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– Hey guys, I’m Kelsey Farese. Welcome to today’s $20 Challenge. I don’t know about you
but being a beauty lover I feel like all of my money
is sucked up by makeup and especially skincare. So today I’m gonna show you
guys how to get amazing skincare all under $20 and yes it is possible. (happy instrumental music) So if you don’t know where to
start with affordable skincare go into your kitchen. Most likely you already
have a lot of stuff in there that is gonna make an
amazing skincare mask. And that’s what I’m gonna
do for you guys today. I’m gonna show you my
one-and-done, do-it-all, hydrating, toning. It’s also great for you girls out there that do have a little bit of acne problem. I’m right there with you. The first product in there is green tea. The green tea acts as an astringent which is gonna shrink down those pores. Cut it open and dump it in. Then we’re gonna mix it with
a little bit of baking soda. The baking soda acts
as a natural exfoliant so it sort of gives a little
bit of texture to that mask so we can buff it all over our face and it also brightens
your skin a little bit, which is amazing. And then we’ve got a good old
little honey bear right here. We can rub his little honey bear tummy. They’re so cute, why do they
put these in a bear thing? I don’t know, I love it. A really good reason people love it is because it’s a natural antibacterial so if you do already have a
little bit of acne-prone skin or a little blemish coming up honey is gonna really, really soothe that down and it’s also extremely,
extremely moisturizing. So get your little honey
bear, squeeze it on in. This is our awesome
do-it-all mask for free. If you haven’t heard about
how amazing Korean skincare is you must have been living under a rock. It is seriously so amazing and there’s a great reason for that. One of them, the infamous sheet mask. Now if you’re looking at a sheet mask and you’re thinking, I’m gonna
be spending a lot of money on something I’m only gonna use once, I’ve got good news for you. You can actually go to Forever 21. They’re seeling them for
about a dollar a piece which I think is pretty good per unit and then you could also get ’em on Amazon where they’re seeling them in a bundle so you’re getting to try
a lot of different kinds without having to spend too much money. They come in really fun little things. This one is a cat, it makes it look like you’ve got a little cat mouth. Call it weird but I kind of love it. (cat meows) The way that I like to use
it to get maximum benefit is to actually put this on at night as sort of your last step
after you wash your face and leave it on. You don’t wanna wash
off any of that residue ’cause that’s the good stuff. That’s the good good. And then you also wanna take the excess and pour it into your
hand and sort of run it, you can do it along your
decollate, up your neck. That’s like a big Korean skincare tip, that’s the way they use the masks. So we gotta follow suit,
they know what they’re doin’. This is bomb. (happy instrumental music) I think we all get the
occasional breakout. I definitely do, especially
if I’m really stressed. So if I am gonna be on the go I do like to keep a tiny
little spot treatment with me. This one from Neutrogena I love. One because it’s mini, who
doesn’t love mini things. It fits in my purse, can
take it with me anywhere but it also dries clear
which is really important especially if you are out and about and you feel something
coming up on your chin, maybe a little hormonal acne,
and you wanna just place a little bit of this on the spot. If you are out at the
drugstore and you see this maybe wait and go home and
check the prices on Amazon or see if you can find a coupon. I did notice this was a little
bit more affordable on Amazon and I was really happy to find that deal especially being a name brand product. So yeah, get a little grab and go. No acne for us. This spot treatment on Amazon is $3.41. (happy instrumental music) Let’s talk a little bit about sunscreen. I don’t know about you, I’m lazy. I always forget to put on sunscreen. It’s like one more layer of
things I don’t have time for especially in the morning
when I first wake up the last thing I wanna
do is to put on sunscreen and then layer a foundation on top of it. I just feel like that makes
me a greasy, oily mess. So I really love a CC and a BB cream. Most of them have an SPF already built in. Just in case you’re wondering,
BB stands for beauty balm, cc stands for color correcting. And also I feel like
that’s a really amazing way to save a little bit of money. You’re not having to spend a lot of money on a high-coverage foundation and then spend a lot of money
on a high SPF sunscreen. This is sort of a one and
done and a you’re ready to go. You can find a BB or a CC cream
online for about six bucks. (happy instrumental music) Okay, this one might be
a little bit unexpected for under $20 skincare but I
think it’s really important and that’s to have a great setting spray. I sometimes use it before
I put on foundation. I feel like that makes
me put on less foundation and so in turn I feel
like that makes my skin stay a lot healthier
because I’m not caking on a bunch of makeup. Also if you wanna retouch
your makeup throughout the day you could spritz a little bit of this on and just touch up in
the areas that you need and that way everything just
continues to melt together and look flawless. I would say a great price range
to look for a setting spray would be around $4 and you
can definitely find that whether it be on the drugstore or online. (happy instrumental music) This is like an OG beauty lover’s, like everybody fell in
love with beauty wipes. Listen, I’ve already told ya’ll about a hundred times I’m lazy. I like to keep these on my bedside table, give a little cleanse at
night, and then go to sleep. But the way that I want you guys to start thinking about doing this, is we want our skin to
be as amazing as possible after we’ve been like
rolling around at the gym, if you actually go to the gym. Sometimes I don’t. (laughing) Keep these in your gym bag or in your car. I like that because if
you’ve been working out or you’ve been outside and sweating a lot any of that dirt and sweat that would be normally
clogging your pores, you’re gonna be able
to get off there ASAP, which I think is really, really major key. And you can totally pick
these up pretty much anywhere, online in your drugstore
for about two bucks. (happy instrumental music) (cash register ding) Alright guys, we did it. Can you believe it? That was some pretty amazing
skincare all under $20. I like to think my skin’s pretty good and I use and love all these products. If you have a hero
product that’s under $20 please link it below. Let’s help each other out. Also, if you like this video
give it a big old thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe
to the Kin Community channel and we’ll see you back
here next time, bye. (happy instrumental music)

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  1. I love this idea for a series! I wish that you would have shown more examples of specific products. The it cosmetics cc cream you showed is $40 😬

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