A Typical Day In Eric’s Life As Far As Food Is Concerned

Greetings. Eric Bakker, naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for checking out my video today. Different video. We’re using now the iMac instead of the MacBook
Pro to see if this is going to give me a different type of an outcome, so please give me feedback
whether it’s thumbs up or thumbs down. I’m not sure of the quality. I have an interesting question from a subscriber
about a week ago asking me if I could run by a typical day in my life of what I eat. So I thought this would be a good opportunity
to do that for you guys out there. I eat like everybody else. I eat a wide range of foods, but I tend to
be quite lucky in that I grow a lot of my own vegetables and fruits. A lot of stuff I grow in the yard. People are quite surprised when they come
to visit my house and property to see how much I, in fact, pack in on a quarter acre. We’ve got all the fruit trees growing you
can imagine. I’ve got 10 different apple varieties. I’ve got three different types of pear trees. I’ve got mushy pears. I’ve got conventional old English kind of
pears. I only grow old varieties of fruits, so one
of my favorite apples is called cox orange pippin that was bred in England I believe
in the 1830s. I tend to only eat high flavonoid apples. I don’t eat any commercial apples or ones
that are usually supplied in normal outlets because they’re all hybrids and they’re full
of sugar and I find them quite crappy and a bit tasteless. Don’t like them. Before people start saying, “Hey, Dr. Bakker,
you’re eating way too much fruit.” I’ll let you know that the fruit I eat is
all spray free, organic. We make our own compost in the yard. I use seaweed for fertilizer and animal or
poultry manure that’s well aged. The only spray I would use in the yard will
be neem oil. Apart from that, I use no other kinds of sprays. I grow a lot of garlic. We’ve got about 200 or 300 garlic bulbs to
pull out in December on the longest day. Some of that garlic will be turned into organic
sprays and the bulk will be hung up and dried for consumption through the year. We’ve got persimmon trees, nectarine trees,
peach trees. We’ve got two avocado trees. In fact, I just picked some avocados off the
tree. We grow lots of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower,
brussel sprouts, leaks, red onions. At the moment, we’re growing lots of bell
peppers. We eat lots of bell peppers and zucchinis. We’ve got sweet corn growing at the moment. The list goes on and on. I grow all of the herbs. I grow about 15 different medicinal herbs
and we grow about 10 different culinary herbs. And then I’ve got, of course, all my berry
fruits. We’ve got 22 blueberry bushes. We’ve got a huge amount of raspberries, tayberries
from Scotland. We’ve got two types of blackberries. We’ve got cherry trees and we grow lots of
strawberries. That just gives you an idea on the stuff I’m
growing and it’s a quarter acre. We pack a lot in. But a typical day for me would be having rolled
oats, the steel cut oats in the morning that’s just cooked in filtered water and I have that
often with a bit of Manuka honey on top, maybe a couple of raisins get cooked in with that
and, of course, berries on top. I eat berries for about six months of the
year. That will have typically a tablespoon of blueberries,
a tablespoon of raspberries on top of that and maybe some blackberries. Then I will normally drink in my consultation
in the morning, I will normally have two or three cups of herbal tea, which often range
different types of teas that I grow like lemon balm, peppermint. I love peppermint tea, so I’ll often have
that. Then for lunch, I cook for Tracy and I lunch
every day. We normally have a stir fry of some sort and
it usually involves some kind of Asian vegetable like a Guilin or a puk choy or bok choy. There will be one brown onion cut up and put
through that. It can either be a tofu or it can be a shredded
free range organic chicken, some of that mixed through it. There will be sprouts in there. There will be bell pepper in there. There will be carrot in there. And we’ll have that with brown rice. That’s our lunch typically every day. We usually have lunch around 12 or 1 o’clock. Then in the afternoons if I get puckish, I’ll
have avocado. I might have some rice cracker with avocado,
but I don’t usually snack on any food during the day at all. Evening meal, tonight we are probably going
to make up an Indian, it’ll either be a butter chicken dish, so it will be green beans cooked
with a curry sauce that we make up and chicken. Or on another night, it could be � we had
beautiful fish last night. We had big white fish fillets and that was
just cooked in the oven in a bit of olive oil and then I two types of salads with that. The salad typically for me would be again
garden picked green salad because we’ve got lots of citrus trees. We’ve got about 30 citrus trees growing. I’ve got four types of lemons, so we eat lemons
all year round. I’ve got three types of lime trees. The freezer will have two drawers full of
frozen lemons and limes when they’re off season. We have lemon or lime juice every day. We have olive oil with the citrus juice and
some sea salt and some cracked pepper and then I’ll put a bit of mustard powder in with
that and that will typically be a salad dressing. The salad dressing can be complex or it can
be very simple. The salad could just be a green lettuce from
the garden, a couple of tomatoes that I’ve cut up, red onion through that, and that’s
a simple salad. There could be some goat’s feta with that
mixed in again with the salad dressing. The more complex salads could have anything
up to 10 or 12 different types of leafy leaves in them. It could be radicchio, arugula, rocket, endive,
cos lettuce, spinach, parsley, fresh basil leaves. That all gets mixed together. Another one of my favorite salads would be
a calamari black olives, goat’s feta, red onion, cucumber and tomato, all cut up onto
one inch cubes mixed through with probably two or three tablespoons of lemon juice and
olive oil, pepper and salt, maybe some mustard or some Worcestershire sauce, a bit of sesame
oil on that and that’s all mixed together. I’m in the redevelopment stages of my kitchen
at the moment, so I promised that when the kitchen’s developed up with my new gas range
in there, I’m going to do some cooking videos and show people how I put food together and
how I sear foods and cook them at a high temperature and just seal them on the outside so they’re
juicy on the inside. I do a lot of marinating of white lamb or
some beef or different meats that I eat. We cook all our meals from scratch. We eat fresh every day. We never eat take away food and I’ve cooked
like this for I’d say ever since I’ve been with Tracy and even longer, probably for about
40 years I’ve cooked like this, so quite a long time. I always get disappointed when I eat out because
I don’t really tend to find the quality of food that we tend to make at home unless I
pay $100 for a meal or some crazy price and even then, I’m often disappointed by the food
that I get unless it’s some very fresh Japanese food. Evening meal will often typically be a protein. It could be a vegetable dish. It could be a lentil dish, so I even eat vegetarian
once or twice a week and then I eat light meats. I eat beef maybe once every three or four
weeks. I don’t eat a lot of red meat. I prefer chicken. Fish is my primary protein. My secondary protein would be free range chicken. I eat free range eggs, maybe three to four
eggs a week. I eat tofu once a week, so I have a wide range
of foods. I like quinoa and that can often be combined
with different types of seeds or nuts and different vegetables and I like fruits. But I would eat maybe two or three pieces
of fruit a day at the most. I drink about four glasses of water a day. I have no coffee unless I go out, which is
rare, and I drink maybe one or two cups of black tea per day with some honey in eat. Beverages in summer, we always have jugs of
cold water all the time in the frig or out of the frig and they will have typically slices
of lemon, lime and spearmint in them, which is usually fluoride and chlorine free. That’s how we tend to drink all summer long. When it gets very hot like 100 degrees, so
at 38-40 C, I have a really big jug and throw lots of ice in there and we drink lots and
lots of cool water with lots of mint in them. We love that. That sort of sums up what I like to eat and
drink. I do like a glass of nice red wine, maybe
once a week, I’ll have a glass of pinot or a really good cabernet sauvignon. If it’s very hot, Tracy and I will have a
glass maybe of Sauvignon blanc. We enjoy that. When my friends come over, my builder friends
or my electrician friends, we might have a cold beer, even two cold beers, but alcohol
is not something I’ll drink every day. On average, once a week. Sometimes twice a week, but we’re not really
big alcohol drinkers. We prefer more fresh beverages like the drinks
I just spoke about. That gives you an idea. I tend to eat more warm foods in winter, cooked
foods and casseroles and I eat more cooling foods in summer. We don’t eat salads in winter, of course. And if we did eat salad, it would be like
a hot salad like cooked chicken on top of maybe some lettuce, but I prefer to keep the
above ground leafy greens for the hotter weather and the below ground potatoes, sweet potatoes,
or turnips or things like for the colder months. I think that makes more sense. I hope you got some insight into the kind
of food that I eat. Thanks for tuning in.

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