Best Natural Sunscreen “Sinhala” | හිරු කිරණින් සම ආරක්ෂා කරන ක්‍රීම් එක | Sri Lanka

hi beauties so how are you all? even today i came up with a video to show you how to make a sunscreen at home you can make this UV protection cream easily you know that i always show you the easy, best and the natural ways to make creams @ home we use lacto calamine cream as one of the main indredients you can find calamine as a cream, as a lotion and as a powder too.. this use mainly on burned skins even for babies this calamine use even as a treatments for rashes and also gives a good protection when you facing sun rays if you are not yet subscribe to my channel please subscribe to my channel right now and don’t forget to click the bell icone then you can get a notification as imidiate i have publish a new video to my channel and those who are not know about my facebook page i invite you to like my page and stay connected with me. coz i will post lot of things, even there. and you can also follow me on instagram and twitter too so let’s go and see how can we make this cream easily.. ok beauties let see what are the ingredients that we need on this so …first of all get a clean bowl, get one tbs if calamine cream as you can see in the video. first add some cucumber juice and mix them well now get some melon juice and add 1 tbs and blend well here i’m making this cream for a quantity of a five to six days time you can keep it in the fridge and use it now we have to add aloe gel in to this. add one tbs and mix well all these ingredient that we use in this cream are helps to protect skin from sun burnings when you finish blending it, you will find a nice smoothy cream now i’m going to show you how to apply this cream here comes to the main thing..when you use a sunscreen you should apply it atleast 20/30 minutes before you go outside if you are stay more than two hours outside facing to sun rays, you must reapply the sunscreen every two hours time t o get a real protection from them. i have already mention these things in previous videos and i should say another thing here.. if there’s some one who damaged by the sun rays there’s a video that i have already published in the channel it is know as cucumber cream it is an anti aging cream too…but it is not limited for any age group.. it gives you best results on sun burned skins if you used it as a night cream you can find that link to the cucumber cream above to your left hand side of the video you can check that later on and you will find useful information in the description box so do not forget to check that too, after you watch video everytime. so …i hope you will try this cream too… now you are free to go outside without any hesitation of getting sunburnings to yourselves. and do not forget to like and comment this video. i try my best to answer all your question on the comment section try to share this video amoung friends ok then ..til i catch you guys on my next video..wish you all a good day ahead BYE…😘😘😘

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