Anti Aging Skin Care : Moisturizing the Eyes: Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Hi! This is Holly and on behalf of Expert
Village we’re going to talk about continued extra moisturizer for your face. One thing
that’s important to use at any age starting as early as age 20 is to use an eye cream.
The eyes really take a lot of damage from the sun, squinting, get exposure everyday
to UV rays, use an eye cream that’s right for your skin if you have really, really oily
skin you might want to use oil free and think about using spatulas when you’re dip into
any cream whether its an eye cream or a moisturizer or a cleanser cause your fingers even if you
wash them can have bacteria and when people dip in their creams and stick it on their
face they’re actually bringing and introducing bacteria to their skin. Always remember that
blemishes are just your skins way of eating bacteria so that a thing to remember. Using
upward sweeps around your eyes use your eye cream bring that across your lid as well and
underneath circular patterns and really get that all the way into the skin and allow it
a moment to absorb and rest into the skin.

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