Alright Fine, I’ll Talk About Tik Tok

Hey guy and welcome back to the channel. I have a mosquito bite on my forehead and that’s pretty cool. Well, everyone it finally happened after months of anticipation and build-up and uncertainty as to whether or not it actually would happen I’m proud to say that I am finally Making a video about Tik Tok and I’m married – oh, hold on. Actually, that’s uh, that’s the wrong picture Yeah, there is. I know it sounds super cliché, but it really was one of the best days of my life and I’m so grateful that so many my friends got to be there and I’m so lucky that I get to call Amanda my wife, and for it to not be a lie because I was already calling her my wife. Which is why probably a lot of you probably thought we were already married. But we weren’t, I just said wife cos fiancée is a stupid word… But anyway, you don’t want to hear about my wedding. Why am I even talking about it? If you want to see pictures, you can go look on Instagram. I’m crying in one of them like a big old baby, but we’re not gonna be talking about my wedding today. We’re gonna be talking about some Tik Tok cringe. Like this! *oh god this music* *edgelord protecc his e-girlfriend* What even is this app?! Up until recently, I felt like I didn’t really have enough to say about Tik Tok to warrant, like, a whole video, cuz you know everyone makes videos about Tik Tok now, and I didn’t want to just make it just to get views. Instead I waited until no one cares about Tik Tok anymore… …to not get views? Why did I do that? But it’s gotten to the point now that I’ve seen so much ~jUiCY~ content on there just begging to be made fun of that as a YouTube commentator, it would simply be irresponsible of me to ignore it. So I’m not going to any longer. Today, we’re going to be talking about some of the weirdest shit I’ve seen on Tik Tok. *cue intro…oh wait* All my ladies out there, get ready cos this one’s for you. You might have seen this one on Twitter: it’s from the ice cream man. (Today’s International Women’s Day, so this ice cream is for all those beautiful ladies out there.) I already like this guy. This was for International Women’s Day and he’s gonna celebrate by making ice cream… …for the Internet. (;¬_¬) (Ooh yeah.) wOoOW he’s got tricks! Mmm ice cream… (Ice cream makes you sexy, guuyys!) “Ice cream makes you sexy guyyys–I mean giRLs– This one’s for all the ladies out there. It’s International Women’s Day after all.” (Yeahh!) I’m so jealous of all the girls out there who get to eat this ice cream, cuz it looks so goood.>.

100 thoughts on “Alright Fine, I’ll Talk About Tik Tok

  1. Ngl, I hate it when ppl wear glasses for the ‘aesthetic’. Like bitch, I pay £190 a year in contact lenses to do what u can do for free.

  2. 14:25 I was tryna figure out why he looked like such a gremlin compared to the shot like 2 seconds prior and then I realized it's cause his ears are outside the hat

  3. Tbf the glasses girl had a really shitty way of saying that but I do understand where she is coming from. I wear glasses since 1st grade and it does feel a bit like using a wheelchair if you don't need them and wear them often. Not seeing well is not a serious disability like not being able to use your legs but it's still a sign of my eyes not working properly. It is also misleading because when you see someone with glasses you firstly assume that they need them, especially when they wear them often them as an accessory. For me it's fine when you wear them sparringly, maybe with some special ocassions, when you don't need them, but maybe it is natural to feel a bit of jealousy when someone doesn't need to do that and they do and I have to wear them all the time, no matter if they irritate my nose skin or inconvenience me in any way. It's a fashion choice that I can't understand. That being said, the girl had a very rude to say it and the fact that she tried after it to say it's a joke it's shitty.

  4. ok i knew i wasn't crazy when i saw random layers of clothing being added without any context… thank u drew for the explanation <3 this is the quality content i came for

  5. That NF song is actually amazing, but he picked THE ONLY PART THAT DOESN'T DELIVER THE MESSAGE IF YOU LISTEN TO IT ON ITS OWN!

  6. ok……….to be Fair………….not defending her…..but technically glasses do fix impaired vision which is, kind of on a technicality, a disability. so the wheelchair metaphor is technically not inaccurate 🙄

  7. I do feel like glasses are a medical need and sometimes is over looked like if I did. It have my glasses I would be in a lot of trouble as I can only see about 8 feet away from me . If I. Came into your room and you have a broken leg and I come in there with crushes and be like oh I thought I rocked the broken leg look you would most likely be a like rude

  8. that's awesome! I thought y'all split up since she stopped showing up in your videoes, and you stopped talking about her.

  9. Why do people get so upset about people wearing glasses when they don’t need them. Isn’t it cool that something stereotypically thought of as ‘nerdy’ or ‘unattractive’ is becoming trendy to wear?

  10. Why is faking impaired vision ok but faking needing a wheel chair isn't? I think if you want to wear no. Prescription glasses go for it seems kinda dumb but whatever, but I also think if you want to roll around in a wheel chair go for it. Where it becomes shitty is if you are lying and saying you need glasses to see when you don't or that yoy need a wheel chair when you don't.

  11. what do I think happened to dad? Oh well obviously he landed on one of his kids, left them dead, and went back up to post the tiktok

  12. Okay is it bad that I freaking cried on the ones where he died because I freaking deal/have dealt with that crap in my life but then Drew made a joke and then I laughed and now I feel bad because this is serious crap going on

  13. to this day i still do think the heres the mf tea girl is a character…and its making fun of those kinds of for real the first time i saw her i actually laughed coz i just immediatley assumed she was doing an extremeley emphasized character…and pretty much the video of her saying it was a joke confirms that to me…like i seriously think are all of u actually stupid? coz i really dont see it as a real rant and shes clearly not a real person…shes a joke..a meme……like….how am i the only one who sees it this way?

  14. So with the glasses thing it is sometimes annoying b/c I word glasses (not anymore I wear contacts) and people would make fun of me and stuff like that but when someone who just starts wearing glasses out of the blue like that they are called super cute and stylish. Idk if its happend to anyone else but its happend to me.

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