3D Moisture Infusion Mask – Sarah Chapman Skinesis Anti Ageing Sheet Mask

3D Moisture Infusion is an
incredible mask for hydrating, plumping soothing the skin. This uses a bio-cellulose technology which is very different to fabric masks that you may have come across in individual sachets. Bio-cellulose has tiny, tiny fibers – they are about 400 times smaller than the fibers found in
fabric masks. This means that when it goes onto the skin they can almost fall
into every single fold, every pore, every crease in the skin – and sit almost like a
second skin, which gives you much more enhanced absorption, treatment and
better results. When you take it out of the sachet you’ll see there are three
different layers. Just peel off the gauze on one side and you’ll see the bio
cellulose sits in the middle. If you look at the texture of
the bio-cellulose, it’s almost like a sort of gum – it sits on the skin, it’s really cooling. I mean it feels gorgeous when it goes on and it
literally falls into every little crease. So, if you imagine when your
skin is dehydrated, when you can see crepeiness – this is literally going to sort of seal into all of that. It’s infused with hyaluronic acid, Pentavitin® and all of your incredible moisture magnets – but also we’ve taken a lot of the technology used in our skin care treatments. So that we can use this mask on the skin directly post peel – for that real soothing, calming and hydrating. So if you’ve got any sensitivity, heat in the skin or if you’ve used something your skin doesn’t agree with put this on straight away. It
will just form that second skin seal and infuse your skin with moisture. Then when you’ve finished all you do is peel off and take a look at how your good skin looks.

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