Annoying Orange and Pear Play – EYES! (Horror game) #SHOCKTOBER

see the another gaming vedio man Got dammed see this its a really awesome game top game of 2016 subscribe to see all the updation on games (Orange) Uhh (pear) Ok (Orange) Is he punching his computer? (Orange) Oh oh (Orange) Anything else? (Pear) Take a map that place is HUGE. (Orange) That’s what she said ha ha ha ha. (Pear) What? (Orange) Ah I don’t know (Orange) OK so were playing this horror game, it’s called Eyes, (Orange) We found it on the app store. (Pear) Yeah, so, uhhh, so apparently we’re going into this, uhhh, house, and we’re going to steal some money (Orange) Alright! Getting that cash money honey! Ha Ha…. Alright… (Orange) Oooh here it go! (Pear) Wh…wh… what’s happening (x3)… oh (Pear yelling) (Orange) It’s alright, it’s a pillow, (Pear) Oh ok (Pear) [Tense Laughter] Sorry (x2) (Orange) Yeah, you gotta watch out for those deadly pillows, Pear (Pear) I’m sorry! I’m sorry, okay? I just, you know, [Stammers] uhh… (Orange) Aaah! It’s a boot! (Pear) [Continues from earlier] It’s a boring game, so, you know [Stammers] (Orange) Das Boot! (Pear) Das Boot yeah! (Pear laughing) (Orange) Chill out Pear. There might be something good on TV (Pear) Like what? (Orange) Teletubbies (Pear) I actually think that would be terrifying if this tv turned on and there were Teletubbies on it I would run away screaming. (Orange laughs) (Pear) Was that a cabinet? (Orange) Oh yeah, grab it (Pear) I found some! I found some! Yes! (Orange) Aww yeah, we’re swimming in the money. (Pear) Sweet, what are we going to buy with this money? (Orange) We can buy you some self-respect? (Orange laughs)
(Pear) Hey ! What ? Come on ! (Orange) Ok! (Orange) Watch the door…..! watch the door…..! (Orange) Ok.. Wooow…..Wooowww (Orange) “What… what the… (Orange) Check out the pictures on the wall….. (Orange) Check out the pictures. (Pear) This doesn’t look creepy at all. (Orange) This lady definitely disapproves of everything you’ve ever done with your life. (Pear) Looks like you’re right. (Orange) Oh, and over here we’ve got Colonel Sanders. (Both laughing) (Orange) Oh, and Adolf Hitler! Hahaha (Orange) Oh, and Adolf Hitler’s mailman. (Pear) That mustache was really in style back then. (Orange) Okay Pear, we don’t have TIME to fart around. (Pear) Hilarious. (Orange) Oooooooooooohhhhhhhh.! (Orange) What’s in here? Oh. (Orange) Hey! (Orange) More money….. (Pear) A broom closet I guess. (Pear) Alright, grab that money. Let’s do it! (Orange) I’m gonna buy the entire stockpile of the world’s kazoos, okay? (Pear) No! No we are not gonna do that. (Pear) Whoa Ahh Oh. (Pear) Oh it’s just a ladder. (Pear) Ohh No no don’t go under it dude don’t no no don’t no no don’t go under it dude no dont go under it It’s Bad Luck (Pear) It’s Bad Luck to go under that thats thats (Pear) You Know what will happen
(Orange) you will have a conniption? (Pear) No It’s It’s Bad Luck It’s Just Bad Luck Bad Luck Dude Bad Things will happen thats thats just dont do it (Orange) Ohh Cash Money I got some cash money over here pear (Pear) See if yer if would have went under the ladder you probably wouldn’t have found that it would have been bad luck (Orange) ah ok, mm ¿What does that do? ah ok (Pear) I dont know what, what is happening!? (Orange) what what this creepiness! (Pear) I dont know you used the i..i..con? (Orange) Aye aye captain (Orange laughs) (Orange) All right. Where are we? (Pear) ah argg.. well I think we are on the first floor (Orange) ah ok, we need to find more of that money, we gotta get 20 bags of gold (Orange)So we can get outa here(Pear)Sooner and better please.

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  4. I've seen this video so much I can say it word for word ๐Ÿ˜‚ I love the annoying orange gaming channel.
    Also this was posted on my sister's birthday

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