100 thoughts on “ADIPOCERE aka CORPSE WAX (Ask a Mortician)

  1. Caitlyn, on the topic of the Philadelphia soap mummies, have you ever been to the Mutter museum in Philadelphia? You would absolutely LOVE IT. you should look it up and maybe do a video on it! Seems right up your alley

  2. I like this channel. We all die eventually. Kinda sad but its reality. I guess, in a way. No matter what, we all go to the same place

  3. Hm, I kind of want to be saponified and buried where the next dominant species to evolve can find me after humans go extinct from climate change. Any suggestions on how I can pre-arrange saponification?

  4. yo don't google adipocere unless you want to see a bunch of gross looking corpses
    unless you're into that

  5. Does anybody else get this vibe when watching her intro:
    Lily from princess diaries on her cable show loool

  6. You are completely unhinged…how have I not bought you a house already? I do that for all the completely unhinged woman I meet. My divorce lawyer sends me Christmas cards.

  7. What's strange about the whole grave leasing/recycling thing in Germany is that its not in par with the high number of German people who belong to religions that hold burial sacred…odd, maybe their government isn't evoked by religion?

  8. I’m coming out of highschool and I want to become a mortician, what college did you go to and what courses will I have to take to become a mortician? (I live in California btw)

  9. "Adipocere"…Said aloud it sounds like it should be the name of a renowned Parisian courtesan from La Belle Epoque.

  10. When I lived in NYC I'd often take day trips to Philly, specifically to go to the Mütter Museum, home of the Soap Lady. Actually, I'd take guys I'd been dating to the Mütter because if they couldn't handle it, there was no hope for continuing the relationship. Thanks, Corpse Wax!

  11. Lol was just about to heat up my dinner at work. Why on earth did I think it wise to watch this. Guess I won't be eating my cottage cheese either…

  12. You are a gloriously twisted puppy. Stay you, just as hard as you can. (Hands Caitlin a bag filled with love, admiration, and s’mores).

  13. My kids think I am out of my mind that I enjoy your you tube channel. You teach with humor. Keep them up!

  14. I guess I’m in the minority but she is not funny. It seems like the sad and somber stories she tells seem funny to her.

  15. What a great idea for a non violent clean super hero "Soaponification Boy" one touch from him and your clean!

  16. I have a question… So when you have family that have passed and they have plots side by side, when another person that is due to be placed in the ground next to the people already there does that play in to water etc getting to the other caskets?? My uncle passed away a few months ago and was placed next to his mom and dad.. after the ceremony when everyone was saying their final goodbyes and some placing a flower on top ( such as myself) I could see my grandpas casket in the hole where my uncle was going to be lowered… Just curious!

    PS I find you so intriguing and have really learned a lot but not only that have also my mind has been somewhat eased about the idea of "death"… So thank you!
    Keep being awesome! You're really good at it, girl!

  17. When was morticians wax invented? The stuff they use to fill in wounds? I can’t find the answer anywhere. Please help.

  18. I TOTALLY love ALL of the words… saponification, adiposere, corpsewax and more!!! Am I leaving anything out??

  19. I dont mean to disrespect the dead but the pic of female soap mummy with red hair. Ill have nightmares 😭

  20. I wish we had more you tubers like you, besides the death positive aspect, your sense of humor is wonderful and you are just a bright and talented lady. I love your videos for the education about life and the afterlife. Definitely my favorite channel on YouTube.

  21. FYI Caitlin:as a "cultural" Roman Catholic, I can tell you that a fairly public display of an adipose-coated body is the display tomb of St. John XIII at one of the MANY altars of St. Peter's Basilica.
    No, he's not "incorruptible" technically because Pope John was embalmed, but the conditions in his original Papal Catacombs tomb were spot-on for adipose formation.
    When moved into public view during his Beatification, the medical staff made lemonade out of his adipose lemon buy redistributing the facial coating so St. John XXIII looks a bit like a waxwork. Combined w/proper lighting 24/7, he looks almost… normal. Like a giant doll or "action figure"…😁

  22. I would like to ask a mortician a question. ….can a dead body hold in a days old fart ..I wanna prank my family and friends on my big day

  23. Caitlin, do you still talk to the deceased? I have been a nurse for over 40 years. I 'aid out' my first body within 20 minutes of starting on the wards. I still talk, make jokes and chat to the deceased. Sometimes, carrying on conversations we had days or weeks ago.

  24. I love libraries too! And those wait lists…!!!!!!!!! I've literally been on the wait lists for 2 of your books for MONTHS and literally have MONTHS more wait listing to do before I'm #1 on the list!!! So long to wait!!!

    So I skipped the hassle with your latest book, Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? I'm already a few chapters in even and LOVING IT!!!!!!!

    Tho I must say:

    1) You've no idea just how tempted I am to color in the amazing illustrations! Thanks for those Dianné Ruz, love em!

    2) I'm one of those people that usually notices damn near any sort of typo within my general vicinity, if you ever need someone to do a proofreading type read: PICK ME! PICK ME! =)

    Finally, sorry so long – I suck at concise.

    EDIT: Typo correction

  25. could you do a vidoe on the dead in the concentration camps of germany. I heard they started to bury the people but the ground pitched and heaved and stunk, so they went to cremation. how many people can be burried in one acre? un emblamed , just thrown in a hole?

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