Anti Aging Skincare Routine For Women Over 50

today we’re really lucky to have a
special guest Will Fennell and he is a skin care expert and he’s going to teach
us everything we need to know step-by-step on how to keep our skin
looking amazing after the age of 50 Will’s also a skin therapist and he’s
been passionate about this since he was 15 years old I opened my first salon
when I just finished beauty school and so I’ve I had that cell on now for about
twenty four years and that sort of just evolved then I loved helping people so
then I started writing for a small magazine and a newspaper and then that
evolved into being the grooming guy then a television show called
ten years younger in ten days and you do training as well yeah but the product
line that I work within that I have loved my whole life is a line from
Germany could Biodroga and my relationship with them has also spanned
20 years and now I work with for them all around the world is one of their
trainers what is it that you can teach all of us ladies who are in our 50s
going through menopause and trying to work out what it is to do with our skin
what what’s your expert advice I think you really need to realize that you say
each of this wonderful age that the skin has changed it’s so the structure of the
skin has changed the amount of oil it’s producing is change so therefore it’s
losing more moisture so you really need to treat it differently than you did in
your 30s and 40s looking at in a way that you know really have to start
treating it gently but you still need to use powerful anti-aging ingredients so
sometimes those two things don’t go together yeah because we think that we
need because it’s we’re getting older we need to go harder and and when you’re
dealing with you know menopausal skins they become quite thin so they
become thin they become more creepy yes oh there’s a lack of a lack of density
to the skin and then that of course is causing all the moisture loss and lack
of oil so the skin is that able then to help itself so you just need to be able
to provide ingredients the skin would normally naturally hell on the surface
or inside the skin so you can actually heal and repair and
regenerate itself on the inside as well okay so is that something that we can
all do with everyone’s different stage they’re at because some women have a lot
more wrinkles or a lot more dryness than others so does this does this work for
everybody I think this principle no absolutely
absolutely I think you know my philosophy is to keep things very very
simple so correcting the skin using active ingredients is very important I
think the most important thing you can do is maintaining the barrier of the
skin to make sure that the skin has enough oil and moisture to protect
itself they’re also feeding it ingredients like
vitamin A and vitamin C and E and peptides but if you can maintain the
barrier in the skin and that’s all skin types from oily to dry maintaining that
barrier making sure the skin is happy I say if your skin is happy it can help
itself okay so can you explain to us what’s the barrier and like how do we
look after it and how do we know if it’s not okay yeah so the first of all
knowing is not okay the skin will tell you I serve your skin is itchy if it’s
red dry irritated if it’s not radiant it’s not happy I so the skin will
actually tell you can look in the mirror you can see straight away you can look
in the mirror and say okay my skin doesn’t look with it it’s not happy okay
so straight away your skin will tell you so how you can help that is as I said is
is making sure that you are providing enough oil and moisture okay so while
the moisture comes from your moisturizing cream and so making sure
you have a great barrier cream they actually did a lot of research to show
that just daily use of a sunscreen during the day and a good barrier cream
at night was where the most powerful antiaging came from is that right it
wasn’t it wasn’t the you know over over a long period of time so consistently
using sunscreen to protect us from the Sun and a really good barrier cream and
and the skin as I said the skin is an amazing organ it can actually heal and
repair itself if we just make sure that that barrier is
intact okay so if the ladies are thinking like there’s nowhere to go and
they’ve gone too far a barrier cream yeah best start with very with that I
think you know that’s good yeah you know industry right now you know we have lots
of amazing treatments and a lots of amazing ingredients and they are
definitely the second step but the first step and I get a lot of clients come
into our salon and they want now they want this game amazing well now
absolutely we won’t know that they they come in and they say you know I want to
peel I want needling and I’m like okay stop but we need to do is we need to
repair the barrier of the skin and then the next stage is introducing our
actives introducing skin needling and laser there’s a place for that and
especially there’s a place for that in 50 plus skins but that is the second
step that first stage is making sure that your skin is happy first it’s very
very easy to get caught up in the excitement of wanting things to change
straightaway and I guarantee you have these things done and the first thing
you see in your skin is reaction and irritation okay so because we’re
disrupting the barrier yeah so a number one job over the age of 50 is to look
after our barrier absolutely because stop destroy all these things that we
keep trying over 50 you your natural barrier will also be reduced because
you’re not producing as much oil in the skin so you’re losing you’re losing more
moisture to the surface so the actual barrier in itself becomes less and less
and less as we get older so if we put a barrier cream on at night does that stop
the moisture coming at it so it’s like that’s locking it in absolutely I mean
we often think that we lose the most moisture from the skin during the day
but we actually have the most trans epidermal loss which is moisture loss
from the outside layers at the skin while we sleep so during the even is a
very important time that we hydrant the skin and then lock that in with a
barrier cream perfect that’s so good to know so what’s the products that you
would recommend that’s something can it be any product does it have to
have a certain consistency does it have other ingredients so I think it is when
you’re looking for creams in barrier type creams you look for moisture creams
so creams that are that are really focusing and dealing on dehydration and
moisture loss and also you know ingredients like hyaluronic acid
ceramides Marlene these and oils precious oils so the mix of these
ingredients is very similar to what we have on the surface of the skin so you
want a product that basically mimics that’s that oil without protection the
skin is naturally producing so we have we have this barrier naturally yeah but
we know hot showers yeah rubbing our face using products we should do it
destroys that so what we want to do is actually put an artificial barrier but
this is very similar to our natural barrier on the surface and then happy
skin that’s awesome because it’s so simple it’s not a complicated it’s not
okay because I would have thought do all the other things first to get rid of all
the stuff onto it yeah but no no no I mean I think the simple approach to skin
care is the best I was there’s two words to statistic in care simple and
consistent simple and consistent yes when you over complicate things skin
gets very irritated okay and as soon as you have irritated skin you have micro
inflammation or or small inflammation in your skin and that is actually aging
okay so keep it simple okay and like a gym routine you can build it up I know I
take time off the gym and then I go and I do a huge arm workout the next day
Mike my muscles at all right so your skin is the same so start really slowly
and you can definitely build it up I could probably use far more actives than
someone who has not used them before yes and have you no problem so if you
haven’t used all the active ingredients before you don’t need to start now you
start getting something really serious moisturizing is in at night first a good
skin therapist will actually get you on a
simple routine first okay and what would that then that is that would be three
steps if you wanted to do three steps of cleaning the skin I love cleansing oils
okay I think you know cleansing oil cleans
the skin beautifully without drying the skin people think oh I had oil that
whale removes makeup beautifully removes oil and it completely it completely
cleans the skin without destroying any of the protective barrier so a cleansing
oil is perfect and then second if you’re going to have a serum at the beginning
of your your routine morning morning and evening is work with hydrating serum
okay high and low molecular hyaluronic acid really moisturizing really
moisturizing and then a barrier cream okay as first step so is cleanse
hyaluronic and barrier barrier as your first step so that should banish your
intro that’s that’s your first month or two getting the skin and really prepared
and then you can start introducing vitamin C vitamin A powerful peptides
and the acids yes okay so the ladies are just getting started to look after their
skin it’s step one oil cleanse stick to hyaluronic acid step through barrier
cream perfect morning and night yeah and as I’m saying no sunscreen is great
after they’ve done that for a couple of months they thing can introduce
absolutely so morning what would be the steps in the morning so in the morning
is in the morning cleanse always I like to prep my skin when I’m treating or one
and when I’m having my products my own routine at home yeah I always prep my
skin and then during the day I use vitamin C vitamin C ascorbic acid in a
hyaluronic acid with hyaluronic acid would be my second ingredient to mine
perfect or separate no two in combining one serum I know they combined really
beautifully together and then you marry a crane vitamin C is a powerful
antioxidant yeah it brightens the skin so you need to look for a stable form of
vitamin C and an it’s your second step and then barrier cream or barrier cream
and sunscreen okay and this is stage 2 and what do we do stage 2 it nice and
then in the evening again – to clean your skin with an oil
cleanser or if you want another clear cleansing fluid but and sort of mature
skins I would stay away from anything that phones because you don’t want to be
yeah you don’t want to be removing any of those precious oils that you you know
your skin already normally has I’m some like some people have very oily skin and
their natural instinct is to foam and remove it because that feels good when
you you know I had actually growing up so I I still a bit squeaking should
motivate my screen my skin not squeak say yes so cleansing or a really gentle
cleansing floor or cleansing water but stay away from things that follow okay
so but I I know I’ve heard about yes you start working with a cleansing oil
you won’t want to stop okay and then so second step you know in this in this
phase that you’re in would be working with serums that have vitamin ie
right vitamin A helps the skin cells to function properly
okay so vitamin A again vitamin C yeah and vitamin E those three work very well
together vitamins a powerful antioxidant as well works very well with a C and E
and they tend to recharge each other and work through and together work better
than I is saying it always work better together as an antioxidant it has energy
of something and then peptides and peptides are like if you can imagine
personal trainers for the skin so what these little personal trainers do is we
have these amazing cells in our skin that produce collagen and collagen is
what fills out the skin you know when we’re 20 but we’re 20 or you have all
this collagen have to take for granted we do but they produce collagen and they
produce elastin and what peptides do they’re like little personal trainers
that say produce collagen produced elastin and so they make you produce
more they’re man-made ingredients wonderful ingredients they’re like I
love than them I’m crazy for peptides in skincare but they work they really work
so they my main ingredients a ECE and the peptides and then you have the
acids as well okay so alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids okay so initially
I’d go with that routine so we’re at stage two we wouldn’t be using the acid
no no no there’s no need to there’s no need to go straight I mean the thing is
as I said if you keep things as simple okay okay okay you could then introduce
that’s your daily routine then you’re introduced and then you finish with the
barrier okay okay always finish with the path always finish with the barrier and
then in this part of the program you could introduce a once-a-week
AHA exfoliant mask okay not daily once I don’t think yes I I think that
you know if you’re going to if you’re going to be using all those actives
every day you don’t necessarily have to be using acid every day okay there was a
real acid really sure where people were over exfoliating and I actually saved a
lot of my clients you are an over exfoliator because you know that this is
an idea I just want to remove as much dead skin cells as possible there is no
need to do that you know it’s encouraged a lot I think on YouTube another
no no and people are buying there are certain brands that I think
are a bit naughty because they’re really saying to people with your home peels
yeah and okay yeah I mean you know and these pills
don’t necessarily we shouldn’t necessarily be in the hands of people
at home so we in the brand I work with Biodroga we have a great it’s a
10-minute like a hecho mask okay you you pop it on and then you leave it for five
to seven minutes massage it in a little bit with water
and then rinse it off and once a week once a week that’s all you do if you
were to use a product like that three or four times a week is they’re just gonna
upset the barrier and make you drier so if you what happen if you could imagine
your skin is like a garden so if you came along if you think about it if you
came along with a fire blower and blow away all of the grass and all of the
plants and and it was bare and Burt yeah that is what acids do is by Nature
they burn the surface of the skin they really you know they burnt that there if
you were to do that three times a week four times a week those skin that garden
will never repair it will never recuperate
it will never recuperate yeah if you did it once
you would see if you gave them the water and energy and some fertilizer the
plants would grow back just looks like a bushfire going through the bush yeah
eventually it will regenerate but if another fire goes through it never gets
a chance to many of us could be actually doing too much too much too much and
you’re saying keep it very simple I see it all the time I a lot of people won’t
clients come in to see us and the thing is that I can see straight away that too
much is happening how can you get a lot of reactions through the know through
the nose area they start to get visible capillaries yeah a lot of a lot of
people talk about the capillary they’ve got they’ve got dryness and a lot of
this comes from barrier impairment through through the wrong use of
products okay that’s so good to know because I think I’m guilty of so much I
mean I I can’t offer after my business partner will say to me hmm
have you been trialing products because I tried a lot of products and yeah if I
do the different product you know three or four nights in a row yeah
my skin is are not happy and you can see that is that you can see that it’s not
happy yeah when you get those little red capillaries can you get rid of those
they do repair but it’s just it’s just an indication that you’ve done too much
I’ve got to slow down well with little capillaries basically what’s happened is
the blood has rushed into them they have expanded but not restricted okay so
they’re what we call chemically dilated and then they become visible to the eye
so it’s a normal thing for the the capillaries to expand to dialect right
okay but what we want them then to do is district and we can actually with
skincare we can make sure they they they do that job with
area repairment and and that action it all comes down to the health of the skin
yeah the skin’s health is intact it will in naturally a it goes what – absolutely
it will naturally aid that process and then going back to what you said right
at the beginning need to keep it very very simple so will I guess my question
to finish everything up is how do we know what products to choose and how are
we going to just go out and find the right thing because many of us are doing
the wrong thing I think that the first thing to understand is that skin doesn’t
understand anything to do with brand names so see you know the skin doesn’t
know if you’re using a B or C what if a company is telling you you have to use
all our products because your skin noses then telling you the truth that’s the
only thing skin understands is ingredients okay so you just had to know
what to look for and if you look on the back of your your box you’ll see the
list of ingredients my Lord has to be there yeah I don’t be listed from the
most to the least so with skincare it comes down to how the skincare is made
and how we get those ingredients into the skin because anyone can take all
those ingredients during I put it on to you but whether or not you can get those
ingredients into where they’re supposed to be is another thing that’s the we
skincare will get it if I can get a list of ingredients and I can just put them
up so that everybody can see so when they’re doing their own shopping
absolutely and research they can know what ingredients to use and then they
can start with step one and then step two your skincare and then go on to the
step 3 I’ll write you a write you a list of
ingredients that would be so good alright list of my top ten favorite
ingredients okay if you were to look for these ten ingredients in your skincare
then you you really can’t go wrong okay that’s really good it’s really helpful
my confusion and I think a lot of people’s confusion is we think we’re
getting older so we’re gonna go so hard to get rid of it all but okay you’ve
taught me a lot today yeah beautiful skin and so do you
thank you thank you thank you so much we really
appreciate it and thank you for teaching all of us something a little bit more
about skincare thank you very much okay thanks everyone for watching and please
give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share if you’ve got any
friends who want to hear what wills got to say and we’re really lucky to have
had that from him thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week

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