100 thoughts on “6 Tips for Healthy Skin + Self Care Routine for ALL Skin Types

  1. I wish there was a detailed video for those drink recipes. Very interested in changing up my drinking habits. 😅

  2. Felicia , I just wanted to know if korean skincare products will whiten your skin since korean people like to have pale skin. I’m just so unsure to use them. But I know k beauty is actually one of the best skincare products

  3. Omg I feel all these things so much!!!!! I haven’t tried the CeraVe ointment or itch relief lotion so that for sure is going to be added to the list along with the the triple Hyaluronic serum Fel keeps raving about. Are there any meditation apps for beginners y’all would recommend?

  4. Thank u for saving my skin🙏🏼my skins doing good from watching ur vids and I don’t really need to anymore but I’ve come to luv this channel

  5. Seems i was seeking for these informations only .. Sis you look so cute.. Thank you for the video and wanna have more great videos like these…

  6. Your vidoes are so amazing and detailed and well organized. Great job and hats off. I am from Pakistan . Although 99.99 percent of skincare products that you mention are not available here and 9f available they are way out of budget .. but still seeing and learning more is so good.

  7. Meditation has been a priority in the start of 2020 and it has already opened my headspace so much. I also love scents to just relax and enhance my enjoyment of my environment. And being Muslim I am delving deeper into my daily prayers.

  8. Hyaluronic Acid works in a humid environment bcoz it draws moisture from our surrounding and locks it in our skin. But during winter the environment is very dry, so Hyaluronic Acid will draw moisture from our skin, hence leading to at last a dry skin .

  9. I love Beauty Within you remind me that self care is so important and I lost that for awhile and I'm so glad that your a positive reminder.

  10. Hi!!! I'm your new subscriber! I hope u reply
    I'm 15 years old and I have a combination skin type, Can you please tell me what products I should use for my morning and night everyday skin routine because I've been watching your videos on my other account and I've wanted to start a skin care routine but I was so confused and I was stressing out. It was very helpful watching ur video but I'm just lost. I've had a sunburn 2 years ago and my skin was just terrible till now my skin is brown it used to be very white and I'm so upset with that and also I have fine lines under my eyes and my skin kind of looks a little runny like a pug puppy or maybe cuz I'm chubby whatever and I don't know what to use because Im afraid thankfully I don't have a lot of acne I just have 2 or 3 little acne on my forehead. Because my doctor gave me a treatment for my acne and now its so much better! But please help me I don't know what types of products I should use. Can you please tell me the type of cleanser, toner, etc I should use please because my skin is having a really bad time! 

    And Great Videos! I love u guys personalities!!! I think I want to become a dermatologist just like u guys because u guys give so many helpful info.

    Edit:  I saved my money and I will buy the products right when you tell me what I should get.

  11. Is Retin-A bad to use everyday if you are struggling with acne. Also, when using it, is it bad to put moisturizer over it?

  12. I almost got excited at the idea of going outside in the sun, but then I remembered I live in Alaska… and it's -40…

    But you did remind me that moisturizing my legs will help my frantic itching, so thanks for that!

  13. The editing of your videos are top quality. I’ve never seen someone edit so beautifully on YouTube 🙌🏻😍 I love it so much! Thank you for putting information about mental health and self care as well. Much appreciated🙏🏻

  14. Whoa! Me, this video, the universe… we vibing. Right when Felicia spoke on gua sha, I finished using my jade roller and when it showed a clip of Rowena journaling, I was writing in the exact same journal! The stars are aligning.

  15. I am here for all this science behind skincare 🙌🏽 Thank you for explaining the basics of what these products do and focusing on science based care

  16. I have always thought that there must be a connection with cancers and the fact that we mostly don't eat locally produced foods in season. I'm hoping someone somewhere is looking into the possibility.. it could help with many different illnesses too… xXx 💜💜💜💜

  17. Sis have you tried yogis peach tranquility tea? Omg that’s the best one from yogi I’ve tried so far it’s amazing and I love the quote little quotes on them I feel so aesthetic 😩😂❤️

  18. I’m a man, I love myself so I like skincare, but damn you contents and your voice are so pleasant that I could listen to you all day long.

    By the way, regards from Italy!

  19. Be careful not to drink green tea on an empty stomach, for exemple when you wake up. It is extremely acidic and can cause bad stomach cramps. I experienced it first hand 😖

  20. Interesting and usefull video. The holistic way to treat oneself is everything. I take my medication for depresion but never forget to meditate and keep on growing as a human being. Thanks a lot for these clues.

  21. Love your channel, been following for over a year. Wish you guys would talk about Facetheory, one of my favorite underrated brands.

  22. Although it is winter, we must apply sunscreen on our skin. I agree with u about journaling is a part important of selfcare. It lets u relieve from your stress.

  23. My favorite self care is drawing I can space out for hours and of course reading philosophy. Reading philosophy makes me realize all the things I know but may be wrong and obviously questioning everything I read.

  24. Could y'all do a video on the various dupe skincare that TJMaxx and Marshalls sells??? I wanna get other opinions on how well they work/how healthy they are to use and if they're decent dupes for more expensive products (Pearlessence, Skin Labs, etc.)

  25. Thank you for making AMAZING skin care videos and also for being so wholistic in your outlook on skin care. Also LOVE your research and graphics and all the fascinating info you share with us. Yay!!! And thank you <3

  26. I think we all need this kind of content to remind ourselves to stop and focus on our health (mind and body) because we can get so easily distracted with all kinds of information we get from the world, and so many tasks that we have to deal with. It’s sooo important to take self care seriously!
    Great video as always <3

  27. I am using a humidifier in the evenings and measuring the air dryness in my hang out rooms. I also like to use flax oil on the skin before using serums

  28. Can you pleaseeeeee make a video for winter hair care routine . Or affordable haircare products . ‼️‼️‼️

  29. Amazing video as a person with dry and flaky eczema ridden skin I agree! Hydration is key!🔑 I am definitely going to try the CeraVe products. Thanks for the recommendations 🧴
    ps. I miss Rowena but I still love Felicia!!!

  30. Okay… I have to ask if it’s possible for you gals to list down where you got your cute clothes + what makeup you use cause I’ve seen many outfits that I was like “ooohh!! Daammnn… hawwwtt!!” But no links in the description box 😢

    Please and thank you!

    Btw, awesome video ! Thanks so much! I live in the coldest place on Earth pretty much (in the deep North Pole) and this video has been helpful! 🥰

  31. Thanks Fel, I loved this video! Nothing groundbreaking but thank you for reminding me that self care is important! Going for a walk soon 😉

  32. Great video and great channel! If I may suggest a topic for one of the future videos, could you consider please feminine hygiene? Heard scary stories about big cosmetic companies paying to women who have been using their talc products in the intimate area and developing cancer as a result. Very little information out there on what products should be used, pH level, what is safe, etc.
    Thanks again for your awesome content.

  33. Thank you Beauty within I really needed to hear all of that. Seriously these tips were really good. Love your chanel 🥰💕

  34. Where is Rowena? 🙁 I love you, two! Oh and are you going back to AUS for good? Please don't break my heart. You're the only channel I love watching!!!

  35. during winter i always get dandruff because my scalp dries out 😓 does anyone have remedies (besides head and shoulders shampoo)?

  36. Thank you lovely ladies for making this video. I love the whole mind and body approach to this and overall positivity. <3

  37. Hey girls! I have a problem and maybe you guys can help me out because it's starting to get the best of me ^^ I've started my skincare routine a couple weeks ago (I used to use only a cleansing milk and a toner before and I was super inconsistent, a whole mess) and so far it's looking good. I have less pimples, I still have a couple of imperfections here and there, some little blackheads on my nose, but nothing to worry about because it's overall looking healthier and cleaner than it used to. BUT, I have my forehead fully covered in little bumps (super little tiny bumps) and they bother me a lot, because they're not red and they aren't whiteheads. They don't necessarily look terrible but it bothers me because my forehead doesn't seem smooth at all, and I don't think they have the intention of going away anytime soon. Do you guys have any advice? I just want them to disappear 🙁

  38. I would really really REALLY love to know if Felicia has another product she uses for spot treatment on hormonal acne! I know she loves the COSRX Centella Blemish Cream, but what about when it’s a “fresh” 😒red and sore zit. Any clay masks or spot treatment you use that helps aid in that process?

  39. I'm not sure if you have a video about makeup (BB, CC, foundation, primers, etc.) for oily skin and large pores, I would appreciate it so much though. If I'm not mistaken anything, Felicia mentioned somewhere something about primers she's using. And I kinda have no idea where to start with primers and how not to clog pores with all that makeup layers.

  40. Hello girls I love watching your videos as there are packed with so much information. Thank you for that research I wish you all the best. I have one question would really appreciate if you could answer on it- Few months ago you recommended a page that shows you if ingredient is healthy for the skin or if it is not at all. Could you please give me a link to it as I can not find it any more… Thanks in advance 🙂

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