Anti aging facial product review

Anti aging facial product review are you looking for the best product you
can find in the markets take a look at the next video to understand why this is
the best thing for you hey guys this is Angela I am so excited to be making this
video because I have to tell you about age lock Lumis bar which is a new dual
action waterproof skincare device that has totally made my cleansing routine
simple and fun so what does dual action mean that not only does it cleanse your
skin but it treats it as well because let’s be honest clean skin can only get
you so far we all want beautiful more radiant skin am i right so if your use
of devices that cleanse away makeup and debris you are going to love luma spa
because it does that and much much more I love that luma spa is waterproof
because it has been a huge lifesaver on busy mornings and for all the men out
there that hate taking me extra time to cleanse your face in front of a mirror
you don’t have to with luma spa you can cleanse your face in just two minutes
while you’re taking a shower and it’s rechargeable too so you don’t have to
worry about replacing the batteries lumis-foil will work up to a week before
you even have to recharge it one thing that makes Loomis by unique is its
treatment head it doesn’t have bristles like so many other cleansing devices
which is a good thing because bristles can be abrasive and damaging to the skin
and more importantly bristles can harbor bacteria so in essence while you’re
cleansing your skin you could be spreading bacteria across the surface of
your face but luma spa treatment heads are made of silver embedded silicone
which makes it more hygienic and of course you still need to cleanse the
head after each use which is easy to do you just take off the head rinse under
water and rub off any residual cleanser with your finger and then make sure that
it’s completely dry before reattaching and the silicone means that it’s super
gentle much more gentle than bristles but you can still get a deep cleanse at
the same time now let me tell you what makes this the creme de la creme of all
cleansing devices it’s the proprietary oscillating motion of the
treatment head which is the precise way it cleanses and stimulates the skin with
its pulsing movement it’s like a massage for your skin with loads of extra
benefits Lumi spa gives skin a beautiful pore
purifying clean as it cleanses away dead skin cells makeup oil and other
impurities I personally love how soft and smooth my skin feels after each use
I’ve been using it for weeks and my pores look smaller and my skin
has never felt healthier or more radiant and I only use it two minutes in the
morning two minutes in the evening it’s that simple and the results are
incredible what I love about Loomis fire is I can tailor my system to suit my
skin’s needs there are three cleansers to choose from dry normal combo and oily
they are made to work specifically with the device to give you the best
treatment and cleansing benefits possible each cleanser contains age
locks cutting-edge ingredient as well as other key ingredients depending on your
specific skin type I personally love to use normal combo because I’m a bit oily
in the t-zone and my cheeks are slightly dry there are two treatment heads normal
and firm which is pretty straightforward normal is perfect for all skin types
including sensitive skin and firm is great for extra exfoliation so there you
have it I know I’ve thrown a lot of information
at you but I didn’t want to miss a single thing because Loomis spa is
incredible and I knew the very first time I used it that I had found
something really special you should seriously consider using Loomis barb
because believe me it will take your skin care to a whole new level thanks
for watching for more information please click the
link below or give us a call

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