hey guys welcome back to today’s video we’re going to try something a little bit different than skincare we’re going to talk about the best and worst dry shampoo from the drugstore now we know not everyone can afford a thirty dollar for dollar bottle of dry shampoo so i thought why not talk about the best drugstore products to get the most bang for your buck that are comparable to more luxury brands we are going to be talking about all of these dry shampoo that you can get at the CVS walmart any drug store near you so hairdresser suggest that you only wash your hair once or twice a week max to prevent stripping the oils from your hair so if you’re someone to a bit oily hair on day two or three dry shampoo is a great alternative for you to absorbs on the excess oil there are tons of benefits to dry shampoo number one they eliminate the need for heat because you’re not washing your hair every day you don’t need to use things like curling iron blow-dryers flatirons so dry shampoo totally eliminates the need for further damaging your hair dry shampoo also absorbs moisture from your scalp not your hair so you’re not stripping your hair any essential oils or moisture it’s just sucking up the extra oil on your scalp just kind of gross but whatever does the trick now this doesn’t really apply to me because my hair is only about two inches but all you ladies out there guys with long hair dry shampoo is going to give you volume huge volume i wish i could demonstrate it to you but obviously i can dry shampoo is also great for absorbing oil that you’re going to produce during the day it’s going to soak it up so at the end of the day you won’t have any oil alright so let’s jump right into it with the first product we’re going to talk about which double dry shampoo right off the bat i want to say this one has super strong scent smells like floral now this is one of the first dry shampoos that I’ve ever tried back in the day I do find a white powdery when I was a brunette actually couldn’t use it at all there was too much of that white cast now that i’m a blonde I can kind of get away with it but it’s not something I grab every day alright so i’ll demonstrate the novel here so as you can see there is a little bit of white build up its not as strong as some of the others but there definitely is that powdery finish but it’s only four dollars so if you have blonde hair or light hair this might be an option for us it’s only a couple of blocks pick it up and try to all right so the second i shampooed we’re going to talk about is a call classic it is obviously in the that this dry shampoo is a cult classic almost everyone and their dog uses it comes in at around nine dollars so it at the upper end of the drugstore scale but the scent of this one is delicious it’s the same type of floral scent as dove except it’s not as strong it has a super-powerful spray and as you can see the white cast is crazy if you’re blonde it’s okay if you are brunette this is not what you want this is almost as thick as a baby powder it’s actually falling all of off my hand straight all over my clothes I repeat if you are a brunette stay clear away from the Baptiste original formula alright next we have john frieda luminous volume this one is also not heavily scented so if you’re looking for a product that doesn’t have a big sent this is a good one to choose it doesn’t smell as floral as the other one now when I was a brunette this was one of my favorites to use the white cast was not as strong as save it up for the Baptiste there still is a flight white cast so if you have black hair or really dark brown hair this might not be your best option but as you can see the white cast is not as strong as some of the other dry shampoos this comes in at the upper end of the drugstore value at ten dollars so it’s actually three times more expensive and of all right next is the Tresemme fresh start volumizing dry shampoo the Tresemme dry shampoo is also infused with botanicals and mineral clay this one comes in at five dollars so it’s smack dab in the middle of the price range 0 white cast 0 so if you have dark brown hair or black hair this is the option for you I repeat this is the option for you cannot recommend this dry shampoo enough i think you should get up out of your chair and go get it right now all right up next we have the Pantene pro-v dry shampoo which is made with a tapioca starch the fragrance is great as well it’s not overwhelming so as you can see this one does leave a bit of a white cast is much more fine than the others it’s not falling off my hand like the Dove the Baptiste or the john frieda it is a super hot ticket item it is up there among the best and it’s only for box so all-in-all the worst drugstore dry shampoos are by far dove john frieda in the back tees unless you have white hair or your super blonde these are not going to work for you they barely work for me and my hair is really like i do not recommend these three the winners today are by far the Tresemme and the Pantene pro-v they are tied for price time for quality both nozzles spray evenly here let’s give them a test i highly recommend these two so the Tresemme does told more benefits with mineral clay and citrus I don’t know as much about the Pantene pro-v it doesn’t say so i can’t give that information so it doesn’t matter which two of these products you pick up they’re going to work for you they’re not too heavy they’re not going to let your hair down there not gonna make you white like Casper ok you guys so that is my drug store roundup review of dry shampoo hopefully I was able to help you out so you don’t waste all of your money on dry shampoo like i did like always thanks again for watching if you haven’t already hit subscribe the law leave a comment if you try two different dry shampoo or if there’s something that works for you maybe a bit of baby powder maybe a combination of all of these ingredients let me know don’t forget to follow me on 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  1. I have medium brown hair and am obsessed with batiste dry shampoo, the down side to the product is even though i mix the white residue in it still leaves an ashy colour and i get residue on my hands when i run them through my hair. Any suggestions would be amazing.

  2. Batiste has a new development it's called light and bare I'm a naturally dark brunette and it doesn't show up in my hair. All of the stylists that work in my salon love it. Although I do recommend a more powdery version like one of the originals when on 3rd day hair just spray in at night and leave then brush out when awake( this allows the powder to absorb the excess oil while it is being produced)

  3. Love this review, I need to try tresseme & Pantene, I don't like Batiste, it does nothing to my hair and leave white residue, Dove works better than Batiste and is cheaper.

  4. Crap I just got the original but just the small travel one because wanted see if it's any good. Would the dark one be better for dark brown to black hair?

  5. i have tried the dove shampoo but i think it doesn't work for me. not only i live in a tropical country but i also have oily to normal scalp depending on the days were the heat is intense. i feel like it's making me feel more heat, i feel like my head is being wrapped. that's how i feel. the smell is mild to strong and you feel refreshed after applying it but after few minutes i can smell the sweat and the dry shampoo like combining into onw scent. the sweat overpowers it. i just got home from work and after an hour i had to take a shower because the heat is making me itch.

  6. With the Dove dry shampoo you have to shake it really well and you will not have all that powder but it does have a perfume smell that not everyone will like, it's nice when you need to pick up something fast and it last

  7. I feel like this review could've been better. Like, all that was mentioned really was whitecast and scent. The other categories could've dealt with how they actually work, y'know, the purpose of dry shampoos? Which one made your hair less oily? And, then which one gave the most volume?

  8. I still don't see why you can't benefit from dry shampoo just because your hair is two inches long. Don't short change yourself just because you have short hair, short tresses deserve love too!! ❤

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