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(wolf howling) Narrator: There was a time when the sun got tired of the idiocy of humans and decided to hide and never rise again. (intense piano) -: Gloomy Eyes is an (mumbles) experience, it’s a love story that happens with these little tiny characters. They’re in danger because the world is full of zombies and dangers. The sun is hiding so it’s perpetual night. Narrator: That’s Gloomy, I buried this boy. -: It’s a story about being different it’s a story about belonging, it’s a story about finding love and the awkwardness and improbability of love for a zombie boy and a mortal girl to find love and somehow for that to be the most beautiful relationship in this world. -: It is about trying to tell the way that kids can love each other in their ways and we decided to put two kids bringing some hope in a very dark place. -: So much of it is the beauty of those clay-mation like characters just absolute perfectly realized worlds and storylines. -: Think there’s something about small characters that takes you back to your childhood and to the feeling of making toys play with each other and become alive. We’ve been doing animation for most of our lives. We’ve always wanted to go inside the worlds that we created. So when VR came out, we started having that chance. -: When we discovered that we could tell the story in VR, we started to think how to deal with and not have the same tools that you have in screen and discover the new rules, the new tools, to tell the story in VR. -: We wanted to create something that was simple and small and that you could see in front of you without having to have the feeling that something is happening behind you. -: It’s very delicate. The process of VR is. You can easily overwhelm somebody and they disconnect. -: They play a lot with negative spaces like black environment and they drive attention with transition. People follow the transition, people follow the lights and I think the fact that they did that, means that they understand (mumbles). -: Three hundred and sixty degrees, things rising up into your view, things descending from out of view, beautiful sounds, extraordinary music. They told me to burry him in a distant place so that he would never return. Colin’s character is a grave digger so he’s in between worlds, he’s alive, but he spends his time at the graveyards so he has access to the dead and he understands both worlds. -: Just came to life with Colin’s voice. His personality, the way he can dig into a line and revel in those moments, just brought power and authenticity to this character that we haven’t even imagined. -: Because the VR experience, they have been able to just keep it about the purity of the story in a way that sometimes, in feature films, gets compromised because of the scale of sometimes of things at the amount of people involved. Narrator: A cold night, a dark park, but they were together again. -: An amazing guy also in French called Cyrille that is doing the original music of the piece. -: We really focused on just getting into the details, knowing that as the project came together, users are going to get very close because it has that dollhouse style but the depth and the complexity of the models demanded that we have detail in all the character sounds. -: Gloomy Eyes is a three part animated series, it’s an impossible love story. People will want them to not be in love, not to succeed, (mumbles) you’ll know what happened. -: I hope we can really share this experience with everybody and I’m so proud of our experiment, it’s been amazing for us. -: The most beautiful thing I’ve ever been a part of, so for me it’s been a very unburdened experience and one that’s just been a joy to be close to.

3 thoughts on “Atlas V & Gloomy Eyes | Viveport Developer Stories

  1. Mas que jogo sinistro.😒
    Aparência infantil, mas com cenários sombrios?
    Isso é para crianças?
    O que acontece com esses produtos de realidade virtual?

  2. My family absolutely loved this. It’s a truly amazing VR experience. The story is strong, the narration is awesome & the animation is top class. So my emotion told through movement. Highly recommended to all.

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