We’re gonna talk about something
that I haven’t actually covered in detail for, I don’t know, maybe four years.
I want to talk about angels. Yeah angels and the role they play in our lives,
because, again, we often just find ourselves addressing topics that
are so misunderstood and misrepresented. We really want to, you know, and and also
take things to another level of deeper understanding. So we’re not
going to talk cosmically about angels, about
these things that are out of touch, out of reach.That’s not at all what I’m
about. I love the applicable so we’re gonna
talk about angels but we have to understand I mean the word angel you
know in Latin messenger Archangel in Greek is the you know the lead the head
angels or lead angels but angels are not like just beings or people there are
thoughts of God they are thoughts that like imagine that God’s just it is just
as a metaphor but imagine God’s children us we come all into the earth plane and
we get trapped and confused and so forth but God also then sends a blessing a
thought of helpers and those things seemingly get embodied in something we
call angels but imagine that there’s there they’re messengers but they’re not
just like another race technically they’re creations of God just like us in
that sense we’re equal to them but the angels have not chosen to believe in
separation so they’re just clearer they’re choosing to be clearer we could
choose to be clearer and it’s possible for angels to choose not to be clear but
generally speaking an angel by definition is one that is chosen to
remain clear and you know on planet earth has so many things that we mess up
we actually think of angels as being you know these like humanized and instead we
should spiritual eyes humans rather than human eyes spirits
we need to become more like angels not just talk to them I mean what’s the
whole point guess what Archangel Michael comes to me all the time it’s amazing
yeah but you still have brood so how is that telling me and I’m not even
interested you can have Gabriel come to your arc ng you could have oh my god
cavalcade of angels coming through your living room for your annual ball you
know they could all dance with your eye I personally am NOT interested if you’re
still rude I want to know how it’s changed you that’s all because you can
have the most humble person have a near-death experience a most disturbed
rude mean person cruel person have a near-death experience see a spiritual
presence and change their lives then you have people that might have spiritual
experiences and not be so humble and they change nothing but they sometimes
think they’re amazing they’re special they write books they’re the you know
angelic messanger of Earth or they’re the channel of whatever being it might
be and yet there’s nothing changing about them I like the other person more
than I prefer this person I remember you know in the 90s especially channeling
was quite popular you know and I always said to people go to God the angels are
messengers don’t go to the messengers go to God and God will choose which
messenger you’ll receive but don’t just go to you know that’s why not just go to
UPS and ask them for spiritual guidance they’re just messengers I understand I’m
not I’m not saying angels aren’t high consciousness I’m saying be advised that
you actually tempt even angels to fall when you make them into gods because the
angels are telling you any angel worth worth their salt so to speak any angel
worth anything of value will tell you and they have done this to some beings
in history do not pray to us pray to God and still be in book of enoch talks
about that enoch encounters these fallen angels and they’re like enoch please
pray for us help us he’s like why are you in darkness your angels
you’re supposed to be helping us not asking us to help you yeah well the
thing about that these angels say about that
well we’re some of the angels that visited earth when mankind first came
here and we found that the Earthlings were so enthralled by our power we made
them start worshipping us and now we live in darkness not all angels it’s one
particular group that’s an important lesson to remember you can even tempt
angels to fall by worshipping them and the same goes for spiritual teachers I
believe that we have a certain responsibility to have integrity and
live to us a certain standard it shouldn’t be what people tell you to or
what their fantasies would try to force you into and you shouldn’t be doing it
for them you should just live a higher life anyway if you’re in a role as a
spiritual teacher but the same is true for any person of representation like a
parent you know a parent should try to have it together a little more than
their children you know like a little come on just a little you know when your
child has more wisdom than you there’s a problem especially if they’re like three
you know hope anyway the knowledge and understanding about angels is old I mean
this is ancient Babylonia ancient Sumeria this is old the concept of
angels is very old the Essenes practice their communions with angels if you
don’t know who the Essenes are they’re a very they’re the New Agers the Gnostics
and New Agers of the time of Christ and before you know they were existing
hundreds and hundreds of years before Jesus just a retreat you know an
aesthetic group of spiritual people kind of like fin horn on steroids because the
Essenes took not just one place like fin horns is a little uninhabitable to a
degree their area at Scotland on the coast but they took that made it a
thriving garden the people at f– intern and the Essenes live in a completely
inhospitable area the Dead Sea region in the Jordan region in the middle
and it’s amazing I mean the the water in the Dead Sea nothing lives in there
because it’s so salted it’s nothing can live in there so it’s not like Dead Sea
like they have an ocean or a bay or a lake or nothing there’s nothing out
there but rock and desert there’s a desert that’s it and they had a thriving
community why they would tell you we commune with God and God’s angels see
but they’re not worshiping the angels they’re living in communion communion
with them they would worship and it you know God and you know day and night
everything they would do would be sanctified to God when you joined the
Essene community you took vows of silence sometimes for years before they
would accept you in the community it’s kind of amazing you had to show your
your sincerity your commitment anything that came in financially was everybody’s
oh well that’s mine you’re gone if you can’t think like a wee you can’t be part
of a community that can be such a in a high level of consciousness so the
Essenes were just amazing but they had morning
you know midday and evening rituals that they would do communing with the angels
again not to worship with them but thinking of them almost like as helpers
so they would they would they would do communion with you know connecting with
the angel of joy the angel of light the angel of power the angel of life the
angel of work but to them angels were not wing-flapping beings they were
forces and this is important because when Edgar Cayce would talk to you about
your body or health in doing his readings and years gone by he would use
words like instead of your blood he would say circulatory forces because we
forgot everything has an energy to it a life force to it don’t think separate he
would even tell you if you needed surgery he would say surgical forces
humans think good bad surgeries are bad it’s not holistic something else is good
because it’s herbal everything in surgery has an energy a force to it even
the metals in the instruments there’s energy and forces to it there’s life
force in minerals and there’s life force in elements which is why we call lead
they’re elementals we’ve talked about elementals and nature of nature spirits
in one talk air okay so those are their forces there you can embody them you
could you wouldn’t be wrong to imagine them being characters you know embodied
characters but you would be wrong to think that they’re only that they’re
forces you’re working you’re you’re working with like when you get in water
you’re moving through the water you know if you think it’s just some linear thing
you kind of lose the experience when you dance where are you dancing I’m dancing
right here and what are you doing and I’m well I’m moving and dancing without
remembering that as I move there’s air that moves with me I’m changing I’m I’m
doing something I’m stirring the ethers when I start my movement dance I’m
stirring the ethers the whole universe the Taoism would say a butterfly can
flap a wing on one side of the planet and it’ll to be involved in contributing
to a hurricane on the other side of the planet there is no separation in quantum
physics the quantum ideas one wave of God one uni verse means one song one
verse the energy of God the manifested one is the it’s starting to degrade into
separation the unmanifest unseen universe the closest we would know it is
quantum waves but that wave through the universe anything and they know this
scientifically that if a particle or a wave of quanta it is affected over here
it’s going to affect it all the way through the universe no thing happens
without affecting the all like you said sixteen years can go by and still be
affected by one session or conversation one loving thought we have no idea and
you don’t want to know it’s so complicated but yet simple mind you but
it’s so complicated a human mind understand our effect in our lives
in fact our lives are only our lives because we affected them and when we
struggle I as an individual and we as a collective any of us individually and we
as a collective we’re constantly creating our universe and our reality as
it so often called the angels are there to try to help remind us of an
alternative reality one where there’s only love and just to even have a taste
of that it’s incredible there’s nothing wrong with people seeing
angels and you know but let me tell you first of all they’re not always white
and they’re not always blonde and they’re not always female
just FYI in case that well you know you need to run screaming from the building
get that out of the way now if that disturbs your reality in any way they
they don’t have blonde hair they don’t have hair they have halos they’re not
white skinned they don’t have skin but they glow they take any form at all so
that you don’t freak out so that it feels like they’re familiar to you but
they don’t actually have form but there’s something energetically that
your head will interpret you’re seeing a being but it’s just pure light so
sometimes that’s what people have said it just this light right okay does that
mean it wasn’t an angel cuz it didn’t sprout wings for you know this that’s
what they generally would look like the most brilliant beautiful light but so
that you can identify with it it takes a bit of a form more often female than
male why female maybe less intimidating may not rely can er juror and there’s
often this you know what hair blonde hair most there’s no blood here but they
have a elope and your mind makes yourself think that it’s hair golden
hair it’s not golden hair it’s a halo and then oh and they show up of course
boobie you know playing harp it’ll play harps
they don’t you know you know drummer angels you know oh they’re always the
raucous ones no you know the Angels don’t play instruments but they emanate
a vibration that creates sound so people’s heads had to have imagined that
they come in playing instruments because that’s what your head thinks it needs
and they don’t actually have wings you think they need wings to get from one
place to another so you give them wings because ancient times people would think
was only one way to get from one place to another in fast kind of a route
flying o angels then have wings and they’re like fine you know whatever but
they don’t have wings but that thing that looks like there’s wings sprouting
off the sides of them these glorious white shiny wings
that’s just how bright their energy is you’re really seeing light interpreted
downgraded in a sense but interpret it to a human mind and I’m not saying
that’s bad not at all if you see an angel and has wings just give thanks
you’re seeing an angel don’t worry that there’s wings are enough just enjoy and
and absorb that concept but angels are pure light and they’re messengers from
God one of their roles is to be a bridge between the seen and unseen they’re
helpers not just messengers because that implies they give you a message and they
go there are messenger angels but there are helping angels too everyone has at
least one guardian angel some of us need more but you know everybody’s got you
know some people are like I got five you know as though that’s better
oh my god how many here you know like you go around New Age parties any man
how many how many angels you go only one I’m a seven angel guy you know
what you should say to them you shouldn’t have to have that many man
what’s wrong with you anyway alright so I’m gonna share a couple of quotes from
A Course in Miracles on angels angels like the way so that all darkness
vanishes and you’re standing on a light so bright and clear you can understand
all things you see another you do not walk alone God angels hover near and all
about his love surrounds you say his God’s love surrounds you and in this
it’s making the context that the angels are his love and of this be sure I will
never leave you comfortless another angels are extensions of God’s thoughts
symbols of the light and protection of God that always surrounds us and one
more say God say God’s name and you will immediately invite angels to surround
the ground on which you stand and sing to you as they spread out their wings to
keep you safe and shelter you from every worldly thought that would intrude upon
your holiness the wings of the metaphor but their love
would surround you there’s a story that I always share when I talk about angels
and I think it’s one of the most just amazing stories ever recorded really
modern times for sure but there was this one time where somebody who was unstable
mentally broke into a school and took you know the children like a
kindergarten class hostage and wouldn’t let anybody in and had a bunch of
explosives strapped to himself and so he was again he was saying he’s gonna you
know blow the room and all the kids were in there and they’re all gonna clearly
die so he goes into this room they can’t rush the room I mean they can’t so so
youryour SWAT teams and stuff they can’t rush the room because if this happens
they’re gonna be responsible at least not rushing the room there’s a 50/50
chance presumably but he’s gonna blow the room now what ends up happening long
story short is they can’t get into the room and so forth there’s just this one
classroom it’s a class of you know 30 or so kindergarten kids the guy ends up
the room wiping out the entire room but in the room one little spot was not
charred one spot where the kids all huddled together and when the police you
know the firemen they all come in and what you don’t get everything you know
and the guys gone everything’s gone the rooms completely blasted and they’re
saying so what happened and it said they said the kid said we saw angels and they
told us to cluster together and they wrapped themselves over us to protect us
now you know of course you know you have authorities going home poor kids they
must have been the stress probably caused them to imagine things that’s how
this world deals with spiritual things like it’s always a hallucination or
something the world that isn’t miraculous is the hallucination
seriously that’s the one that’s messed up and disturbed honestly that’s the one
we’re you know imagining negatively into place it takes work to not see angels it
takes effort to not have constant miracles to not feel the presence of God
it actually takes work Jesus says that’s why you have to sleep at night cuz
you’re exhausted from being an ego I paraphrased it slightly but that’s what
he says that’s basically what he says you’re exhausted from constantly having
to keep alive your false world takes effort which tells me if it takes work
to keep a false world it would be effortless to allow a real world and
that’s true but then why does it happen there’s a reason which is fear people
are more afraid of their light than darkness people are more afraid of God
than separation why not because that sane that makes no
sense at all but people have fallen into a hypnotic trance a negative hypnotic
trance we asked what life would be like without God and this is what it would be
like to be without God we asked and so it is now we have to get over ourselves
we chose to ask what it would be like and it’s manifested now we as creators
tend to you know tend to believe in their creations so we
believe in our creation and so it seems to be solid if God were to come and
strip away our creations we would go mad permanently because we believe in our
creations you’re supposed to believe in your creations the only thing is this is
not a creation it’s a manufactured reality it’s not a creation a creation
is always love based a manufactured reality is anything but love so all we
have to do is realize we were just having a daydream a nightmare and it
would start to disappear angels in their infinite patience as thoughts of God
messengers of God guardians and so on they’re here to kind of help hold space
like a midwife angels are like midwives they’re holding space while we birth the
Christ self it’s just that it happened to take a lot more than nine months nine
lifetimes how about nine hundred lifetimes it doesn’t matter if it’s your
first lifetime on earth through your nine thousand lifetime there’s not even
one thought in any angel that surrounds you about that they hold space like it’s
perfectly the same minute that when they started just perfectly holding space
absolute unconditional love you know don’t get caught up in well I I can’t
see angels someone else isn’t better than you
you never know believe it or not the ability to see angels can come from
spiritual development you go home that’s what I want but but it can also come
from being heavily damaged believe it or not you could have just done so many
drugs that you screwed up your your brain cells and your etheric double
that’s supposed to protect your body’s health you could have damaged it so much
that beings are you’re more susceptible to seeing things but they’re not always
nice things either you could have had the child abuse and it taught you to
dissociate from your human self grounding and so you’re more capable of
saying things out there that’s not necessarily a compliment it still came
from wounding your job is not just to see things you can do drugs and do that
your job is to be healthy mind body and soul
so if thing I’ve done has opened up my etheric
field to where I can see beings good for me that’s nice but I still need to heal
and your ego is gonna say if you heal you’re not going to see beings anymore
you say I’m gonna do it anyway because your wholeness is more important than
phenomena you know just cool things that you see
sparkles and colors and whatever I know it sounds cool do not tempt the LORD thy
God which is you do not be tempted by mundane things but if you see things
great if it’s coming from out unhealthy causations then maybe work on those
causation so you can be healthy and potentially see when Jesus tells you in
A Course in Miracles there’s a workbook lesson that’s going to change your a
vision you’re going to start seeing auras potentially you’ll start seeing
things it’s not telling you that you must see them he’s just saying as you do
work on your mind and changing your consciousness it’s common to see things
but it is not your goal it’s just a side effect don’t worry about it you’re going
to go to a dentist get novocaine your goal is not novocaine or to be numb
that’s just a side effect of that you don’t get all caught up on that that’s
not why you’re there you’re also not trying to be spiritual just to see cool
things you’re supposed to be consciously you know just changing your
consciousness becoming a different I have to say better person so if you
don’t see them they’re not not there they’re there angels can’t not be there
you can’t not have an aura an energy field you have energy systems you might
not see your lung meridian but it’s there don’t say well if only I could see
my Lou my meridians I would be more spiritual just be nice just be nice just
be a nicer and nicer person you become so nice here’s what happens there’s a
saying that could be interpreted in so many beautiful ways in one way is let
your home be a place that angels would seek to dwell and what that means is me
let you yourself become a place that angels would seek to dwell because you
have angels within and you have angels without angels actually exist inside as
well there’s no time-space thing as we know
it on the human level but commonly artists and poets have been
known to have communion with angels sensitive Souls
you know that’s beautiful let them tell you if you want to know about them let
them tell you in their palms let them tell you in their paintings if you want
to see or feel like from that level what it’s like what angels are like but
mostly become what you think angels are become benevolent bring messages from
God today don’t preach them bring them be them and
there’s a great story you know William Blake who was an amazing mystic he says
that when he was little Jesus and angels taught him how to paint and draw geez
like what school was that like serious you know I still just doodle there’s a
head and a stick man and he’s just all these cosmic things that he says angels
Todd and Raphael the great artist he said angels taught me that’s just so
cool as children these people saw things that you’re Cayce was told by an angel
we want you to know that God has heard your prayers to want to help people
edgert little Edgar and your your prayers have been answered
you’re going to do something wonderful this angel this glorious shiny golden
angel tells him children so often are seeing these things and people don’t
believe it or know it you know they don’t often say it sometimes because
it’s so common to them when I had one child I think she was around one and you
know she’s probably around 35 now but when she was one her sister I who we
were pregnant with a second daughter and when the second child was you know
coming or whatever you know in the in the tummy the first child was playing
with her little toy phone you know and that’s okay that’s in North ring ring
you know it play but she’s talking having conversations and I’m like hey
honey what you talking to the Angels oh really what are they saying
lottery numbers no what are they saying oh they said another baby’s coming well
nobody knew that at this point really another baby huh and is it gonna be a
boy or a girl she’s on the phone you know it is it gonna be a boy or a girl
she said it hasn’t been decided yet it’s spinning around in the clouds ooh you know it’s it’s it’s receptive people
but you could be a really messed up person in a receptive moment you know
don’t think perfect people see God or angels or whatever it’s just the
tumblers fall into place it’s nothing personal when it hasn’t happened for you
and even when it has you doubt it any parent could have had my experience and
went oh don’t be silly that’s what they often do oh she’s just you know playing
and it’s just talking on the phone making something up that’s what they do
and it doesn’t help build the connection the lines of communication with angels
Raphael dough was painting his frescoes famous frescoes and so forth angels all
in them and so forth and there’s these couple of Cardinals that came into the
place too to see what he’s painting you know and they’re looking and admiring
and kind of huh look at you know and Raphael’s just painting away and one of
them says Raphael why do you always paint seem to paint your angels with red
faces now Raphael doesn’t even pause he just continues hey Raphael why do you
paint faces red faces on your angels he says that’s because of the rage they
feel for what the church the hands the church has fallen into
thank you no you just want to go up to you let’s leave you know like seriously
it especially at such a time they’re they’re they’re they’re embarrassed and
enraged at the hands with which the church has fallen his hand you’re
talking to Cardinals you know that doesn’t go over well but he’d never even
flinched he just paints away because he knew there’s you know they one time the
great artists I don’t remember which one didn’t you know the the Cardinals and
whatever visiting his his painting and they said your paintings are ridiculous
you’re putting sandals on angels angels don’t have wear sandals and he goes yeah
they also don’t have feet you know like that’s the brilliance of an artist
arguing with somebody who thinks they’re intelligent you know you they don’t have
feet either man come on we got you were painting something that’s a depiction
it’s for people to be able to connect with something so we look into our lives
and realize there’s so much a I’ve said this many times especially recently
there are more things than heaven and earth that are dreamt of in all your
philosophies you know angels and what they mean and what they do for us and
people have forgotten this but but don’t just get caught up in angels remember
this is how much love God has it’s like the angels of the arms of God coming to
hold us don’t make it just about things or beings it’s the arms of God coming to
us how do they communicate synchronicities inspirations whispers
you know I I do talks and I’m really grateful because sometimes real
sensitive people are sometimes people that have never had spiritual
experiences swear swear do you have come and watched online or attended in person
and said I saw an angel standing next to you I saw an angel behind you Michael I
saw and a mother Mary I mean all kinds of beautiful things not once in all my
years of teaching which is almost 40 years not once have I ever turned to ask
him for their name people was I saw mother Mary saw an angel and they’ll say
to me what it was working with you know I don’t
allow myself to be tempted to to get involved on that level if Archangel
Michael says something I might say it’s telling me to tell you that fine
but I don’t get all identifying oriented I don’t get into all that to me God
first and anybody that wants to show up is welcome Archangels
guardian angels ascending angels this angel that you know whatever kinds of it
they’re all welcome but I don’t get caught up in it and I know why and I
tried to tactfully convey to others there’s a very popular teacher on the
topic of angels which I will not name their name and if you’re online don’t
post their name you don’t need to okay and that stuff’s not necessary
some people go I know he’s talking about don’t name names we don’t need to but
there’s a very popular teacher on the topic of angels and the person has has
made a couple of mistakes in the sense that unhealed wounds now they were
really in touch with angels talking angels get everybody getting everybody
excited about angels but some unhealed trauma was there that’s now backing up
on the person but also overly defying the Angels overly making them the power
and the credit now the person is having what could be I won’t say for sure could
be described as a nervous breakdown so they’ve completely backed off and not
only not teaching about angels anymore but saying to the world and lots of
people are listening because there’s been no person of this person’s gender
that has had more influence on the new-age kind of teachings in community
and they’re now saying those angels are all demons they tricked me and get away
from angels get away from cool stuff in ancient New Age stuff and just you know
become fundamental Christian you know it is it’s it’s it’s it’s a nervous
breakdown you can tell because of the intensity the fear the reaction and and
calling angels demons in disguise you know it’s just strange but I don’t worry
about it too much personally because I never you know
bit the Apple and bought into the whole exciting exciting aspect of what they
were putting out there nor do I need to swing to the opposite extreme and do the
opposite right here I know you think then you don’t think I know and that’s
all we have to do is sit in the I know I know angels to be the arms of God
I know angels to be messengers of love just sit in that when you when you find
yourself overreacting to something an overreaction means there was already an
action before that I swung too far right now I’m swinging too far left you know
there’s some Twilight Zone episodes made on things like that you know you’re
overly Republican you’re coming back as a Democrat man you’re gonna have to deal
with it and vice versa you know please I mean
understand it’s never politics I’m talking about I’m talking about human
nature become exceedingly invested in one thing and a lessons gonna come to
you to help you balance it that’s the nature of this world the twilight zone
you might remember the there’s an episode where it’s the Second World War
and there’s a soldier he’s in command of his troops and you know he was just
passionate about killing the enemy I mean intensely passionate kill them kill
them til there’s no more kill him kill him kill him go you know and all of a
sudden as Twilight Zone often did he becomes that other race and he’s on the
other side kill him kill him and he’s you know he’s having to deal with the
terror that his men are all that other race that he doesn’t like and it’s
catching on what this has to be a nightmare what’s going on here and at
the end of the day you know kill and be killed hate and you’ll be hated judge
and you shall be judged everything that swings one way is going to swing to an
opposite all movements gonna have an equal reaction
unless you’re centered and that’s our job
there are commonly nine three groups of three nine groups of angels in what’s
you know consider the traditional hierarchy and I want to call it that and
I love that this is a little different origin of Alexandria a master of the
time ancient Alexandria he actually said that that Souls shot away from God in
three groups they splintered into three groups those who fell the lowest became
what we call demonic but they’re still part of us they’re still part of the
beings we call them something but they just fell further then there’s the
humans and the angels were the highest that didn’t fall as much
that’s one belief and I totally agree with that three groups it’s something
I’ve taught you know all my years three groups but the one group of angels up
here at the top they chose not to believe in the separation humans are in
the middle kind of back and forth on this you know we’re trying to not
believe in the and then there’s the the lower kingdom where there’s just really
hate and a conviction toward separation but there’s still us they’re not worse
they’re not better they’re just beings that are making that belief or that
choice but the ones that remained at the top those are the angelic Kingdom and
they splinter off into three groups but in those three groups you could
essentially say that that each of the three groups also overlap so the highest
of the first group is connected to the highest of the second group and the
highest of the third groups that makes sense they kind of mirror each other so
the first are the Seraphim the cherubim and the the Thrones those are the three
highest now I’m going to share a couple of bible quotes on this because to me
it’s kind of interesting in Ephesians you actually will hear these names and
Colossians in the New Testament you’re going to hear references to angels by
their group title that you don’t even know our names of angels so the names of
angels don’t just get manufactured or made up the Catholics AFT actually have
sort of secretly and in a sense the Vatican they have a volume or volumes of
encyclopedia of angels and I don’t mean like the ones you buy in your local
bookstore to have like you know 50 or whatever they have hundreds and sometime
in some cases thousands in their records of all the angels of light and the
angels darkness and their priests are trained
way more than people appreciate you think that there’s corruption in this or
that church and then you kind of lose love for them all but there’s also
lovable things and admirable things in all the different groups and churches
believe it or not and the Catholic one thing is amazing and that is they have
to deal with exorcisms and things that are intense where there’s um you know
just entities that are just so far gone that they’re messing with people
but they have to go in and they can they can find ways to restrain those beings
there’s techniques for that but they restrain them and then ask them their
name when they get a name out of them they check with the Vatican the name and
the opposite reference to what Angel is its opposite that can help fight that
demon so it’s all very methodical beyond what people understand but there’s three
groups the Seraphim they’re commonly or they often are called the burning ones
the Seraphim are thought to to be ones of purification these are the ones close
as the highest often when you see paintings of the highest angels you’re
only going to see little cherub heads and wings on the sides of their heads
now that doesn’t mean they’re just floating heads it means they are only of
consciousness they’re higher than an angel that’s depicted with a body now
even angels don’t have bodies it’s an artist way of saying their mind their
just mind their consciousness little cherub heads with wings okay so the
cherem the the Seraphim at the top and the cherub and and the Thrones and the
you know at the top it’s like we’re at the at the gates of heaven surrounding
God just like they call them the Thrones being one of them they’re all around
surrounding these top three surrounding the throne of God they talk about these
these beings flapping their wings and and what it means constantly flapping
their wings in homage to God and praise to God while flapping their wings is not
what they’re doing it means sending out vibrations of love and those highest
angels Seraphim they’re flapping their wings sending out vibrations that
basically filtered all the way through the universe but every descending if you
have to call it that group of angels has to take that energy and turn it into
something more and more to manifest it form so it starts with we’re the
thoughts of God you know so here’s here’s like almost like a fan being
turned on here’s the flapping of the wings we’re going to take the air God
and flap our wings and send that energy to you to be a light breeze for you it’s
kind of like that the light breeze can take the form of an angel you know
speaking into your mind speaking like whispering in your ear so this group the
Seraphim they’re called the primary choir of God then there’s the cherubim
and the cherubim are sometimes attributed to being related to the
guardians of the Garden of Eden but there’s a reason for that because the
the gates of heaven where you have the Seraphim and cherubim and Thrones the
gates of heaven are right here there in front of it it also makes sense that
they’re in front of guarding the gates of the Garden of Eden because what is
the Garden of Eden ultimately the remembrance of God there’s also
something to be said that there’s an archangel in particular that guards the
the gates of the Garden of Eden to but that’s an you know another story but
Thrones you know the Thrones is the third of the
groups as again using lack of you know better word you know divine this is
Thrones it’s the the lower of the top three groups and the Thrones symbolize
like divine power of God it’s um they call it judgment but not meant in the
form of judgment but divine discernment so this is where thoughts of God start
having to sort of crystallized into discernment of what all the following
angel or angelic groups are going to have to do so it’s about bringing
goodness to the universe and it’s also about bringing divine protection that
Thrones the power of God we move to the second group of three there’s three
groups of three now the second group of three is that we’re I’m going to share a
quote because the second group of three our dominions virtues and powers those
are names of clusters of Jools dominions virtues and power so
listen to this quote from the quote from the bible we wrestle not against flesh
and blood but against principalities and powers against the rulers of the
darkness of this world another quote from the bible for by him all things
were created in heaven and earth visible and invisible whether Thrones or
dominions or rulers or authorities all things were created through him and for
him so again dropping some of these names is
my point dominions you know that’s the the
highest form of this set and though dominions are kind of like it’s time to
start implementing divine work they’re in to the manifested forces even of
nature so the dominions are up taking care of universal laws and some of the
angels do the same so I’ll get to that but this one’s really about evolution of
of all things mankind nature evolution that’s the dominions
the virtues are really about matter that’s the next group manifesting
miracles miracles and grace miracles and because miracles are an expression of
grace but grace isn’t something you think it is grace isn’t something
bestowed because you were good enough God gave us grace the day we thought we
didn’t have it the day we thought we were flawed and could separate from God
God already said no can’t be done you’re holy well we’re gonna go off and pretend
we’re not holy yeah that’s fine but when you’re ready
grace is already waiting for you so it was it’s really who we are what we are
when we receive grace you’re not receiving the grace from God per se it’s
not getting bestowed given to you like that it’s remembering who we are and our
holiness then it feels like God gave you something and it did but it gave you
your original identity it’s not a thing that really is seemingly correcting
something like grace seems to be for most people and the last group is powers
and that’s the one that keeps the universe working laws of physics even
more mundane than the other group we talked about this is you know the powers
the the universal powers the universal laws physics and so on the third group
of angels you know most of us know these principalities Archangels and angels so
the principalities those guard nations just think of how we’re descending here
as we’re talking right there’s principalities just like a principality
would be an old term for a region principalities those are angels that
walk the watch over nations and the decisions of nations even humanitarian
activities then you’ve got arc angels Archangels are commonly overseeing even
though you would find it hard to believe world leaders you know Archangels have
several roles and there’s different Archangels and it’s also all just
thoughts of love of God let’s remember that but you’ve got four primary
Archangels because of the four directions and the four lower centers
and then some would say there’s another three so that there’s one for each of
our seven primary chakras or centers you could say then that any chakra can be
called upon any angel Archangel can be called upon to empower one of your
centers but but you don’t want to totally fix a chakra to an archangel and
think it has to be that way you might be calling Raphael into your heart center
if and remember it’s not just the person it’s the principle you’re calling in
you’re calling in its what it symbolizes not just a person to do something for
you you calling strength you don’t just say hey I want an angel it’s you know
like the Essenes did the angel of strength angel of will angel of work or
whatever it happens to be you’re calling it into yourself so you know Archangels
they’re they’re Archangel Michael’s supposed to be the the lead of all the
Archangels but Archangel Michael’s has he has a unique role in and and Raphael
and they all have a unique role but Archangel Michael one of his primary
roles is when you’re ready to awaken Christ consciousness that’s the role of
Archangel Michael all the angels really support us they’re special angels that
come to us when you get on the spiritual path not because you’re special and
better than anybody not on the path but you’re going to need a unique level
of support in that thing just like teachers or classes math 101 biology 101
and then you go to you know another level of biology there are levels of
angels that come and support when you’ve gone to another level of consciousness
they sort of help one group will help graduate you up
but another catches you and lifts you then higher stabilizes you and your new
consciousness and Archangel Michael is all about Christ consciousness he says
in one channeling G Christ is the way because Jesus says I am the way that’s
why I drew it some of the original druids called themselves the way the
keepers of the way and guardians of the way because the way is Christ
consciousness so the way is Christ but but Michael says I’m the guardian of the
way so when a person says I’m ready I’m going to now awaken the highest
consciousness of human being can awaken Christ consciousness Archangel Michael
okay I’ve got a phone call coming you know can I help you we’ve got a person
awakening Christ got it got it they come into your life he comes into your
consciousness and helps you awaken it’s not a he per se and it’s not a guy who
goes to one at a time this is consciousness it can be in all places at
once but Archangel Michael supports you on that particular you know route
Raphael most people know of Raphael as being an archangel related to healing
Gabriel is is the messenger like he’s the one that’s said to have given some
of the messages to mother Mary about her life pregnancy and so on
Uriel though is sometimes called Arielle but Uriel is an interesting one they
call Uriel the the Grand Alchemist because he helps you transform
misfortunes into fortunes so you can call upon Uriel as a consciousness of
power to support you through that time but if you call on you know a Hindu
deity or a Mayan deity it’s okay go to God and these things are going to happen
anyway if you go to God and say I’m looking for some messages God will help
get you gob really Brielle and some other
angels for that matter to come to you but some of us it’s not going to be
angels and archangels when when God hears our prayers like I need some
consoling the right beings are being assigned to support you but it’s not
always I’m here here your Archangel Michael Michael you know Gabriel or
whatever to give you a message message it might just be hi honey it’s
grandmother you know that might be all you get because that’s the one you’ll
believe in and listen to don’t worry about who it is oh no it’s just you know
I thought it’s a grandma you know oh I was expecting maybe Archangel Michael
you know you know what trust that if you go to God the right synchronicity the
right message the white right whispering the right everything anything will come
to you just trust in that I never assign these things and there are times you
know in half in and out of sleep man you know bizarre visions and things come to
me I never say well wait I’m getting an inspiration for a new book but I need to
know who that’s gonna be after all I’m going to put you in the acknowledgments
you know I never do that because if there are anything of reality they’re
not gonna mind they’re not gonna say well fine I’ll never bring you another
book title you know or whatever there’s none of that ego that needs to be dealt
with or protected just go to God and know that these things come to you don’t
disome if they do if you feel a presence I was struggling I was upset and then
this calming presence came to me that’s the love angels of God and it’s kind of
cool there are beings that care there are will call them beings two beings
that care and they’re there to help you it’s not like you’re distracting them
it’s not like calling dad for a little bit of money for your rent it’s not like
you’re he might have it he might not the Angels can only say yes as long as what
you’re needing is helpful to you you’re asking something that’s hurtful to you
no and that’s why we learned to pray and say I have forgotten what to ask for
I need guidance even on what to ask for so your most loving humans that have
passed on can actually become a guardian to you believe it or not so when we get
to these the principalities the Archangels and the Angels the Angels
also splinter off into a few groups you have recording angels that are believed
strange as it all may sound you have angels that are helping you to
accumulate all of your experiences like your Akashic records that they’re taking
care of your files of all of your thoughts words and deeds in this
lifetime in all your lifetimes it sounds strange but that’s how it works because
their forces their consciousness but you have beings that are taking care of your
files keeping them like your you know your own personal admin taking care of
all your files keeping it all clear recording angels but you also have you
know guardian angels we generally would know what that means guardians to
protect you and we have guiding angels mostly the ones whispering you know hey
check this out check that out I’ve heard people talk about I’m in a lane of the
freeway and all of a sudden my car started steering itself off to the
shoulder and I couldn’t stop it it just steered over to the shoulder couldn’t
stop it and then a major accident happens right where they were parked a
moment ago you know you have you know just amazing beautiful forces taking
care and it doesn’t mean you say well I guess I have an angel because I got
steered off the road somebody else got hurt they must not have them everybody’s
got them yours is saying it’s not your time somebody else is saying hallelujah
man come on through there’s not a failing there’s not a you know they have
one and I don’t people sometimes think that when it comes to miracle working
somebody had a miracle because they lived in an accident but the other
people in the car died no that’s not how it works it means one of you lived to
tell the tale the others didn’t live to tell the tale but they’re still alive
they still have angels and they still have miracles because they call it a
miracle on the news that one survived but that’s cuz they can’t interview the
other people that’s a bit biased who would think the
news could be biased so remember as we’re closing and going to a moment of
silence please remember go to God guys why settle for anything else and let
anything less you know it’s it’s fine it’s fine that your deceased loved ones
are ringing your doorbell to let you know they’re there that’s fine don’t
worship them that’s all I’m saying go to God in your prayers don’t pray to
something else you can call upon the help of these things don’t worship them
call upon call for courage ask the Holy Spirit ask Jesus ask Buddha ask whatever
you believe in because they’re all expressions of God but one expression in
the earth plane doesn’t mean you defy it and worship it it’s an expression why
not honor where all the expressions come from don’t worship a miracle you know
that’s kind of strange something wonderful happened today I’m gonna draw
a picture of it put it in my knot on my altar and bow to it it’s only a picture
and it’s only a depiction of something that happened what about the energy
behind it the intelligence the love that sent you that miracle let’s connect with
that thing because if it’s just a piece of paper its first of all it’s dead it’s
dense it could burn I don’t want my God’s to be able to just burn up to
dissipate or rot and rolled look at what was behind it and even if you’re talking
to spontaneously that come to you deceased loved ones relatives children
parents or whatever they happen to be enjoy it there’s nothing wrong with it
just don’t worship them that’s an old superstitious way of life where a group
of people and civilization something seemingly cool without a meteor can come
and a rock comes and lands on a hillside and then they get it put in a box and
worship it that’s like a message coming from a loved one
you’re just worshiping that thing remember
I’m so grateful mother I can hear you and thank you for the feedback thank you
is fine and now when I’m done giving thanks to your mom I’m give
praise and thanks to you God for allowing this to come through get back
to God as often as possible okay let’s take a few centering breaths setting aside all the stuff of the world how can I make myself a place that
angels would seek to dwell we know of and believe in the holy
messengers of God we give thanks in advance that God spirits source loves us
so perfectly so brilliantly that it’s impossible for it to not send to us
constantly angels of love in numerous forms we give thanks that there’s a
purpose to it all that even in the three-dimensional world God sends its
thoughts of love to harmonize everything to keep everything steady to bring new
healthiness to us and keep unhealthiness at bay at check-in check in this moment
we choose to surrender all doubts and fears that come with distancing
ourselves from God’s messengers we surrender all fears and such forgive us
Holy Spirit Divine Mother of God the one that determines what Angels messengers
come to us and how and when to you we give up all our doubts and fears we
sincerely apologize for any need to keep such love at bay we joyously open our
hearts and welcome in your guidance in every form of love and light we welcome
in your messages in every form in this moment we open this space any room that
we happen to be in when we’re watching this we choose to allow this space to
open up and we have the right given to us by God to call in the presence of all
of God’s hierarchy of light Archangels messengers of every form powers
principalities virtues all such beings coming down into our being descending
into our hearts our souls into our conscious
this filming us the virtues which are the ones the
middle of all the nine groups that bring to us miracles to work miracles to
receive miracles and in this moment let’s imagine opening
our minds sitting in a state of bliss just floating feeling like we’re just
floating in a spiritual version of embryonic fluid just floating that were
connected to the ethers a movement of one arm would move all the ethers to our
right and the left would move the left everything connected and two thousand years ago the Angels
heralded the great coming of Jesus as the Christ but the angels are singing
again at the birth of our own Christ consciousness it’s impossible for them
to not sing because they’re happy and they’re happy that we’re choosing to
awaken so we just know that this is our intention to awaken our Christ selves we
know that this means Archangel Michael comes into our lives more intently and
intensely but the intensity only feels that way because our ego would want to
resist it divine Archangel Michael cutting away
illusions cutting away cords of unhealthiness and patterns and
addictions and code dependencies just cutting them away and activating turning
the light switch on that activates the Christ self I am as God created me I
will to be the Christ on earth I am as God created me and I choose nothing else
because there is nothing else and now quietly and spontaneously imagine a
portal in front of your third eye gently like curtains opens and reveals a
messenger to you an archangel a deceased loved one a guardian a guide just feel
something from it if there’s a look note the look if there’s a feeling note the
feeling an awareness an understanding give that just a moment and a message if there is to be one just
let it come to mind gently don’t analyze don’t force gently it’s going to be
tempting for the the human mind head to think and analyze or even to doubt just
allow it to be the message you’ll know you’re receiving the message if it is
one of love if it’s uplifting its if it’s inspiring if it’s not even if
you’re a channel of angels it means you’ve lost it you’ve spun off course
and you’ve now become plagued by mischievous things and you’ll know
because they’ll tell you about fear negativity they’ll make you feel off
undeserving God’s angels are reminders that you are not only deserving you are
the light you are the love that you’re seeking in your own way thank the messenger let the messenger fade away and look
behind them to the pure light of God and in your own way thank God for your
experience and then gently and quietly gradually
stretch out very nice nice job guys

19 thoughts on “Angels

  1. Angels!!!!
    I am still listening.
    And I am finding the part regarding people's capacity to 'see' the invisible due to perhaps unhealthy causations very good for me to hear.
    I have been around people who boast about their powers…and yet I have not felt comfortable around them. I have experienced harm by opening up to such people due to my placing them on a pedestal.

    I appreciate what you speak about the necessity to heal and seek wholeness.

    This does affirm my initial intuition or guidance to be careful.

    Thank you.


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