Aquascaping Lab – Danio Margaritatus, Celestial Pearl Danio description / Microrasbora Galaxy info

Welcome on Aquascaping Lab channel in this video tutorial we are talking about Danio Margaritatus, or Celestichthys margaritatus commonly called Celestial pearl danio, or Galaxy Rasbora It ‘a fish recently discovered that belongs to the family Cyprinidae comes from Asia and inhabits small shallow ponds and rich of vegetation up to 50 cm deep Its body is fairly slender with back slightly more convex than the belly big eyes and small mouth at the front, the fins are short and rounded His livery, except the chin and belly, yellow-silver is green bluish, and presents many yellow irregular dots The fins are reddish-yellow streaked by two green lines tail has the central emerald green with the two edges of yellow-reddish It is a herd fish and peaceful like to live in large groups in which usually is established hierarchy among males present about 4 females and 1 male In aquarium often it proves shy and tends to avoid swimming in open water preferring to stand in very planted areas where they feel safe It tends to move in jerks and need hiding places and outlined areas of the territory Because of its small size and character is a very shy fish so it is recommended not to introduce other species that could eat him can live well in aquariums just 15/20 liters with plants or hiding It is also advisable not to overdose the lighting and use dark sandy bottoms It ‘a oviparous fish the male is more slender and has brighter colors female is a little more round reproduction is easy if introduced into aquariums peaceful and dedicated to their species After the spawning, hatching will occur after about 3/6 days it’ s omnivorous fish it can be difficult to accept immediately dry food offering the first live food, such as brine shrimp or mosquito larvae then frozen, and gradually the dry Price to buy a little high, € 5 for subject remeber that is recommended have not less then 5 subject for the proper management of the water values as PH GH and Temperature for increase alimentation and fish care acquaintances from fry breeding to disease prevention I invite you to click on the English playlist “acquascaping and technical advice” thank you for watching this video tutorial write a comment for any question and click on like Subscribe on Aquascaping lab channel for other video and news

37 thoughts on “Aquascaping Lab – Danio Margaritatus, Celestial Pearl Danio description / Microrasbora Galaxy info

  1. Bellissimo canale, potreste fare, magari, dei video sulle specie di piante? Potrebbe essere molto interessante e indirizzerebbe i neofiti all'uso di vegetali in acquario, dato che purtroppo le piante di plastica sono ancora diffuse…

  2. buondi una domanda: quanti possono essere messi in una vasca da 30litri? complimenti per i vostri video

  3. ciao… innanzitutto grazie!! siete bravissimi a spiegare e il vostro canale è ricco di utilissimi contenuti 😉 volevo farvi una domanda: a breve acquisterò un acquario (sono indeciso se prenderlo da 120 o da 160 litri) e volevo mettere dentro:
    5 guppy
    6 neon
    4 corydoras
    2 pesci mangia piante
    5/6 caradine
    Secondo voi sono troppi per un acquario di 120/160 l o posso metterci anche altri pesci? Grazie in anticipo 😉

  4. Vasche da 15-20 lt? Ricordo che ai sensi della normativa vigente, detenere pesci in vasche con volume inferiore ai 30 lt è fatto penalmente rilevante.

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