10 Skincare Products I’m OBSESSED With Right Now! | February 2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I’m doing another skincare video the last time I did this video you guys
really really enjoyed it so I thought I would do another one because you guys
know skincare is my passion so I’m constantly trying out new products all
the time steady rotation taking things out
putting things in so I have another 10 skincare products that I’ve been
obsessed with lately that I want to share with you guys so let’s get right
into it first is a sheet mask now if you guys
watched my 2018 best of skincare video I did mention in that video that I have
been obsessed with sheet masks as of 2018 last year I really went hard and
tried out a ton of sheet mass and lately I’ve been really loving this dr. jart
sheet mask and it is really amazing for this time of year I live in a very cold
climate it is crazy if I could show you what it looks like outside right now and
maybe I will take a little bit of a clip and insert it into this video to let you
know what I’m dealing with here in the north it’s crazy my skin definitely has
its moments of dryness and dehydration if I’m not on top of things
please don’t pay attention to that little notation on it that says
single-use don’t you dare throw away all that good serum that is still left in
the sheet mask packets where your sheet masks because it’s going on
perfectly clean skin do your 10 15 minute thing when you take it off put it
back into the packet and reuse it there’s so much leftover serum that you
can reuse it I use my sheet masks three times I get out every last drop of that
serum of course because of the time of the year that we’re in right now you’re
gonna see a pattern of a lot of moisturizing and hydrating products the
next one that I have been obsessed with is my fresh toner this toner is so
amazing it really gives your skin all the hydration that it needs it’s a
beautiful beautiful toner it looks beautiful of course sitting out on any
bathroom counter or vanity it looks beautiful the rose petals are a
wonderful touch I will say though that I haven’t experienced it yet because I
haven’t gotten far down to the bottom of the bottle yet but I have heard people
complain that when you get down to the last bits of it the rose petals clog the
opening and it’s very difficult to get that last little bit out so I will
report back to you guys if that does happen to me
because I love this one and as you can see it’s a smaller size and I want to
buy the full size but if that issue really annoys me then I won’t but I will
let you know I’ll give you an update on that but this is an amazing hydrating
toner if you are in the market for one give this fresh one a drive another sort
of toner ish product they don’t market it as a toner but I definitely use it in
that position in my skincare routine and it’s this origins soothing lotion that’s
what they call it but it is a really beautiful product that does exactly what
the name says it soothes your skin it does a really great job of taking down
redness irritation if maybe you’ve been using too many crazy abrasive harsh
products on your skin maybe because it is the winter time and you’re trying to
scrub all that dead skin off so I’ve really enjoyed using this I actually
have a few holls I went ham getting my hands on as
many samples as I could when they were available as a Sephora perk so I have
several of these and I’m using it sparingly because I really do like it
and definitely will be a full size purchase when I’m done I have two serums
I want to show you guys one is very affordable and one is not the affordable
one is from the ordinary it’s their hyaluronic acid long time staple in my
skincare routine year-round but definitely now it’s a must I don’t do
any skincare routine daytime or nighttime without using this I always
always have to use this because again it’s just an extra layer of hydration I
love it it is a great product extremely
affordable unlike the next product that I also do
love but I have a little tiny baby sample because it is so expensive and
it’s the drunk elephant be Hydra serum very different from the ordinary in
consistency but again extremely hydrating a wonderful layering product I
actually really like the fact that it is a little bit on the thicker side I
really love thicker serums a lot more at this time of the year than I do the more
watery runny type of serums I love that jam-packed juicy type of a serum that
this drunk elephant one is so I’ve really been using it sparingly of course
because it is just a tiny little sample but it is a really really great product
and I understand why it’s so popular and so many people love it I am gonna
actually talk to you guys about a manual exfoliator that I’ve been loving lately
and it’s this one from volition I’ve never tried anything from the brand
before but this introduction hit it out of the park I’m definitely all about
getting more the brand seeing what other type of
products they have to offer it has a tumeric in it which is a wonderful
ingredient for the skin to brighten it’s a Polish so it gets all of the dead skin
off it is extremely gritty I will make sure I point that out to you guys very
very gritty so if you do not like intensely gritty manual exfoliator –zz
this one is not for you you don’t have to do any work this is not the kind of
scrub that you really have to go in and really push it into your pores into all
the areas that you want to get all that dead skin off the product itself does
the work you really only need to glide your hands over your face very lightly
because it is so gritty you are left with the smoothest softest most
unbelievable feeling and looking skin ever so I’ve decided that I really
should keep a manual exfoliator on hand and this is gonna be the one that I’m
gonna be using for the next little while because it really does a better job than
acids for getting off those flaky bits so definitely check this out if you’re
looking for a great manual exfoliator and oil that I’ve been really into using
lately is this one from herbivore and out of all of the oils that they carry
this one is the one I decided to try out first I’ve wanted to try their oils for
a long time now I love the brand but this one
specifically the lapis oil is catered to oilier acne prone skin which is me 100%
all the way it has a mix of different oils which I do like the smell I will
tell you is not the best it definitely has a scent that not everyone is going
to be down it’s not a terrible smell it’s a very
natural smell I guess but definitely something to get used to the blue color
that you see does not deposit any color on your face at all so don’t worry about
that and you also don’t need very much herbivore suggest that you use three to
ten drops I try ten and that was way too much that’s enough to take it down your
neck your decollete all over your chest if that’s what you want to do but you
really only need maybe three or four drops to get the job done and it just
does a really beautiful job it’s a really beautiful oil that I’ve been
really enjoying using over just your standard rose hip or marula I really
like the fact that there’s a blend of numerous oils as well as a couple of
other great skin care benefit beneficial ingredients so definitely check out
herbivores oils i’ve been trying out an eye cream yes an eye cream i never talk
about eye creams right because eye creams are just such a headache for me
I’ve never used one in my life that I can confidently recommend to you guys
that really blew me away I’ve just always gone back and forth with using
them but I got this little sample of this Shiseido one and I really have been
enjoying it it is extremely thick extremely moisturizing if you have dry
under eyes this is definitely a go to eye cream for anyone with dry under eyes
but even though it is on the thicker side and it does deposit so much
moisture it is not gonna do anything weird it’s not going to give you that
million sometimes those thicker eye creams you have to be careful with it
leaving those bumps called Millia under your eye or maybe not sitting well with
your concealer beautiful eye cream to use during the
day under makeup at night time to get that moisture throughout the night as
you’re sleeping sometimes you know you think the thicker creams are the ones to
go for but then when you use them it causes another problem but this one is
really good okay two more products to go one is for the lips and it is my beloved
Jack Black lip balm this is an all-time favorite not just a current skincare
favorite this is my all-time number one favorite lip balm I love the fact that
it has SPF in it it comes in a bunch of different scents
I love the applicator I love the packaging the price is up there as far
as lip balms go there are a lot of lip balms that you can get for a much
cheaper price but they’re not going to do what this one does it’s amazing
definitely my daytime staple because of the SPF definitely protect your lips as
well as the rest of your face year round from the Sun don’t skip taking care of
your lips they can suffer from from skin from skin cancers sun damage just like
any other part of your face or body Jack black lip balm highly recommend yes
it is pricey for just a lip balm but well worth it and last but not least the
pharmacy cleansing balm it gets off everything it is a wonderful wonderful
makeup remover and facial cleanser it does the job very quickly very easily it
doesn’t leave any greasy residue it smells wonderful very fresh it washes
away beautifully I love the fact too that even though it is a balm it’s you
can easily wash it off that’s kind of been my
reasoning for not trying it earlier I’m a big cleansing oil fan because I love
that I can just rub the oil all over my face and wash it away but I always
thought okay a bomb is a lot thicker heavier greasy air you need a washcloth
to take it off and then you got to wash the washcloth it’s a whole thing so I
thought but this you don’t need a washcloth you just scoop it out take all
your makeup off rinse it all off just with water and you’re done so that’s a
guys those are ten skin care products that I’ve been obsessed with lately
please let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these for yourself
how you like them maybe you haven’t but because of my recommendations you’re
really intrigued and wanting to try some of them let me know which ones you want
to go pick up and try out for yourself please also remember that I have applied
to be in the Sephora squad a member of the Sephora squad I have applied and the
application process is going on right now I will leave a link below in the
description box where you guys can go and give a testimonial for me to help me
get into the semi-finals there’s still a couple of weeks left to go where you can
do that and to everyone that has already done that I really appreciate it thank
you guys so much for all the support please give this video a thumbs up if
you did like it and subscribe for more and I’ll see you next time bye

15 thoughts on “10 Skincare Products I’m OBSESSED With Right Now! | February 2019

  1. I always heard that eye creams are a waste of money, but I also heard that the Bobbi Brown extra eye repair cream is the exception, I don't know it can all be confusing (lol), anyhow thanks for the reviews!

  2. I do recommend Ole Henriksen eye gel. Definitely try the gel not the cream. Put it in the refrigerator (you don't have to, but it adds to the experience).πŸ‘€ The pharmacy green clean is outstanding. Just need a little! The oil I keep coming back to is Pearlessence Argan oil + Vitamin E. I've tried others and keep coming back to this one. I even have my 90 year old mother using this and the eye gel.πŸ€— Love your reviews and will try the toner. Stay warm and hydrated!πŸ™πŸ’‹

  3. Love this video! So appreciate you for these! A lot of these are my faves too! Orgins Mushroom Lotion is so good! Love JB lip balms!

  4. Thank you for this video. How does the fresh rose toner compare to the tatcha essence or fresh black tea essence?

  5. You sold me on the Volition Beauty Turmeric Brightening Polish. πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎ Great current favorites video.

  6. Great video! I left a testimonial! I hope you get in with the Sephora Squad!! Good luck πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  7. i wouldnt reuse a sheet mask but i would pour the serum out and rub it onto my body. yes the rose toner does clog when the product gets down to the bottom and i took the stopper out and continued to use it.

  8. I love your reviews so much that I subbed and went out and got samples of the Farmacy brand AHA serum and the Green clean and I love them both. I got the large sizes today and will keep them as part of my weekly routine.

    I asked Sephora about the Ordinary brand bc I’m interested in trying the toner and the peel as well as the squelene oil. But they don’t carry the entire brand just certain items.

  9. I know this is an older video, but I bought the FRESH Rose Hydrating Toner based on this video. I love it!πŸ€— Bought the full size during the VIB Sephora sale and don't regret it at all. Haven't gotten to the rose petals yet but will definitely update you. This really is worth the price and especially during the winter months (I have combination skin also). But love it!πŸ’–πŸ‘„πŸ™

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