A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (Book Summary and Review) – Minute Book Report

This is a story about a girl named Meg Murry
who is struggling in her school life and home life. She is teased for her looks, but also
because her family is different. Rumor has it that her father has ran off and
that her youngest brother, Charles Wallace, is slow. Meg also lives with her mom, a scientist,
and twin brothers, Sandy and Dennys. One day, Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin,
a boy from school, explore a local haunted house. They are greeted by three women, Mrs.
Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which, each a little odder than the next. The three women seem to know about Mr. Murry
and so the children follow them. However, as they are walking through the forest, something
strange happens to them. They travel by tesseract, an advanced form of traveling through space
and time, to a distant planet. At first, Meg is overwhelmed by the experience,
but she grows to like the new planet, as its very beautiful. The children are told that
Mr. Murry has been fighting The Black Thing, a large shadow-like being, and that they too
must join the fight. The children agree and are taken to Camazotz, the home of IT, a dark
and mysterious entity that craves control and power. After arriving in Camazotz, the children encounter
a community that is centered around routine and schedule. Events happen at a certain time
and there is general sameness amongst the people. The children eventually meet IT, which turns
out to be a grotesque brain. IT mind-controls Charles Wallace, using him as its voice. Meg
rescues her father from a glass prison and just as IT attempts to mind-control Calvin
and Meg, Mr. Murry teleports them by tesseract to a distant planet. On this planet, the group encounters a tentacle
creature named Aunt Beast. There, Meg gains the courage to face IT alone. Meg returns to Camazotz to get Charles Wallace
back. She tries to fight IT with anger, but discovers that love is its greatest weakness. And in the end, after defeating IT, all of
them return home where Meg’s father is reunited with his family. First, this story enters an interesting genre
within children’s literature. Technically, it’s primarily science fiction, dealing with
time and space travel and beings from different planets. And yet, at the same time, it’s about
children dealing with issues that are relatable to a younger audience. One of these issues is maturity and the ability
to identify the weaknesses within oneself. Each of the children is told their weakness,
yet their weaknesses still manage to create problems. In fact, the reason Charles Wallace
becomes mind-controlled by IT is because of his weakness, pride. Even Meg uses her weakness,
anger, against IT, but fails. From this fight between Meg and IT, the story
presents the conflict of love, or emotion, versus intellect. IT is literally a giant
brain that shuns emotions and calculates and schedules the behavior of the Camazotz people
to create a totalitarian society. Everyone is the same and, therefore, there
are no worries because all of the decisions are already made for the people. Yet, Meg recognizes the emptiness of the situation.
So while everything is taken care of from the perspective of the society as a whole,
the people, as individuals, are not given the opportunity to celebrate the differences
amongst themselves. And it’s here that the message of the story
is conveyed. All of the characters, whether from Earth or beyond, are unique and interesting.
Their characteristics and personalities are celebrated, not scorned. And it’s these differences
that make life worth living. In fact, it’s good to be different.

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  2. thank you so much I have this book report on the book and I didn't feel like reading the book so I just searched for audio books and that didn't work so I looked for a wrinkle in time and I saw yours and now I feel so much better because if I hadn't clicked this video I would've been in BIG trouble so know I will not because now I know what to look for when I need a wrinkle in time summary or notes and things like that so thank you so much for posting this video it made my hw so much easier for me to do my report TA!

  3. You kind of got things wrong in the summary. Some of the settings are different, and the order that things happened aren't the same as in the book.  I feel bad for all the people that just used this instead of reading the book because it'll be pretty obvious they didn't read it.

  4. Thank you so much you Helped me alot because i only had an hour to read and i Was not going to finish and i saw your video and it Helped me understand the book and write a book report

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  7. What a great job you did. Your little drawings were so cute and your concise review of the story without giving away the plot points was well done.

  8. The connections Meg makes and has with her family and friends are strong because of love, not anger/hate – nor popularity nor pride in one's own abilities, such as intelligence. The things which bond, build and heal wounds in relationships cannot be what tears down but what builds others up. Meg fails throughout the novel to measure up, and even at the end almost fails because she's giving in to the number one thing that makes "IT" – "IT." Hate. Anger. Malice. Wanting to tear something apart because it's tearing you apart. Or just hating something because you're not that. The darkness is NOT the light…so it can never comprehend it. It can try to copy it, as with the similar houses and families and routines implanted in the inhabitants heads by IT, but that is only taking away individuality and life as we know it. Their is no desire in anyone to do good. Only robotic muscle movement that tells us nothing of the characters of the individual people.

    Now when Meg comes up against IT, she is being dragged into that mindset…it would be better to stop fighting. It would be better to be controlled by IT, because when we become obsessive about controlling every detail because of anger, fear and hate, we only add to IT's cause. However, when you realize what is important to life, it is love. Meg thinks of how much she loves her quirky smart little brother, Charles. She reacted out of anger in school, before, when people made fun of him. Now she reacted out of love and tried to get him to remember all their treasured times together. How much she cared for him. How she would do anything for him. How Mrs. Whatsit loved her. The warm embrace of the beast. Calvin's kiss. Her mother's touch. Her father's hugs. Their hot cups of chocolate. Love. She reminded herself and Charles about love. And IT had no hold over that.

    The ideas explored in this child fantasy novel are akin to ideas understood after WWI & II, Cold War, Vietnam, Korea, Middle East, etc. More war will not end war. Fighting fire with fire will only build up to a raging fire. Fighting hatred with hatred will only increase the fighting. Love fills the gap. Love heals all wounds. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love is patient and kind. Love does not demand its own way.

    When the whole world is filled with darkness, only a pin prick of light is needed to shine out and make a difference.

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  10. I’m watching the beginning of this and I’m hoping they mention how long it has been sense meg has seen her father.
    (Edit) well…… this sucks

  11. OMG THANK YOU I start school tomorrow and I haven’t done my summer reading, I have to do reports on the books and I don’t feel like reading them, this was so helpful

  12. Thanks for this. I have a test tomorrow about this book and it a grade but thanks for letting me cheat at last…

  13. There's this m word you say in the review and you say it after you talk about aunt beast. It's like two words after. Please reply.thx

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