Best skincare routine under $10 in 2019 (5 EASY steps to treat dry skin!)

Hello everyone ! Welcome to my channel! My
name is Caroline Maz. And you are watching my first ever video putting on YT. I hope
you are going to enjoy it. In today’s video, we’re going to be talking
about : Best skincare
under $10 for dry skin. Natural products, they have no paraben, no
sulfates. They have mineral oils which is great for your skin. I am going to show you my 5 steps of my a
skin care routine. Basically you are going to do the removing
and extracting thing first and then you are going to do the adding thing steps after For step 1 cleansing: you want to clean your
skin, you want to remove all your makeup. Remove all the dirt and the sweat from the
day before you’re putting a bunch of stuff. I am using this fresh cleaning and makeup
remover from Alverde ; this is really great cause you don’t need to double cleanse your
face by washing it twice. This does both in one wash and removes my makeup and also washes
my face. This one has aloe vera in it, so it’s a very
suesing product that makes you feel clean. It contains also green algae which helps to
improve the moisture balance in the long term. minerals from sea water gives you a particularly
refreshing skin feeling. Then for exfoliating, you want to get all
that bad stuff out before putting a cream on. Now that your face is clean, I am going
to exfoliate. face and body scrubby cleanser is a gentle treat for the skin. will soothe
and soften your skin The composition is very good not much ingrediants:
maily corn oil, maize, polenta, cinamon, pop-corn I figured out that exfloiating my skin, really
helped me so greatly. Cause I have sensitive skin. I makes the job
especially if you have a dry skin like me so it’s not completly harshening you skin.
If you guys have sensistive skin, this like your holy grail like here step 3: masking it’s the in-between steps, you’re going to
the adding. I’m putting this Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Proofing 2-in-1 Wash-Mask. do it
sit for 5minutes, wash it off. detoxifying and purifying I am using the mask as a drying treatment.
when i want to remove my pimples away i am applying it locally so that it drys the pimple.
basicallly what I do is using a cue tip leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off. eliminates excess oil and clears congested
pores. step 4: face lotion (hydrating)
Then comes the moisturising step. You’re getting all the nutricients and everything that your
skin does need. Now there are 3 different products here, depending
what type of day, if it’s day or night or if you do your skincare routine. So I have this all day hydrater cream from
Nivea that is something that you will definitly use in the morning. also it has great ingredients
that help to protect from the sun which is great for anti aging. you can actually use
it as a primer and helps your makeup look glowly. NIVEA 2-in-1 Glow Beauty Primer Day Care & Make-up
Base for dry and sensitive skin with a light texture contains almond oil and calendula
extract. It penetrates very quickly and provides a unified base for a perfect application of
foundation, so that it lasts all day. The skin is durably hydrated: Day Care & Make-up
Base 2-in-1 Glow Beauty Primer NIVEA. I also like to moisturizer 2 times a day.
I like to moisturise in the morning when I wake up. I am in my bathroom and put my lotion
on before I do my makeup. and then get also moisturize after I wash my face at night. For the day you are going to use somehting
lighter like a day cream and then at night i am using something thicker like serum. and
i would even double up like i do my lotion and then i do my serum. it does not have a
greassy thing it’s going to hydrate your skin and make it
super soft. I love using these 2 as my power night combo
from alverde. This one as a day time under the makeup. The last step is going to be the eye cream.
And you guys put it just right on top with your moisturiser. it’s hydrate my under eyes
and helps me to reduce my under eye darkness. Balea urea eye cream
and help preventing wrinkles in the future and help removing wrinkles if you have some My tip if you have puffy eyes in the morning,
is to put your eyecream in the fridge. so it feels good under your under eye. so you
wake up in the morning, refresh. What I really like to do is to put spoons
in the fridge overnight and like to massage the eye cream with these. and also to get
over. Your skin care routine is done. That is
all for my skincar under 10 dollar routine. Give
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  1. Hello everyone, I hope you loved this video!! What's your favourite skincare routine part? Mine is definitely the face lotion 😊

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