ANTI AGING EYEBROW ROUTINE! easy, thicker brows to look younger! Before and After Instant Results!

So I have our super quick video for you today All about how I give myself more brows I am a firm firm believer that a little bit more brow makes you look younger So if you want to see my trick on giving myself a little bit more brows since I over plucked in my younger years Then just keep on watching Okay, so what you’re going to need is simply just a couple things from the drugstore you guys I get from Maybelline that I absolutely have fallen in love with and I feel like it helps me fake out having more brow it’s the brow precise from Maybelline and I’m Gonna give you a closer look I Have this product in bowls soft Brown, and I also have it in blonde guys And these are under ten bucks and when you buy two of them they last forever Seriously so all I do I take the soft brown Shade first I take it from the high point right about here of my eyebrow And I use the soft brown which is obviously the darker of the two colors all the way through the tail No pencils. No nothing. This has little fibers in it and a comb and I gently shape my brow and I can take the side of it and actually give myself really good definition Okay, so there I am in crazy town, and that’s when I go in with the blonde now the blonde goes in the front of my brow and I feather it in at the point when the two colors meet So that there’s a gradation. I find that at my age This is softer, and it doesn’t look as harsh as some of the really really drawn on which I think looks beautiful I see it on younger women and on Late teens, and I think it’s so cool Definitely, not putting that style down at all but for my age. I feel like something like this is softer there’s no harsh Edges and but it gives me a brow so when I step back you can see the difference between This brow and this brow. I mean honestly it’s like a whole different Really? It’s like a whole different face each Okay, so I’m going to finish my other brow The comb that you saw me coming on its little tiny Bristles, and it’s a flat edge So you can see if you can’t see there’s little tiny bristles. I mean tiny and there’s there is the gel in there and the Fibers are in there too, but it’s just enough to give your brows a little bit of umph for me It’s just the perfect kind of brow Routine. It’s Super Super fast It lasts all day gives me some definition frames my face just a little bit, but I don’t look like I’m trying to be 25 because Sister’s not 25. I’m just not back because if you’re in my generation And you’re 40 years old or older you may very well have over plucked your eyebrows as well And these are just great products to help you fake Having some brows again, so I hope that this was helpful I hope that you saw something that might make your routine a little bit faster better prettier Comment down below and let me know if you have tried the Maybelline brow precise or anyway I thank you so much for watching. I hope you have a wonderful Wonderful week and I will talk to you again very soon

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