#Anti-Aging & #Collagen Boosting #Mask – Natural Easy Tutorial

This is your face this is how you present yourself to the world I dont want you to hide I want you to to reveal Whatever you put on your skin it goes into your blood stream and through your body if it is toxic, a paraben, petroleum derived if it is junk, crappalo it is no different than if you are eating it. So we’re going to start with something today that is something you would eat. This fruit is high in unsaturated fats. Which means its anti-aging its going to deeply moisturize and deeply nourish your skin. the pulp of this fruit actually stimulates collagen production it helps create new skin and tissue so what is this super fantastic fruit that we’re going to be putting on our skin? An avocado. Fruit? yes, an avocado is a fruit. its a great fruit. So lets go to the kitchen. Um, sorry, so good. Yum Let’s face it we can put on lipstick without looking in a mirror, We can certainly figure out Where to put this mask. I really don’t think you need all those expensive creams. If you have time to leave this for 30 minutes Particularly if you have eczema or rosacea you will get the most benefits. But ten to twenty minutes. Ten at the minimum and twenty is super rich and fantastic. MMM these are the good fats. Are you still there? I’ll meet you in the blanket in 20 minutes. Go away. Before I rinse this off I am going to do a little deep massage get in all the nooks and crannies. Mmm tastes good. Dont do that with your junk products, those junk products belong in the trash. We want to consider every choice we make. I want to minimize what I buy that ends up in the trash. Im not going to use a cotton pad: One second, BOOM, trash! Now Im just oing to take some warm water yes, this is messy but you know what? It’s just an avocado. It’s Nature’s Bounty. Yum. I’m glowing. Moist. Rich. And they dont sell this at Saks, Honey. They sell it at the Green Market. Thank you for watching. I want to hear how you like this mask. Leave a comment below. Please subscribe to this channel. New video every Sunday. FInd me on Facebook as Kiki Says. And go to my website at Kiki Flynn dot com. Thank you. Thank you, Come back and Share. Click here to subscribe and watch these videos. Mobile links are below

71 thoughts on “#Anti-Aging & #Collagen Boosting #Mask – Natural Easy Tutorial

  1. You have such beautiful and clear skin! I'm going to mash up an avocado for my face right now! I love the bentonite clay/acv mask too, so I will add this avocado mask to my all natural facial arsenal also. Thank you Kiki! I just love your videos!

  2. You go mash that avocado , you'll be in heaven and will absolutely see the difference. So happy to have your support and know you are benefiting from natural living xo stay in touch, Kiki

  3. Hi Kiki, you are glowing! I am wondering what nail color brand you are wearing? I know many of the nail products are toxic, and with someone as aware as you are, I'm sure you have found something safe and non-toxic. Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorials!

  4. Lisa, thanks for your support and sweetness. I am wearing a great nail polis called Inglot – it is water and air permeable!. and has none of the toxic stuff. They have 100 colors and its easy to apply and dries fast! Stay i touch and let me know if you find it! and it is my pleasure to share…best, Kiki

  5. this mask can be done once every two weeks. If you live in a dry climate or desert,once a week would be luxuriously great! I am sharing all my secrets here – so they're not secrets – its natures way for all! thank you for your lovely comment. Kiki

  6. Dear kiki love u r videos can u suggest me some natural way to plump lips I have thin lips n my complexion is weatish I wanna make it fair in natural way I ll b very much thankful if u solve out my problems thanks take care love u

  7. Hi Kiki!! Very interesting mask .. I'm young but I'll suggest it to my lovely mum!! Thank you so much!! big hugs and kisses ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. An amazing info as usual Kiki. Believe it or not me and my husband makes guacamole every weekend and we both put some of it on our face. Avocado is the best product I can use on my skin as its very sensitive. Thanks for the effort. Keep sharing. Love from Spain.

  9. Our doshas also change with season! It is really a daily observation. Dosha means that which changes…how challenging is that? So no spices, tomatoes, cooked oils, potatoes, and eat warm or room temperature food, not too much raw salads (a small one a day but not your main meal). Use coconut oil as your moisturizer, put fresh lemon squeeze in your water on waking, and take your triphala. Avoid the sun midday (no running at lunch time), eat your lunch by 1pm otherwise you may feel agitated.

  10. thanks – so glad you watched – i really had fun with this one – and even more so that I just moved in to a new bigger apt and had more room! So i liked sitting in the big chair and shooting in the bathroom. My old one was like a closet. Well, thats NYC living, its great here but….best to you and thanks for you comment., Kiki

  11. Hi Nusrath, sorry for the delay, replies sometimes take a week esp as I get more comments! But I do reply! For lips – exfoliate your lips and watch my video for yoga facelift on lips! search these two titles here on youtube.
    How to Exfoliate for Gorgeous Skin- Natural Face Care- Glowing Skin and Yoga Facelift 1 (Naturally Full Lips). best to you, Kiki

  12. Oh yes, Mum will love it. and If you get sunburn (which i hope you dont) you can try it too! ciao Bella, Kiki

  13. Ha, so smart and cute. I love to think of you both with your masks and snacks! Avo is great for sensitive skin, esp small red bumps, rosacea etc. best and thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. yes, I and for rosacea look at the new video i posted today on natural aloe! watch -Clear Skin and Calm Insides – EZ Aloe Tutorial for Ulcers, PMS, Rosacea. let me know how these natural masks work for you…iki

  15. It is a natural water and air permeable polish called Inglot! search it – lots of great colors and healthy! Yes i love nail polish too! best, Kiki

  16. Hi Kiki, Your videos are really inspirational!! I started applying the Avocado mask but I am not sure how many times I should apply it? Right after I do the mask, I wear an anti-aging cream: Avene Eluage. Is it the right thing to do?
    Also,for my eyes , I have this cream that I apply everyday for dark circles and wrinkles prevention: Neostrata: Bionic eye cream. What do you think? Or is it much better to use castor oil? Thanks a lot!!

  17. You can saely do avocado mask everyday but i think 3 times a week is plenty. I am not familiar with your creams and def recommend castor oil for under eyes, you can use it every other day. I use creams from Weleda, Jurlique or Hauschka. These are solid organic pure brands. Let me know how you like the castor oil, Kiki and thank you!!!

  18. Great news, yes say goodbye to chemicals! And thanks for your support – it is never too late to make these valuable changes, gracias, Kiki

  19. I live in India and avocados aren't available easily here ๐Ÿ™ can u give me an alternate ingredient/ mask please? Btw u r beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. You are so kind to commentt here, thank you! I have found avocados – butter fruit in India – in India. But if you cannot then use castor oil! and watch all my castor oil videos…let me know how that works…Kiki

  21. yes, look for my playlist here called – Natural Glowing Face and Skin. then you will see how castor oil is awesome and also works at a deep level…hello to India…Kiki

  22. Tried it, loved it, subscribed! I have been searching YouTube for someone exactly like you and I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your channel. Your inner light is brilliant. I'm officially making you my new best friend.

  23. I am a lucky girl! thanks for being my new bff! You can spend lots of time watching all my videos, come see me on facebook as kiki says and if you come to NYC come take yoga class and get an official bff hug. sign up for my newlsetter and check out ny new blog on my site kiki flynn. thanks Lex, spread the word and stay in touch, Kiki

  24. You are on a Kiki marathon! thanks for watching so many videos – i hope you are inspired! please share my videos and spread the word! thank you Melisa, Kiki

  25. I live in NJ and Im always in NYC, how can I get info for your classes??!! Im Officially Obsessed w your channel !!! โ™ฅ

  26. At what age did you start taking care of your skin ??? and have you seen any reversal of things like bags under eyes/fine lines/etc…Im 35 now and started noticing things I dont like and hope to reverse, and u have NO imperfections at All !! Amazing!! โ™ฅ So Im wondering did you start really young like 18? Or did you reverse things magically? lol

  27. Kiki, I just found you and I love your videos! You're funny, articulate and beautiful! I'm 43 and recently discarded most of my store products because of a never before recent bout of eczema. I've always been told I have great skin but the eczema made me realize that if I didn't make some changes in my diet/beauty regimens that my skin would start to age faster than I feel. I have my list and can't wait to try these natural remedies. EEEeee, so excited!!

  28. You will love avocado on your face too! and much easier to wash off than out of your hair. Tirzah, let me know what yout hink…thanks for your comment, Kiki

  29. Great news! throw out all that junk, it really is so dangerous and you will love your new regimen and find that this is your true beauty regimen. So glad you found me and thanks for letting me inspire you Your comment here will inspire others as will you new glow! big hug…come visit me on facebook too as Kiki Says xo

  30. I made the video already just for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ search this title here – How to Heal Super Dry Hands and Feet – Smooth and Pain-Free. You will love this! best, Kiki

  31. Ive ALWAYS known you were "Funny, Articulate, and BEAUTIFUL!" The avocado is THE PERFECT FRUIT! It's at the top of my "Deserted Island" list. (along with a hot stud muffin who will go fetch them for me.) Love you, my Kiki!

  32. I started taking care of my skin when i was 19. I barely went into the sun for all these years and it def has helped a great deal and I've also used organic skin care all these years. And would have friends send me products from Europe 25 years ago – they thought I was crazy! I wish i had NO imperfections but i can say I have very few wrinkles and fine lines. You can make real changes with all that I recommend here – thats why i share so much because I BELIEVE. Yoga breathing helps too xo

  33. I am in Hawaii and that hot guy you refer to is feeding me avocado right now xo big kiss dear Kim thanks for the support and love xo

  34. You are so lucky to have an avocado tree! Eat this and put it on your skin and in your hair! you will love…thanks for your support and feedback, Kiki

  35. hi. the avocado mask is great you can do itย  in your hair, face and left over use it in your hands as well wrap your hands with plastic. wait for 20 to 30 min.and you will have beautiful hair face and hands .

  36. I need to try this thank You for sharing! do You have any tips on tightening tye neck area? I believe a lot is hereditary? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  37. fantastic kiki! luv your style and humor! and your tips/videos! im 32, and ive been wanting to slow down my skin's aging process, so tnx for this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I dont really like to lut food on my face so can I make an avocado smoothie?? Since I usually buy avocados in this season I can make smoothies with milk and avocado

  39. Ur beautiful healthy glowing skin has convinced me not to use those chemically toxic creams that I keep forgetting absorbs into my skin…will try this as well as all your other rituals…so thankful for all your great wisdom..

  40. you are so very inspiring – loving your series – would love to get you my handheld SpinGym – its a very unique fitness product and if you love it perhaps you'll share it! You're so knowledgable and committed – thanks

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