5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl! [Episode 14] w/Monkiez!

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Diamond
and Pearl! [Episode 14]
What is going on guys my name is Monkiez and welcome to another 5 facts video. In the last episode of this series we covered
the games Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and today we would be covering Pokemon Emerald, but
just like Crystal I couldn’t find many unique facts about Pokemon Emerald alone, so of course
next in line would be Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, so today, I’d like to welcome
you guys to 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! At the end of the video if you did enjoy be
sure to leave a like comment and subscribe if you are new, but with that being said let’s
get started. Our first fact for today is about the ban
on gambling. Over the years, the slot machines have been
an issue in Pokemon Games in many different countries. In Europe, the laws concerning gambling in
video games became stricter. This was especially true for games that were
intended to be sold to children. The slot machines were removed completely
from South Korean copies of the games. From then on out, slot machines have never
been in a Pokemon game again. Our second fact for today is about the idea
that at one point, Humans married Pokemon. This idea is presented in one of the stories
of the Canalave library. In the original Japanese version of Pokémon
Diamond & Pearl, one of the books in the Library states that humans and Pokémon used to get
married to each other. This is because at the time there was no difference
or distinction made between people and Pokemon. This idea is also brought back to us in the
demo of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, where we see a lady and her partner machamp. Our third fact for today is about Registeel’s
sprite in these games. In the non-English European versions of Pokémon
Diamond and Pearl, Registeel’s sprite was changed because the position of its left arm
was similar to the Nazi salute. In Pokémon Platinum, the sprite was changed
for all regions to the continental European variation. This change was retained in HeartGold and
SoulSilver, and every Pokemon game there on out. While I don’t believe this was game freaks
intent, its still a pretty bad mistake to make. Our fourth fact today is about SOME references
made to the Generation 1 games, and some being unobtainable. Within Route 218, inside one of the hallway
type buildings, there is a guard who will tell you how thirsty he is. However, bringing him a drink of any kind
won’t do anything. This is a reference to the original games,
Red/Blue/Green/Yellow, in which the player must bring the guards a drink to enter Saffron
City. An item that you can’t obtain is known as
the Boat Ticket, which was originally intended to board the SS Anne. Unofrtunately if you played through this games
you’d know you can’t board the ship. Our final fact for today is about the unused
Arceus event. Many people don’t know this but there is
a way to battle and catch arceus in the Spear Pillar. There is an item programmed into the game,
called the Azure Flute. This would have allowed you to access a new
area at the top of the Spear Pillar. A level 80 Arceus would be waiting for you
at the summit. You would have had a chance to catch him during
battle. The Azure Flute was never officially distributed,
however, and this event cannot be seen without cheating. We were never given a legitimate reason as
to why not, we just had to live with it. So that is going to be it for todays video,
I hope you guys did enjoy if you did be sure to leave a like comment and maybe even subscribe
if you’re new. Also let me know down in the comments below
who you’d like to see another fact video about. But with that being said, I’ll see you guys
later, peace.

5 thoughts on “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl! [Episode 14] w/Monkiez!

  1. Here’s another one. In the Australian version of Pokemon Diamond, Dialga was mistaken for Palkia. The back of the box art said “As you search for the Pokemon that rules space in Pokemon Diamond”, when it should say “as you search for the Pokemon who rules time in Pokemon Diamond”.

  2. Nice video, great quality. But the facts are pretty well known and covered by other Youtubers. Try to search for some more obscure stuff next time

    But still thanks for making this video 😊

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