5 Best Of Kryolan Products|Must Have Kryolan Products

Hi everyone! this is Anamika and welcome to the Wise she makeup youtube channel and today i am going to share with you my 5 best kryolan products . You must be familiar with kryolan makeup products they are very very famous they are used by makeup artist a lot most of the television industry use kryolan products and they have a store in delhi as well if you are in india and living in north india then you must be aware of a store which is in delhi G.K and whenever i enter the store i keep looking for so many products infact i have tried number of products from therm i have tried their foundations,concealers their blushes lipsticks eyeliners and powders and i thought let me do some of my best kryolan products for you guys comes to makeup i prefer kryolan product as base especially when its a special ocassion but in eyeshadows , blushes and lipsticks I like MAC and other brands more so that is why i have given preference to those products which are towards the base side I am going to first start with kryolan paint stick I have tow shades with me and one shade is for the base which is my skin shade and second shade for the contouring . I am gonna share the shade names also with you this contouring shade will suit Indian skin tone a lot If you are in between NC 38 to NC 50.This shade is beautiful for contouring and the shade name is negro two. and i am going to swatch it for you and the base shade FS8 .Let me just swatch it for you guys I am right now wearing a base shade as well as contouring I had done with the negro 2 shade and this paint stick is for Rs 1000 previously it was for Rs 800 when i bought it two years back now they have increased the price and it is of 25grams..This is going to last you long what i like about this paintstick is that it gives you full coverage you can layer it upon If you have light dark circles or if you have less problematic skin then you wont need anything else if you have this foundation but you can not use this foundation on daily basis because it is really thick Also, few people say its difficult to blend this paint stick Ya! it is on a thicker side but if we use the primer then half of your work is done and if you use it with beauty blender then its like cake walk to blend this foundation therefore to blend this out a primer is must as per me its very travel friendly it hide blemishes it hide pores and it hides little bit of acne as well that is why i really really like it Also, i really like this paint stick and for special ocassions specially if you are bride you want to have a good makeup collection for some special occasions which brides have to attend for dinners and they have lot of ceremonies then these paint sticks are really helpful the best part about this paintstick is that that it is available in 120 shades therefore you are definitely going to get a shade matching your skin tone you are definitely going to get a shade for contouring as well Second product which i am going to talk about kryolan translucent powder This is a fantastic powder This is my second purchase of this powder before this I had a bigger one which was very difficult to carry while travelling therefore I got this smaller packaging. this is 420 gm and this is of Rs 400 and the other one was i think the bigger one of Rs 600 What i like about this translucent powder is that it lasts for very long time other then that it wont give you color it will take away that yellowness from the foundation and gives you a very natural look If you have oily skin then you must try this out it really soaks away the oil and keeps you oil free for long time and if you have dry skin then it will accentuate the dry area but for very very dry skin then you might need a little moisturiser under your skin because it can get little dry I have used this powder with MAC foundation & Bourjois foundation with maybelline foundation and it has worked with all of them be it paint stick , be it cream foundation be it liquid foundation . it works with all of them that makes it a amazing product Third product which i am going to talk about is the Kryolan under eye corrector If you have dark circles and you are tired of using foundations, concealer and they just don’t satisfy you then you should try this and this is available in 4gm and this is Rs 200 I also got the back up because it is very hot selling product and it finished off in seconds it is also available in paint stick but I didnt get that also Paint sticks are huge .They last so long that I don’t prefer such paint stick for concealing dark circles and blemishes So I prefer this one and this is quite cheap also Rs 200 and what you can do is always mix it with your foundation then have your own kind of concealer and use it It will conceal the blemsihes it will conceal the darkness it will conceal really well It is very creamy than the paint stick that makes it more preferable and in the winters , it requires little warmth then what I do is use finger to warm it up a bit and then apply it under my eyes that way it blends out nicely and there is not a problem in applying it and I will tell you my shade.Its 303 I dont have real dark circles but I do have them now So I have little bit of darkness around my lips area so this really conceals it well If i don’t have it I start missing it therefore its a must have for me Next product which I really kryolan shimmering even foundation This is not exactly a foundation this is basically a kind of highlighter and it is of Rs 1000 and it is 50ml You can mix it with foundation to ger the beautiful glow and you can use under your brow bone You can use on the cupid and nose area and cheek bones area if you want to highlight areas which you would like to highlight It really turns out well I guess It is available in four shades Shade which I use is pearl There was one more shade which I think i will but next time which is a golden shade Its a beautiful golden for golden bronzy look which you want to get especially for bride it will look really beautiful on brides This is going to last me for a long time I really like this product.Let me just swatch this for you so that you can see how natural and beautiful it look Next product which I like in Kryolan ..I hate the packaging It looks like some medicine bottle to me Kryolan needs to work on their packaging It looks really monotonous and scary the face of the Kryolan trade mark is really scary fixing spray of Rs 450 and this one lasts really long How I use it is just shake the bottle and keep the bottle 20 cms away from face and spray it around close my nose because it smells bed and let it way for a while and here you go makeup stays for 6-7 hours easily and in winters it stays for much longer It is available on kryolan store and it has spf20 therefore I prefer it more than other fixing spray like colorbar and other company and more of all they have all the ingredients listed below and expiry date is also mentioned therefore i like using it These are my best 5 products from Kryolan there are many other products also which i like in kryolan their blush palette their lipsticks as well but I can live without them but with these products I think i will rush to the store get them and buy them immediately and that is why my 5 favs

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  1. please give add in bombay and new bombay wn we get krylon products. I serch many dealers but didn't provable my requirements.

  2. hey you Scottish and other people 😈 who have issues with her accent , can you fucking ppl talk in urdu,hindi,bangle etc just imagine idiots how horrible will you sound 😀😁

  3. mame mai jab base banati hu to mera base kuchh time baad fat jata hai. maikryolan k supar color lagati hu but fir bhi fat jata hai mai kya karu pls reply.

  4. mame mai ye sab karti hu but fir bhi. super color or tv paint stick dono ka kaam ek hi hai pls mame ye bhi bataiye.

  5. Can I buy it from Flipkart? Do they Sale the original products that available in the store. :/
    Please do rly soon.

  6. hi mam ..I am huge fan of yours ..and i want to buy kryolan TV paint stick in shade fs28 …plz let me know if it is available online ..I am from Punjab so here is not any store of Kryolan available…

  7. very good product but I perchrage expemcive rate cost derma color d4 950but this cost500 pless buy the pro,,where it l belonge to punjab in banga distt s.b.s.nagar I like every product of croyal

  8. ap camery m nai dekh rai lgta ha lekh k kagaz damne latka rkha ha jis ki taraf dekh dekh k parh rai hn

  9. zubair syad ap imtiaz se kryolan ka total cosmetic le sakty hain orignl hota hai baki shops per orignl bohat mushkil hai

  10. madum how ur you madum mea karyloan ke stick use karti ho 3w stick use karti aurkrayloan ka anti shine usekartiho Meri skin combination ha

  11. mam I am a professional I have got krylon dermacolor camouflage creme palette but my makeup didn't got the glowing and glossy look and not give me fair ness also what can I by from krylon to got all the look I want

  12. mam I am a professional I have got krylon dermacolor camouflage creme palette but my makeup didn't got the glowing and glossy look and not give me fair ness also what can I by from krylon to got all the look I want

  13. mam I am a professional I have got krylon dermacolor camouflage creme palette but my makeup didn't got the glowing and glossy look and not give me fair ness also what can I by from krylon to got all the look I want

  14. mam I am a professional I have got krylon dermacolor camouflage creme palette but my makeup didn't got the glowing and glossy look and not give me fair ness also what can I by from krylon to got all the look I want

  15. Humy tw ati h english or agr jisy nai ati ho wo kya kre hum tw khi sy bhi dekh sakty h sikh sakty h ap plz unka bhi socho jo nai samaj paty

  16. Thanks for sharing.
    Also, don't forget to visit and buy some amazing product using the following link.

  17. Hi mam. Where to buy kroylan supra concealer for under eye dark circle in Delhi /Gurgaon??? Please help me mam…….please mention retailer shop in Delhi or Gurgaon……..

  18. Hi ma'm…
    Main kryolan ka fs26 paint stick use karti hun but wo dark hota hai ma'm plz aap bata sakte ho main kaun sa shade use karu?

  19. I'm really curious and since you are a professional makeup artist for kryolan I'd like to know does the kryolan hair color spray rub off on furniture or clothes?? Do let me know.

    Loved the video btw.

  20. I have been using Krayolan for 10 years. For modelling and everyday wear. I will not change to anything else. There's nothing like it!

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