Anti Aging *Drink Water and Look Younger* 5 Unbelievable Anti Aging Effects of Water!

and the aiding five unbelievable antiaging effects of water we all know that water is an extremely important nutrient for survival but besides keeping us alive or just clenching our thirst it can do a number of things in our bodies to keep us healthy and could help fight the aging process many experts say the average person should drink about 64 ounces of water per day some experts say you should drink half ounce for every one pound of body regardless of the number you use the sad truth is most of us do not consume nearly enough water throughout the day to really read the tremendous benefits that Queen freshwater can give us i am going to tell you five antiaging benefits of water number one seeds and cleans the body south water makes up more than sixty percent of our body lake water moves in and out of the south on a constant basis this process helps dissolve nutrients and carries than where they need to go and it carries waste out of the body in this way attacks at an antiaging agent in our body number to improve the digestive process water works much like oil does in the machine it keeps us running smooth without it our digestive processes tend to slow down and get sluggish this can cause a digestive backup or in other words constipation number three helps the body heal after sickness injury or surgery the body will can retain water to help itself heal by drinking lots of extra water this process will be amplified water will also help flush viruses and infections out of the body number for germs begone water isn’t just for the inside of the body the best way to read the germs lurking on your hands is a good soap and water washing fewer germs mean left sickness and disease number 5 makes you smarter the brain is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body that is highly affected when we are not consuming in Las water water will help you be able to focus concentrate and complete tasks more efficiently do you know any other anti-aging effects of water please let me know in comment section if you liked the video give a thumbs up and share the video if you want to get more health tips home remedies and recipes then subscribe to my channel health kits thanks for watching for watching

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