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Hey Well Hey everybody! Welcome back to my channel, if you’re new I’m Chris Gibson and I am your skin care expert and I am here to help you get your best skin ever! And on this channel we talk about everything we talked about skin care products skin care reviews problems we solve them just just anything skincare so if that’s your thing please do me a big favor and subscribe and hit the little notification goal so that you know what I have new videos up each week okay so for those of you follow me you can tell that I did some housecleaning and got rid of a bunch of books actually I didn’t get rid of them I just moved them but I kind of wanted to straighten this mess out behind me because it’s a little distracting so I decided to kind of move things around so I hope you like the background a little bit better now it’s got my book up there and some other things and yeah so starting off this year with a little bit more organization which I guess is really good for me because I am the worst at being organized now you know I think that skincare is supposed to be as simple as it is effective and you all know that there are some crazy people out there with some crazy ass routines think about what VOC just released with Riverdale’s madelung that’s 38 step beauty routine which I watched the entire 17 minutes of yes I did I actually watched the whole thing and I loved Medellin she’s a beautiful lady but God Almighty 38 steps when do you sleep maybe I should do a reaction video to that video you guys have been asking me for one so yeah maybe this will be the one that I do if you want me to do a reaction video to this 38 step skincare beauty routine just say so in the comments below and I will think about it now when you consider all things for her I guess she really has the genetics and the time and of course the money to do all of those things but I’m gonna give you my for skin care super rules or steps that are gonna give you a solid way to have a skincare routine that beautifies your skin is super healthy doesn’t cost you a fortune and well it works so rule number one is ever evening Skin Cleansing and by that I mean we want to cleanse the skin every evening before we go to bed now you need to choose your cleanser carefully here I always recommend glycerin or sorbitol based cleansers because they don’t have sulfates in them and they clean very well without over-drying and stripping the skin of all of its natural oil it’s something you don’t want to do that and I’ll tell you why just a second what you want to look for our products that have borage oil olive oil avocado oil any sort of natural oil coconut is a really popular oil that’s going to help cleanse the skin but also leave it pH balanced and somewhat hydrated if your skin feels super stupid dry after you use a cleanser you need to change your cleanser it’s just telling you that it’s too harsh and it’s too stringent for your particular skin so sometimes you have to try several I know that’s how it is for me and the same thing is true even if you have acne prone skin which I have you want to make sure you’re using a cleanser that is not too harsh a lot of acne products that are labeled for cleansing have a lot of salicylic acid in them they also often have alcohol in them and they are too astringent for the skin or at least for most people skin because when you have acne breakouts your skin and sensitive so it’s one of those things that you want to look at and make sure also that there are no mineral oil or petroleum distillates or any of those things in the product label if there are you need to walk away now the reason that I have this step as an every evening step rather than the morning step is that cleaning your skin or cleansing your skin prior to applying the products before you go to bed gives your skin a chance to really receive the benefit of the overnight skin repair cycle skin repairs itself very quickly while you’re sleeping so we want to set the skin up for the best repair cycle that it can get so that’s why every evening you can cleanse in the morning a lot of people do and that’s fine but you just make sure that that cleansing step is in there the evening especially for you ladies who don’t like to take your makeup off big no-no god I take that makeup off gotta cleanse that skin alright so following that is step number two and that has the toners and essence sprays and you guys that follow me no I am NOT a fan of toners most commercial toners even in some of the high-end brands have alcohol in them and it’s just simply too drying it upsets the pH balance of the skin and oftentimes causes a lot more problems than it can fix so I am a fan of essence sprays but no matter which one you choose make sure that you get them that do not have any alcohol in them there are a lot of great products that are water-based now drunk elephant has won Neutrogena has hydro boost that’s a really really great product that I’ve tested and done videos on this channel about there is a myriad of those out there just make sure they’re water-based and they’re oil-free if you can find toners like that and I’ll put some links to some in the video description box along with all the product or all the steps that I talked about today so you can take a look at some of those but you definitely want to keep alcohol and oil off the skin out of a toner I love the Korean style essence sprays that’s what I use they’re great grab and go you take them with you spray when you need them to keep the skin hydrated so that’s what we want hydration and balance we need to make sure if we’re using a toner that that’s what’s happening alright so moving right along to rule number three moisturize moisturize moisturize I cannot believe this step is so important it just amazes me how many people skip it and a lot of people skip it because they don’t think they really need to add moisturizer or it’s just it’s too much for them or they’ve probably been using the wrong one and maybe it makes their skin too greasy you need to moisturize moisturization is such an important step because what it does is it helps protect the skin hydrate the skin and balance the skin for the duration of hours in the day or night when you’re applying it so this a mouthful I just said but it really makes a big difference I have acne clients that come to me and we start them on a moisturizer and boom their breakout subside and the reason for that is the moisture eye balances the skin all right the moisturizer balances the skin and it keeps the oil glands from producing excess oil so if you have oily skin acne prone skin a good water-based moisturizer one that has oil in it again check your label and your ingredients is going to be a huge boon for your skin very very important if you have dry or a combination skin you can choose moisturizers that have Maluku oil in them olive oil in them apricots we being any of the green oils that that really go and nourish the skin those are perfectly fine when you have dry skin you need that extra moisturization and a little protection that you don’t get from the water-based so water base for oily skin oil-based or oil ingredient based moisturizers are really great for your skin now it’s important to note here moisturizers the oils that you don’t want our mineral oil or any petroleum products or waxes in your moisturizer and the reason for that is is we don’t want to put anything on the skin that’s going to be greasy or shiny and not be absorbed and also those particular product ingredients can can and often do a clog your pores so nono on the mineral oil just check your labels like I always suggested you and you’re gonna be just fine alright so rule number four guess what that is sun protection this is so important you’ve done all this work to get your skin healthy and bright and beautiful looking you want to protect it from the Sun now you only need to use an SPF 15 a naturally best base naturally based SPF is best again I’ll put links to that in the video description box but those are products that contain things like zinc dimethicone to help reflect the Sun without absorbing down into the skin and getting into your bloodstream so very important though and you ladies who use foundations that have SPF in them because I get this question a lot doesn’t matter you still need to apply that layer of SPF 15 because foundations wipe off they wear off you have to be reapplied you want that protection on your skin all the time and if you’re using an SPF before you do your makeup or your cosmetics guess what you’re gonna be much more likely to put it on your ears your neck your chest to put it in those areas so that all of those areas get the sun protection that they need to have now you don’t need to go above an SPF 15 30s and 50s 30 max ever but 50 is too greasy it sits on the outside of the skin it can be very irritating if you get it in your eyes it just doesn’t work well cosmetics or foundations so 15 is perfectly fine just make sure you apply it every single day I hope you found this video helpful I know it’s not super long but I do have other videos that I’ll put right over here on 6 steps and get your perfect skincare routine I highly recommend you checked it out if you haven’t you also get your skin type and a link to that will also be in the video description box I thank you so much for watching stay beautiful and I will see you over on the next one

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