100 thoughts on “10 Foods That Make You Look 10 Years Younger

  1. Having a plant based vegan diet is the best way to look young , feel amazing, be a empathetic and compassionate person, helps the environment, and obviously is better for the animals.

  2. Thanks for these natural remedies. Better than going under the knife. I am going to these with my friends.

  3. So smear coconut and olive oil, mash potato and honey on my face before having a bath in baking soda and I’ll look beautiful. I think exercise sounds less stressful. Ha.I actually do love this channel. It is very interesting.

  4. The narrator is not the best match for the video. Need a more upbeat narrative. However, the content is very valuable. Thank you.

  5. I think if you add green tea and peppermint tea along with other ones that herbs come from the Pacific Northwest. Since I’ve added this to my diet and my skin I e never felt happier and lost so much weight without even trying. Also organic honey 🍯.

  6. 10. AVOCADO 00:40
    9. BERRIES 01:36
    8. CARROTS 02:10
    7. CITRUS FRUITS 02:44
    6. GARLIC 03:21
    5. OLIVE OIL 04:00
    4. TOMATOES 05:20
    3. OILY FISH 06:41
    2. TURMERIC 07:25
    1. JAMÓN IBERICO HAM 07:59

    POTATO 09:22
    LEMON 09:51
    ALOE VERA 10:14
    CUCUMBER 10:45
    BAKING SODA 11:09
    HONEY 11:49
    COCONUT OIL 12:26
    VITAMIN E 12:54
    ROSEHIP OIL 13:23
    SUGAR 13:50

  7. These staples are all natural ingredients amazing I cannot believe chemicals products that cost a arm and leg were not good for our skin

  8. Eating 80% better drink soda once in a blue moon like every 2 months don’t eat too much guerrentee 50 % more healthy and you can live between 80 to 98 years of age

  9. A good channel…better info…garlic daily…olive oil lots on your face neck…the grade can be budget….these two will do major work in one month😊😊😊😊😊

  10. I've taking a lot of these before but i don't think it makes you look ten years younger?😕😕😕😐

  11. My list
    1. Brussel Sprouts
    2. Peppers
    3. Cucumber
    4. Green Tea
    5. Olive oil
    6. Turmeric
    7. Cheese
    8. Garlic
    9. Mushrooms
    10. Ginger
    11. Cabbage
    12. Apples
    13. Sweet potatoes
    14. Non starchy potato
    15. Pumpkin

    Foods that age you
    1 Bacon
    2. Soda
    3. Steak

  12. Coconut oil molecules are too large that clog pores ! So ,it's really not oily skin friendly ! I always broke out whenever used products had coconut oil ( coconut water is o.k. ! Coconut milk as well )in them !

  13. You had me in your corner until you came to "iberian" ham. I would never recommend anyone to eat any pork under any circumstances. It has far too much trichinosis. What can be expected from a filthy creature intended to eat society's garbage?

  14. I cannot believe they promote ham. Make everything simple and have a delicious green smoothie once a day if you can – transformational. Promise. I have nothing to sell, no utube channel I need views for. I am just sharing a life changing experience. Green juices and smoothies. Not to many ingredients keep it simple. Cucumber is one of the most hydrating juices you can drink and drink as much coconut water as you can. Try out different types if the first try does not make you like it. Applying a few cucumber rings to your face is absolutely not effective as drinking cucumber juice – if you do not enjoy it pure, add an apple or two for a bit of sweet.

  15. Some vegetarians eat all these things they look old when are Senior Citizens and they die also. We cannot defeat the process of aging eventually you will be old maybe not wrinkle but you will not look like a teenager all if your life. What ever will be will b we need to strive to eat healthy . OK

  16. Hey! Guess what A-holes? Every. Single. Thing. On this list is ketogenic (within reason, whole oranges grapefruits are out). People ALWAYS whine to me that I'm wrong for going keto, and claim there's nothing healthy to eat.

    Not ONE of these options was even high in carbohydrates at all. Most superfoods aren't.

  17. Ham is pig people subconsciously don't want to connect ham with the life of a beautiful peaceful pig or beef with a sweet beautiful cow this are flesh of a life that was taken away so humans can eat .
    Ham will never make you younger. What you taste is the spices the seasoning that covers the taste of life and blood it is simply flesh like human flesh try eating flesh alone .(i hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi )

  18. Lots & lots of home curried veges! The olive oil & turmeric you cook them with makes a difference too & as an added bonus the chilli & turmeric assist weight loss!😊

  19. Turmeric, ginger, garlic and lime. Those are my go-to produce. Thanks for sharing this video. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💕

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