Best K-Beauty Routine for Oily and Combination Skin with Glow Recipe

Hi guys~ I’m Sarah and I’m Christine from Glow Recipe So today we’re going through our
personal skin care routines. Last time we did my routine for dry skin,
today we are doing Sarah’s routine! What’s your skin type?
I have combination – I have a lot of issues actually I have combination skin type, it
gets very dry in the winter and gets very oily in the summer and, my skincare
routine has to change drastically for me because it just have to match the
weather and I have a lot of issues too. I have fine lines, I don’t like my smile
lines – just anti aging in general is just my top concern. Let’s take a look at her routine
Okay, so for someone with a lot of issues I have a very simple skincare routine But, this is just my morning routine – I can get a
little bit crazier at night. In the morning, you know, I tend to be a little lazy, I
usually rush out the door so i don’t really have a lot of time to get ready
and often times I even put makeup on my Uber or sometimes in the subway, which is,
you know, can be rude but I try not to do it so my
morning skincare routine here as you can see is only 3 steps, and this is most
of the days except for the days that I use my splash mask, or a sheet mask when
I have a special occasion I love how simple it is! This just goes
to debunk that K-beauty is not about a 10 or 15 or 20 step routine.
It’s just not realistic! And we’ve talked about this with a lot of our friends in Korea
and they tell us that skin care routine is all about how effective it is and
how its customized for your own skin type – not about the number of products
that you use in your routine. Okay, so the first product that I use this
is beautiful bottle – it looks like a diffuser bottle it’s
from Primary Raw it’s called a cleanse toner Sometimes you don’t even need a foam wash in
the morning because it can be a little harsh if you do that every morning and then overnight your skin is already in
a good condition so I like to use the cleanse toner as my cleanser / toner It helps balance and cleanse the skin so
I like to use it either just on it own – very liquid very liquid
formula very watery, so it’s very easy to apply, or I use a cotton pad and just
kind of wipe it off my skin that’s step one!
So, do you use the cleanse toner at night as well? I do but I like to double cleanse at night and also use an essence toner to treat my skin from step one so that’s step one I have two more left step two is jay was jelly pack love this product to product actually we
just launched this in the for two weeks ago i’m using super exciting what’s great
about this is it’s a good morning mask that does everything it’s like a
treatment mask and a primer all at one so what I do is I used to three pumps I kind of like to
use a lot of product it just happened haha but i like to pass this on my skin which
also helps to massage your skin and get this product absorbed are usually onto
the skin so but when you first apply it can get a little sticky like this and
then as soon as you start patting can see the texture gets smoother and
smoother liquefy it all this yeah your party then because this is ready to grip
everything in the next step is an SPF of course so this is a new product that we’re
launching glow recipe it’s called mile protect essence so I love products that
have the word essence whether it’s a teller or now an SPF of
everything . in Korea and it really treat the skin and what I love about
this is it has this kind of BG tone to it more like a skincare product actually
yeah and you can see there’s no color I’m very sensitive to that because pretty dark skin tone for a Korean and a
lot of the creative prob beauty products especially just come with no either
white cast or cushion compounds and very light shades and none of them will be
matched my skin tones it’s actually been a pretty big struggle that I have but
this screen especially with SPF 50 they were able to achieve this very
clear up of color that melt right onto my skin so very quickly this is my night
time routine the morning was very simple and I can
look a little more complex actually this is an exfoliator that I
used maybe twice the week so this can be in and help and the
reason why we curated this product glow recipe is because when we went to Korea
our good friend who’s a Cosmopolitan’s beauty editors that this is the best
product that she’s ever used in her life and then I go right into my tours step so this is an artichoke power toner
which is great for treating the skin but also toning just like Christine if she
actually influence i like to use the eye cream 40 so that my is protected and COO eye cream is black
truffle and cream which is very luxurious ingredients add texture you
can see that the texture is this kind of whipped cream often all right look at
pottery the good word i love using this at night because even
though i have combinations in the eye area is still very dry i like to use
something very emollient like this then this is my all-time favorite products I
raped about this almost too much now probably not product
already but this is an orange of power essence is bloggers favorite product beauty editors favorite product and now
our sessions are cult favorite product because it really helps diminish your
pores your fine lines and you can see the results from the three of your
routine so i’ve been using this religiously at
night almost like boys riser – because I used
to because I apply a lot of this my skin but what I love about this this is beautiful milky texture it’s not
your watery at this but it’s got that treatment that you can feel and see
right away and it’s also very quick tips or so then lastly from life we have a velvet yeah press 0 oh yeah so this is great because the
moisturizer that has the benefits of this theorem so why not add another
layer of fat at the end of your routine that’s my last all right this is my
routine for my combination skin type if you have any questions leave them in the
comments below and all the products that we showed today or in the About section
also don’t forget to subscribe to the glow recipe channel for all of the
latest KP trends and skincare secrets all right thank you for watching you get
your haha just of my routine I’ve been having really good results with this i want to
share with you guys and what do you mean concern

55 thoughts on “Best K-Beauty Routine for Oily and Combination Skin with Glow Recipe

  1. You mentioned using eye cream before serum "to protect the eyes." Does this mean getting some of the other products (essences, serums, ampoules, etc.) on the eye area is very bad for the eyes?

  2. Wow, the Goodal sunblock seems amazing! About the morning mask, it's basically like a moisturizer but sort of marketed as a 3-in-1 product right?

  3. Hi guys! I'm so excited to share my personal skincare routine here. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! 🙂 xx Sarah

  4. Hi Sarah! As a fellow combination/oily/dry/crazy skin person, I am surprised that LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence is not among your favorites. It helped quench my skin with moisture and stabilize the oil production. A lifesaver for me in the summer, for sure! And thanks for putting Goodal sunscreen on my radar, it sounds amazing! xx

  5. This was so great I get really oily in the summer AND really dry in the winter!! I didn't know lots of others had that skin type!

  6. I know how important it is to put on sunscreen. But skin on the arms and legs are important too, not just the face. But using the sunscreens from Glow Recipe for my body can get super expensive fast 🙁 What would you recommend? Is a body sunscreen something you guys are looking to curate in the future?

  7. hello.glow recipe ☺ i do meed your advice .. since im living in malaysia which is hot & humid weather .. sometimes i do feel depressed with the pores and pimples / acne & uneven skin tone problems .. im working in travel / tour industry .. thus sometimes i do need to travel .. last year i went to egypt .. after i came back to Malaysia . i can see my pores getting bigger & it caused my skin to be darker / dull / uneven skin tone (which before i went there .. my skin is in the greatest condition ever) .. thus in the beginning of this year im start using sk2 .. im truly dissapointed as it makes me suffered with a lot of pimples .. im using it for about 3 months and then i stop .. now my skin is getting better as i pay more attention to cure the pimples / acne & just using cleanser , toner , anti blemish (all range for acne) .. however .. i wish you can suggest me any skincare that i can add on which can help me to refuced my pores , acne scar (which is super hard) , dull/uneven skin tone .. i do aooreciate it a lot .. thanks 😊

  8. Hi Sarah, is the sunscreen mineral or physical based? I guess if there is no residual white cast it should be chemical? Thanks ladies!

  9. So in the morning these 3steps are sufficient for oily skin that's nice to see so ahead it's not important to follow 10steps or 15 steps what we saw in most of the k-beauty products ( 10 steps )
    These 3steps sums up.for morning it's easy and simple

  10. My skin will get super oily at the hottest month and gradually changing from combi to dry at the coldest month. I bought jelly pack due to your recommendation before and now I am interested in Goodal sunscreen and Artichoke Power Essence.
    1. Will the sunscreen makes you oily? Most of the sunscreen is making my skin greasy, oily and sticky, I don't need that. Especially when it's in essence formula, it kinds scares me.
    2. How about the artichoke power essence? Did it really helps with shrinking your pores? Will it make you feel oily and greasy? Should I use any moisturizer (or Jelly Pack) on top of it?
    Sorry for the long q's and hope to hearing from you soon! Thanks!

  11. It will be great and of much help if you can tell us about the night time routine which all products to use which is short and quick

  12. can you recommend me something I'm so frustrated, i have acne and oily skin, black – whiteheads ,- just everything !! And i am from germany, so do you guys ship to germany?

  13. Hi! What good Korean products do you recommend for my combination skin? My nose gets so oily throughout the day. The tip of my nose has pores and blackheads which are noticeable (ew). It kind of worsened because back in my late tween days I used to scrub my nose with my nails in my skin care routine, thinking it was a good way in getting rid of blackheads (ugh, what was I thinking?!). My skin issues are blackheads on my nose, oily nose, comedones near my nose and cheeks, pores, and red marks because of pimples. I now avoid eating too much sweets and not getting enough sleep, for If I don't I break out. Now, they're healed and just the red marks. What skin care routine and products do you recommend for me? 😀 Is exfoliating good in cleaning the pores? I have friends who used exfoliating products but what they got were pimples. I'm also looking for a good moisturizer that's hydrating but at the same time mattifying if that makes sense. Are low Ph cleansers good for oily/combination skin? What are the great serums, essences, and toners which are good for such skin type? I tend to avoid coconut, shea butter, and olive oil for I don't want to get breakouts. Thank you! 🙂 Sorry for I have too many questions. I just eant a good and sound advice from you guys.

  14. How do you "pat" in creams? Do you put it on your face first and then pat it in? Also do you mind pointing out how you put on a peel? It looks scary. Thanks!

  15. There was a phrase "after night your skin in a great condition", I disagree! At night your skin loosing moisture like crazzzy. It's better to use really good moisturizing serum or essence in the morning!

  16. Nice to watch this video. After watching this video i definately say that taking a proper care of your skin we achieve our skin desired goal.

  17. Hello. New subscriber here. I am trying a whole new K-Beauty routine thanks to your videos. I have oily skin and wanted to try the Primary Raw Cleanse Toner. However it's not on your site and I can't find it anywhere. Will this be coming back or did the Primary Raw Essence Toner replace this one. Thank you.

  18. Hi new subscriber here!! Same as Sarah I have oily combination skin.. what other essence toners can you suggest for my skin type? I would like to try the 7 skin method

  19. Hi! There isn't a day gone by that I didn't watch GlowRecipe videos! It's such a great skincare 'education' sort of. There is a question lingering around my mind for a moment now and I just couldn't find the right solution yet which is: How do you properly/correctly apply your sunscreen?

  20. Hello there! Quick question, if you use clindamycin & tretinoin gel at night, how much does this routine change or does it stay the same? I find that I get flaky around my "U" areas of the face. Thank you for any feedback!

  21. Hi new subscriber here! I am new to all of this. I never really used any products on my skin besides sunscreen and a few cleaning products. I live in Hawaii where it's quite humid year round. I started noticing lines around my eyes. I have combination/oily skin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  22. Hi I have combination oily skin and looking to get a moisturiser that will hydrate and leave my skin moisturised but without clogging up my pores and not too dewy. My Please what would you recommend? I tried searching on the website by using the filters and I keep getting error messages. Please advise.

  23. Cant wait to try your products! I'm 32 with pretty good skin/ combination type. I want to try these AM and PM routines. Quick question — if I use a vitamin C serum in the morning, should I use it after the jelly pack?

    In the PM i typically wash my face and use a low percent retinoid. I use the OBAGI products. Would the artichoke essence replace the retinoid? Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Glow Recipe! I'm 25 and have combo skin – oily t-zone + apples of my cheeks, normal everywhere else. Is a Vitamin C serum advisable in your 20s? Additionally, should people in their 20s be using AHA BHA toners? Appreciate your great advice!

  25. Where can i get these products? Especially the sunscreen. Are they available at sephora? Also what products and tips would you suggest for preventing tanning? Thankx! 🙂

  26. hi. could you please let me know how I should layer the following products ie hyaluronic lotion. aha cream and face oil with essential oils. thanks

  27. Hi! Am new to korean skin care routine and i have really oily and sensitive skin, do i only need to use the jelly pack once a day then? Or can i use it both at night and day.
    Also, i want to incorporate vitamin c serum into my skin care regimen, when is it best applied and after what product? Like should i apply it after hydrating toners (7skins at that) then follow up with serum and moisturizer, and is it best done at night?
    Will really appreciate if you can help me.

  28. Hi Sarah and Christine, I just found your channel recently and I am happy to say that all your videos are really interesting esp when you are recommending your go to products which works for you. Thanks for recommending it to us. The products you recommend is not the typical products we see outside with tons of marketing but products that is awesome like the artichoke Essence. I bought that product cause of your recommendation. Thumbs up and keep doing what you are doing.

  29. Hey, I love the concept and the rituals of korean skin care, I just discover your channel by browsing on youtube, and I'm so happy to find you girls. I have a couple questions.
    1st: I have oily skin, through out the year, but winter time some patch are dry but mostly oily all over my face. I am mortified about using SPF, and every time I use SPF on my skin, I breakout. Specially during summer when I put it in all over my face. What is the best SPF that you can recommend for my acne prone skin?
    2nd: Can you help me Crete a routine for my skin, I already went to you're website and I don't know what to choose for my routine. I have acne scars, oily skin, black heads. I'd like a
    -double cleanse
    – toner
    -eye cream
    Thank you so much!
    It will be so awesome if you specifically tell me what I need and I will buy it.

  30. Hi Christine and Sarah! Of late I have been a huge fan of Korean skin care routine and follow ur videos to learn more about the same to start as a daily routine.
    I love the fact that u mentioned the Korean skin care need not be 10 step necessarily but has to be customized for our skin type.
    My skin is usually very dry after a face wash but gets oily when I apply some moisturizer.
    So could u suggest what steps of the Korean skin care are suitable for me.

  31. Please help me, my face is so oily especially between my brows and I get tons of whitehead in that area. Tried many products already never worked. And my under eye is so dry like a desert. I don't know if I should try your watermelon products or do you have any better suggestions from face wash to toner to essence anything that you think might help me. Thank you ladies.

  32. Hey guys, love your informative videos! Do you have morning and night routine suggestions for humid weather? Thanks

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  35. Hi. Still using the same routine and products until today? I have the same skin type. Thinking of following yours. Thank you.

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