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Hello everybody! Welcome back to my channel, where we talk about skincare, grooming. Today we’re gonna be talking
about hair so if that sounds like your thing, make sure you are subscribed. I have left this so late I feel like I’ve missed the boat. But today we’re gonna be talking about my favorite products
throughout 2018. And more importantly, products
I’m gonna be using a lot of or brands that I want to discover more of
throughout 2019. Obviously, all the products I use
in my videos I really, really like. But these are the ones
that I kinda wanna concentrate on as products that stood out for me. So let’s get into it. We’re gonna start off with a moisturizer. And this
is the NEOGEN Vita Duo Cream JOAN DAY JOAN NIGHT. This is of course, a collaboration
with YouTube Joan Kim. I have so much
I want to say about this. I actually recorded
an entire review video and then
I had a really bad allergic reaction to a shampoo. So I had to ditch the whole video– And the Cetaphil cleanser review video, actually, that I have to ditch as well. But to cut a very long story short, I love this. I love the packaging, I love the convenience and the fact that a youtuber
helped create such an amazing product with such an amazing brand
as well. So yes, it is a 2 in 1. Here you have the JOAN DAY cream
and the JOAN NIGHT cream. Speaks for itself as a day cream
and a night cream. The day cream is a beautifully nourishing,
surprisingly light mousse kind of textured cream that sinks really well
into the skin, even oily skin and has a really nice soothing factor
to it. In fact, I mentioned
I had an allergic reaction– The day cream really
helped soothe any irritation. And that is
because amongst many ingredients the green tea in there really,
really helps with that. Whilst the night cream
is surprisingly thick and nourishing despite being a gel moisturizer. And I love this
because you can kind of layer up the gel moisturizer to get your almost like desired amount of nourishment
and moisture. The glow that the night cream
actually gives your face is so nice that I actually had to use it
as a day cream a couple of times. Because I wanted people
to see my face with a JOAN glow. Yeah, love it. Highly recommend it
and I’m looking forward to using this a lot more. Especially,
seeing how it works in summer. Next up, we have the COSRX
Clear Fit Master pimple patches. Now, whilst these aren’t my favorite out
of the two pimple patches from COSRX, I’m gonna be using these a hell
of a lot more than the others. So if you haven’t seen these
on my channel already, they are self-adhesive clear patches, that you pop on
like a popped spot or a new spot or an active spot and it clears out
all the gunk, it protects your spot,
it stops bacteria getting in and if you’re prone to scarring, it really helps prevent any scarring
from your spot. Left on overnight,
they take out all that gunk from your spot. You see
like all the pus and everything. Very, very satisfying. But I love these ones
because they are next to invisible. In fact, you can wear these out
in public and people don’t realize. I actually wore these in my last video
to see if anybody realized they were on my skin
and no one noticed or you just didn’t say anything. So I will be wearing these
throughout 2019 and no one will even know. Next up, we have everything
by KRAVE beauty. So I won’t talk about these
for that long because they have been
in every single video, I think I’ve recorded this year. But it’s not just the products, it’s the brand,
the whole ethos behind the brand. Of course,
the brains hired of Liah Yoo, I know that this cleanser
for me is one of the best cleansers I think I’ve ever used. and the cleanser
that keeps you hydrated and a chemical exfoliator that along
with COSRX Blackhead Power Liquid, has pretty much changed
my whole approach or my whole opinion on exfoliating. A lot of people have asked
how I get these because as you know,
they only ship to the US and Korea as well. And I’m obviously here in the UK. So whenever I want them, I have to awkwardly message
someone I know in America. Be like, “If I give you money,
can you ship them over?” So yes,
it takes a while to get them but it is worth it. It’s worth
that little bit of an extra cost. They last such a long time as well. So now I’m actually going
to be talking about a service, like a brand. So I’ve been using
this subscription service called a Mask Maven
for about three years, I think. And basically, what they are is,
it’s by Beauteque and it’s their subscription sheet mask service. So every month
I pay about $13 to receive about 10 sheet masks. And each month
they send a really, really good selection
of sheet masks, always with a theme as well. This one was kind of
like dairy or milk or something. I don’t know but I got those
like milk themed sheet masks. And this is really good, if you’re a bit overwhelmed
by the selection of sheet masks available in the market because there are tons. So many. So yeah, every month
I get a really, really good selection. I use them very often as well. So I need that kind of service
to keep me going. So yeah,
Beauteque’s Mask Maven, I’m not gonna be canceling
my subscription anytime soon. I’ll be using that all throughout 2019. Guys, let’s talk about eye cream. You know, I have a love-hate relationship
with eye cream. A lot of them claim
to perform miracles under your eyes and they just don’t do that. So I’ve always been on the lookout
for a noble kind of eye cream that just does the basic job
it’s supposed to do. And I was in Boots,
my local pharmacy recently and I saw CeraVe behind the till and I asked the lady,
if they had any more products of CeraVe because it was just a moisturizer. She was like, “We usually have an eye cream but it always sells out
the moment we get it in stock.” So okay. So I went home
ordered it on Amazon and here it is.
This is the CeraVe eye repair cream. I think it costs about £9 on Amazon, which is okay. So I actually
had to get this off their website. Because all the packaging
wasn’t in English, so I didn’t really know
a lot about the product. But it contains three essential serum eye
to kind of like nourish and replenish the skin
under the eyes and the natural barrier
under your eyes as well. As well as, hyaluronic acid
to help with all those fine lines and wrinkles and niacinamide as well to help soothe under the eyes. And what I love about this is,
it is just a good eye cream. We’ve been like, I think
I’ve been using it for a month now. I do notice a difference
under my eyes, well they’re not visibly lighter, I can see them getting
like a lot more– I was gonna say wholesome. A lot more puffier, not puffier. The skin under my eyes
looks a lot smoother, a lot less dead. I don’t have wrinkles obviously but I feel
like I’m taking their preventative step towards that. So yes, because I know eye creams
aren’t gonna help lighten the skin or lighten the dark circles
under my eyes, I’m really happy
that this is just doing its job and is probably the only eye cream, I’m gonna be using
for the rest of my life. Not gonna lie. Guys, let’s talk about hair. Something I don’t really talk
about on this channel anymore. I put my hair through so much
in 2018. I had a Brazilian Blowout
towards the beginning of the year, which I hated. It made my hair dead straight
and I couldn’t do anything with it. So I couldn’t record
any hair tutorial videos. And then I bleached my hair. I went from jet black
to paper white in a day. And whilst they did an amazing job, they took great care of my hair. They did warn me that this was pretty much going
to ruin my hair, specially, the ends of my hair
and it did. So naturally, I’ve been staying away
from hair styling tutorials and hair stuff. But they did kind of make me realize
that my forte and what I enjoy really is skincare. And I feel like I can talk
about it with confidence. And you know, you know
who to watch on YouTube, if you want good hair content. Not me! But now my hair is back to normal
and in very good condition. Very good condition,
if I do say so myself. Now is in decent condition. Throughout 2019, I’m not going
to be mucking around with it. I’m not putting it
through anything else. This year, I want my hair
to be as healthy as can be. And I want my hair line back. That’s not going to happen. So I’m keeping it simple and I’m using products I know I love. And I don’t know
why I ever stopped using these but I’m talking
about label.m’s products. And not just one in particular,
the whole range. They’re an amazing hair brand. This is like my cleanse, tone,
moisturize of hair care. My very, very basics. So we have label.m’s volume mousse, a nice lightweight mousse that gives you instant volume, very good hold, about the crunchy shine
of an 80’s mousse. Matt Paste is a styling paste obviously,
that I use for everything. From slicked back hair
to the tallest of quiffs, I love it as great all-rounder for me. And the hairspray
that I like to layer up, whilst I do have
an extra strong hold hairspray, I find that
if you use one quick layer of this, it gives you a nice natural hold. If you use three
it gives you a very strong hold. So one hairspray,
all types of levels of hold. So yeah, they really
are my favorite products of all time. Now let’s talk about products
that you’re going to be seeing a lot more of in 2018, it’s just really, really quickly, this is a mix of honourable mentions. Brands I’m excited about and brands I’m excited
to share with you going forward. We have the Groomed Man
Co Smooth Operator Moisturizer. Not just the moisturizer
but all their products are amazing. And I’m gonna be showing a lot more
of them. The products I used well,
pretty much the last three months of 2018
is the Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid. The NEOGEN essence
that I can’t seem to find everywhere because it was always out stock that’s how amazing it is. The I’m From Rice Toner that gives me like an instant boost of nourishment,
moisture and radiance. The whole of Wishtrend’s calming range. From their sheet masks to their moisturizers
to their serums. A new breed of product
that I’m excited to keep using. So this year, I really hope
to bring you a wide range of skincare related stuff. Hopefully, a bit more well informed skincare
as well. I’m super
into like research at the moment. You know,
I’ve always researched products videos, ingredients. But I’m kind of hoping
to take it to a new level this year. And there’s going to be a few more opportunities to get extra content from me on like a subscription basis. So thank you guys
for sticking with me throughout 2018. And to everyone that’s subscribed
this year as well thank you so much. I know people say it all the time but obviously, you guys, who kind
of allow me to do the job that I do today. You guys are paying my bills. You pay me. You are practically my boss. So I want to thank you
for all your support. All you guys
at comment on every video, I appreciate it so much. All you guys,
I chat to over on Instagram as well. Yeah, I just hope
that you’ll stick with me throughout 2019. I’ve got a lot of plans. I’ve got a lot of things
I want to do. That means,
we can kind of have a bit more of like a connection. I want to build a group. Like so many of you guys
are interested in skincare. And I want somewhere, where we can like just chat about it, like if you have questions. Rather than
just the YouTube comment section. But yeah, do let me know, if you’re gonna try out any
of these products. What your favorite products of 2019– Where are we? 2018 we’re at and what you’re looking forward
to using in 2019. But that is it for me now guys. I will see you next time.

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