Bajra Til Tikki Recipe – Pearl Millet Sesame Tikki Recipe

welcome to Winters are here and bajra is now available in market Bajra til tikki is very tasty and delicious in taste. Bajra flour, sesame seeds and jaggery are very nutritious and gives warmth to our body. Lets see what all ingredients are required for making bajra til tikki: Bajra flour – 1 cup Sesame seeds – 2 tbsp Jaggery – 40 grams or less than ¼ cup Oil – to fry tikki Firstly we will knead bajra dough and melt jaggery. Add jaggery in a pan and add ¼ cup of water Turn on the gas and cook jaggery till it melts. Jaggery has melted. Take it out in a bowl Add sesame seeds and 2 tsp oil in flour. Mix the ingredients. Now add jaggery syrup in the mixture.
Knead the dough. Keep it aside for 10 minutes Dough is ready ,now we will start making tikki. Heat the oil and knead the dough so that it becomes soft. Grease your hands with water and take little amount of dough in your hands. Flatten it with your hands. Now place them in the hot oil. Flip the side when they are fried from one side. Fry on low flame Take them out as soon as they turn brown in colour Fry them till they become crispy and brown in colour You should keep in mind two important things First that quantity of jaggery should be adequate else tikki may split at the time of frying Second dough should be soft else it becomes difficult to flatten the tikki as it may spilt in your hands. Bajra tikki is ready You can place it in air tight container and can have it up to 15 days. Try this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us. See you again at

93 thoughts on “Bajra Til Tikki Recipe – Pearl Millet Sesame Tikki Recipe

  1. Auntiji can we make these into salty & masaledar tikkis? Plz let me kno & also if these can be made with jowar aata??

  2. Hello Aunty….Mujhse aksar mathri ya bajre ki tikki hard banti hai….what is the main reason? Could you please suggest……

  3. nishaji apki batai recipes main try karti rehti hoon
    jo ki pehli baar main hi achhi ban jati hain .tarika easy hone ki vajeh se….thanku very much

  4. thank you for sharing this recipe .nisha ji the oil you used for making dough ,is it hot, warm or at room temperature ?

  5. Nisha Ma'am… I am big fan and follower. I always follow your recipes. Every Winter, I make bajra tikkis, but I find them less sweet. what should I do to make them more sweet. thank you.

  6. Nisha Madam You are great Expert. Learning is fun with you. Can you provide me list of all the dishes you have explored experimented and shared with us. Indian, Continental….? Which part of the globe you live? Can you visit ? be invited for teaching or demonstration at our society kitty groups or few families get together.?

  7. nisha mataji aapki main juni aashiqi rakhati hun. aap comments padhiye. aapko you tube ki tarafse jo award mila uski hardik badhai. vakai aap bahut prerna dayak kam kar rahi hai.

  8. Very nice video abt bajre ki tikki. My mother made this but m really confused that what is the measurement. But ur video helps me , thanks aunty😊😊😊

  9. बाजरेकी टिक्की वा वा बहोत ही ईसी और स्वादिष्ट.

  10. abhi maine banayi aapki ye do recipie main logon ke dilame jagah banakar aapka naam bataungi. bazare ke laddu ki maang aa rahi hai. ab ye tikkki

  11. Hi aunty, this recipe is very good however, i must tell you that there is one thing very wrong with this recipe and that is that you are frying in oil! Please, you must stop frying in oil, whether it is vegetable, olive etc. You must only ever fry in natural organic Ghee! Ghee is natural as it is clarified butter which has had the fat solids removed from it via gentle heating so the atomic structure of it doesn’t change. Oil has been processed, it has hydrogen gas fired at it at high pressure and speed so to breakdown molecular structure, this changes its consistency and this process is called hydrogenation so becomes hydrogenated vegetable oil or fat which is atomically completely different and is ALIEN to the body. The body us unable to break it down as it DOES NOT RECOGNISE IT and is unable to break it down in the body so it dumps it to other regions leaving it in the body, it stays there! This is why Indian men and women have weight and diabetes problems which they never had in the old days and now is fast becoming a diabetic, chronically ill and obese, overweight nation.

    Please, please, STOP frying in oils and go back to early times when we used what is natural… BUTTER GHEE! never fry in olive oil, it reaches boiling point the fastest and should only be consumed raw, e.g dip bread into fresh pressed oil and eat or drizzled on salads.

    Please pass on this information and warning to your family and friends, and tell them to do same. re-educate the elders and educate the younger generations.

    Stop frying in oils, its dangerous, the oil fat is very very very harmful to the body and environment!!!! Please, start immediately

    Also, never ever use Aluminium pots and pans!!!!!!’ . Throw out your Aluminium pans and replace with steel or iron or even copper, NEVER Aluminium! Its one of the most poisonous elements to humans and is the main cause of Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

    Pass on this info to everyone and anyone until all the people of mother India and its brethren Pakistan have cleaned up these major problems.

    Please, if you dont believe, research yourselves, then will only come ti learn that this advice and warning is on the right!

    Please act immediately

    Thank you

  12. Dear Nisha Madam, my wife tried this bajre ki tikiya today and followed the procedure completely but the tikiyas got ripped apart and the whole exercise went in vain.

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