Welcome to the Institute of Applied Corneotherapy (IUK) at KOKO in Leichlingen. Who wouldn’t like to withstand all the visible signs of aging? With the development of our dermaviduals product range we managed to meet this desire. And now with the help of our model let me introduce you to our anti aging treatment and explain how to use our products The treatment will strengthen and tighten the tissue. We start with an adequate cleansing of the facial skin, neck and decollete area. For the atrophy and dehydration prone skin we will select the adequate cleansing milk with DMS. The Derma Membrane Structure is the reason why the cleansing milk not only has cleansing but also caring effects. The cleansing milk is applied with the two brushes technique. It will remove both water as well as fat soluble impurities. Our next step is to remove the cleansing milk with a moist towel. Now the skin is adequately prepared to continue with the enzyme peeling. The eye area should be protected with cotton pads. The peeling helps to gently remove superficial skin scales and simultaneously stimulates the recovery of the skin. It contains pineapple and papaya enzymes. The powder is mixed with lukewarm water to form a paste and then applied on the facial skin with a brush. Leave the peeling on for about 10 minutes while using the vaporiser. A TIP! Add 3 to 4 drops of the essential aroma concentrate IV to the water in the vaporiser. It will have balancing and calming effects. After 10 minutes the enzyme peeling should be carefully removed with moist compresses The skin is now ready for a toning. For this purpose we apply two lotions: the dermaviduals facial tonic and also süüsmoon – lotion P. Facial tonic as well as süüsmoon – lotion P are sprayed in equal shares onto cotton pads and gently dabbed on the face. D-panthenol in the lotion will improve the absorption of the agents and the liposomes in süüsmoon lotion P will support a short opening of the barrier layers. The pretreated skin now is optimally prepared for the following mask as the skin now perfectly absorbs the active agents. Our mask will be enriched with the active concentrates vitamin E nanoparticles, phytohormone liposomes, vitamin C liposomes and liposomal grape seed extract. Vitamin C liposomes support the collagen formation and in combination with vitamin E nanoparticles and liposomal grapeseed extract they will eliminate the free radicals. The phytohormone liposomes will balance the estrogen level. All the liposomes and nanoparticles in the products are rich in essential fatty acids. First of all, the four active agent concentrates are mixed together in a small bowl and then applied on the skin with the finger tips. A tip! Gently massage the facial skin with nourishing avocado oil, which is rich in skin caring phytosterols and also vitamins. As an additional lifting effect apply the anti wrinkle serum on specific areas of the skin. After applying the active agents, use the brush to spread a small amount of our DMS base cream High Classic Plus. the base creams will strenghten the skin barrier Now mix the algae modeling mask with some water and quickly apply it onto the actives and base cream layer as the algae modeling mask tends to rapidly harden out. The mask has occlusive effects and improves the penetration of actives. This application will optimally moisturize the skin. After 20 minutes the facial skin will be visibly smooth and tightened. The mask is now removed in one single piece. Clean off small remainders with a compress. Use a soft towel to gently dab on the skin. As a finishing treatment we then apply Eye Gel Plus on the sensible areas around the eye. An individually adapted cream will then be applied on the skin. DMS base cream High Classic Plus is now mixed with hyaluronic acid concentrate coenzyme Q10 nanoparticles and liposome NMF complex and then the preparation is sparingly spread onto face, neck and decollete area. The cream is handed out to the customer for the home treatment. The day care cream contains 44 ml DMS base cream High Classic Plus and 2 ml hyaluronic acid concentrate 2 ml coenzyme Q10 nanoparticles and 2ml liposomes NMF complex are mixed. Please refer to our detailed website for further information: or send an email to the following address [email protected]

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