Anisometropia: Can’t Focus? What Happens When Your Eyes Don’t Have Equal Sight

Anisometropia okay, which is an uneven prescription. So one eye might see perfectly and the other
eye might see not so good but the eyes work together in the way that they see things. So if one eye is in focus and the other eye
is not in focus it creates a discrepancy in the brain and either the brain tells the eye
that is not seeing to shut down and ignore it, which then will become amblyopic or you
get a really big headache and we see a lot of strenuous headaches and people that have
anisometropia. You can help people with glasses with an uneven
prescription the problem that we have with glasses is the further away you put your refractive
surface from the eye it changes the image that is seen and what I mean by that is if
you think about Sherlock Holmes and his magnifying glass is that he uses his magnifying glass
to to find clues or to magnify things. Well if one eye has a magnifying glass on
it which is your prescription and the other eye does not have a magnifying glass then
one eye sees things that are really big and the other eye sees things that are normal
size. And when you have that size discrepancy you
can get a really bad headache. Contact lenses can sit right on top of the
eye now when you deal with magnification because the contact lense sits right up against the
eye the refractive surface is up against the eye and whether the prescriptions a -10 or
a plus 20 because it sits on the eye and the distance that the light has to travel to hit
the eye is 0 because it’s sitting on the eye. Thus the magnification or minification is
0 so you have zero size discrimination when you wear contact lenses in a case of a patient
that has anisometropia.

10 thoughts on “Anisometropia: Can’t Focus? What Happens When Your Eyes Don’t Have Equal Sight

  1. Do I need to wear glasses full time if my prescription is – right : -1.00 left: -3.75 ? 19 year old female. And will I get amblyopia or strabismus if my vision is not corrected?

  2. While studying under light my eyes don't concentrate and side viens of brain start paining. Can anyone tell me from what the desease I'm suffering?

  3. My ophthalmologist diagnosed me with this at 18 years old. If I don’t wear my glasses for more than 10 minutes, the weaker eye starts to burn, turns red and itches and then the headache follows. It also takes a few hours for it to settle and go back to “normal”.

    Both eyes are weak but, one (right) is worse than the other. The left is farsighted and the right is nearsighted. Both eyes need adjustments though.

    My doctor did however tell me that there was nothing anyone could do to fix it as this had to be corrected before the age of 10. Problem is we never knew I had this issue. I just wore glasses from young and, optometrists never really say anything but provide you with better sight in the form of glasses or contacts.

    I had gone to my ophthalmologist when my weaker eye started to develop a white coating over it. This surly made me panic.

    I’m now 28 and my glasses are on me 24/7 unless I’m asleep.

    I would love to try contacts but my weaker eye is always itchy. I’m scared I would scratch the contact out or damage it somehow.

    Thanks for the video.

  4. No glasses can’t work BC my older sister didn’t make me blind but she hit me harder then being over dramatic like my eye can’t see that well and it hurts

  5. I am also a patient…I suffer from focus problem as well.. becoz of that my life is ruined completely since past 8 years..and u too said the same means our problem is same and unique too becoz i didnt find anyone yet with same problem..thats why i want to contact with u not for consultancy but for sharing too also think many time to wear black sunglasses to hide my eyes from other people…and i go very rarely outside becoz of this u should not hide ur problem with me pls coz i too suffer same problem dont feel embarrasing pls
    contact : 8700922899

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