Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look

All great stories start at the same place
— from emptiness that yearns to be filled. From that void, imagery and sound are created,
embodying the spirit which brought it forth. But where do those images come from when you
are blind? What sounds, rhythms and meters do you evoke
when you are deaf? The answer to this lies behind our eyes.
In the new anthology, Behind Our Eyes: A Second Look, writers with disabilities invite the
readers into their seldom glimpsed worlds. This collection is filled with incredible
fiction, biographical stories and poems of personal loss, delightful whimsy and deep
insight. From tragedy to triumph, from fear to frolic,
the tales within take the reader into the heart and mind of the writer.
Step into our world and see that not all things can be taken at face value.
Sometimes they require a second look.

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