy thing going on, and it just was like, plus, it wasn’t really realistic, ’cause you don’t really bite into it. – That’s true, you lick ice cream. What were we thinking? That was a dumb idea. Maybe we can salvage the scoops and do something else really quickly. (laughing)
Oh, crap. Okay, go! – Okay. Ah! We need the big cones. They’re in that drawer,
that bottom drawer. – So we’re just gonna do one cone? – Yeah. – And then a bunch of scoops coming out of it?
– Yeah. The only problem is I think
these are the only five scoops that we have. – The other ones are not good? – No. They’re the ones that
have been tampered with. – Well so maybe we do kind of like a macro and have it be really tight. – Or we could do one coming out and then just stagger them up. – Yeah, let’s try that. – These two are actually still connected, so if we… Yes, we’ll stick those. Wait, I’m gonna get one
of the broken scoops and put it in there, so
that way we can salvage one. – Here, this one’s ready. – [Natalie] We do like a vertical? – Yeah, so let’s turn the board. I’m sorry. Okay, we’re almost there, almost there. – Yeah, that’s actually really cute. – It is cute. Look at us. Oh I like, I like, I like. – I like it too.
– I like the dark, like the contrast.
– Yeah, me too. – [Annie] It looks really good. Our ice cream sustained the shoot, and it didn’t really melt too much. It was good. I mean, the transfer was a little tricky, but overall it was good. I liked the second one better. – [Natalie] I don’t know. – [Annie] It was like the happy mess. – [Natalie] I liked the second one, but the first one is so happy. I like the colors of the first ones. – Yeah, the first one kind of
achieves like the summer feel of what we wanted initially. The second one was just like a bonus. And it was a little more like
we said, like a happy mess, but it was–
– Intentional mess. – It had that dark moodiness to it and more contrast with the ice cream. – Ready? Tell me when.
– One, two, three. – Savages.

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