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  1. Fabulous content – complete and precise! The only thing I would add because I made this mistake the first time I used Retin-A… is that you shouldn't put one blob on the cheek and try to spread it around because, depending on the formula, it can be really difficult to spread. So I'd suggest that newbies dot that pea sized blob evenly all over their face – few dots spread out on forehead, few dots on each cheek, etc. so it's easier to cover the entire area and one isn't tempted to do what I did – which was to add more product (too much) to get it to spread everywhere. boy did I regret that move….

  2. i’ve just started following you and I love your videos! But this video is totally over my head. I am new to retinal products so I have no idea what to do. Could you possibly do a video with a few of your over-the-counter retinal’s with products that you might recommend with them and how you would use them together I I am 66 years old and because of health issues my face is really showing my age and I keep buying products and trying anything and everything and I just seem to go backwards so any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. i learned A LOT from this! I've been layering serums under my retinoid to mitigate irritation, but i think start applying to bare skin… thank you for the information! always get something from your content.

  4. HI Penn 🙂 I am not sure if you saw my comments a few videos back but I was hoping you could help me out! I reall loved your buy this not that video! I am on the hunt for something similar to the IS hydra cool serum Its super expensive and there must be as well asthe IS clinical pro heal serum there products are pretty expensive there must something else thats comprable 🙂

  5. Your channel is the best. Your content is science based, doesn't go with the latest skincare fad and is straight to the point.

  6. This is, without a doubt, the best explanation of retinoids I have EVER seen. Step-by-step and comprehensive. It makes me think that everyone else who has tried to explain the difference actually doesn't understand the difference themselves…….Go Penn

  7. Hello Penny what do you recommend for a 12-13 year old for breakouts that won't dry out his skin. He has alot of inflammation

  8. Oh, this video is so important. Everything you explained helps so very much! I'm just starting with glycolic, hyaluronic, Vit. C, niacinomide, and want to get some type of Vit. A as well. Telling us that using the others at the same time as Vit. A will weaken them is so crucial. I would never have known that! I just got the Helio sunscreen too and will be faithful in using it. Penn, you are so professional and knowledgeable. I admire your integrity and trust you. Can't thank you enough. xxoo

  9. Your videos are so, so informative. I was excited to see this pop up since I picked up my first tube of Retin A Micro today! Is there any difference in how micro and regular should be used? 💛

  10. Hi! New to your channel and even though I considered myself schooled on skincare, watching your videos have been INCREDIBLY informative! I’ve already purchased Tranex and the Niacinimide serums and looking to get Obagi retinol 1.0. Question though (and I’ve checked videos and comments hoping to find the answer before asking you!) is where do I place those 2 serums and retinol in my routines? I have no idea if Tranex should go before or after the Niacinimide? I assume Obagi is last. If anyone else knows the answer I’m all ears!! TIA 🤗

  11. Hi Pen I ordered per your recommendations the DRMTLGY Anti Aging Clear Face Sunscreen and Facial Moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 45. Oil Free, Zinc Oxide Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin and Acne Prone Skin. & the IUNIK Beta Glucan Moisture serum. I had allergic reactions to both. I'm super allergic to Aloe, also the 2nd ingredient in the SPF my face is a mess, it feels almost as bad as a chemical peel. I'm waiting for the Clearista people to answer me if there is Aloe in the product. I'll order that to help with my burning skin. It really stinks getting old and being allergic to everything.

  12. Penny thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I learn so much from your videos than any other channel on YouTube and get my questions answered, thank you for being so sincere about helping us understand about skincare, products, and to learn how to listen to our skin to achieve the best results. Thank you Penny I appreciate your videos so very much!🤗💖🤗💖🤗

  13. Hi Penny my friend Richard told me I had to subscribe to your channel cause you had the best skincare tips, so I had to subscribe 🙂! Thank you Penny I am very happy to have found your channel! 😊

  14. Just found you so maybe you talked about this before but I have to ask, are there any serums that I can use before tretinoin or should I just forget about them in the evening routine? Love your content btw 😍

  15. I'm leaning towards retinalderhyde more and more.
    It only has one conversion and it's milder (tho not too much) than Retin A or Tretanoin.

    I had heard that Retin A can enter the blood stream (?). 💖

  16. I have a question i have been on trentinoin for about 2 weeks i wanted to know your opinion on using a toner that has aha's in it before I put my trentinoin on

  17. Thank you so much for helping me wade through this!!!!!! I really appreciate all of your tutorials. Have a great weekend.

  18. I’ve been told, when using retin-a you shouldn’t do waxing (eyebrows and upper lip) my case, it’s that truth?
    Thank you

  19. You’re like my niece, photographic memory! She’s a P.A. Here in Texas and you rattle off your info like she does hers! Never skips a beat! I’m jealous of you both! Lol! I’m interested to know your protocol for a TCA prep…am I wasting my products by using them before I have a peel? My skin is so dull I feel nothing is penetrating! I’m 68 and luckily I have no pigmented areas or spots but some chin and mild redness on my cheeks from Rosace and want better looking texture. I’ve started Retin-A this week. Also would you look at City Beauty’s microsculpting cream ingredients deck. Is there anything that would keep you from absolutely ever using it?? I would like to try it for my neck and jawline skin. Thanks!

  20. Love Osmosis vitamin A . The best ! The best find of 2019 was skinbeautifulrx.com . Leah is AMAZING. Personal customer service. Fast shipping . Can’t recommend enough . Thanks Penny

  21. I live in a very dry climate. Do you suggest an alternative to hyaulronic acid since there isn't a lot of moisture in the air?

  22. Thank you Penn, I did buy differin and vitamin C and am going to start and using faithfully but I will start slowly like you suggested. your video's are so helpful and answer so many questions I have, thank you Penn. appreciate it 😊😊😊!

  23. So can I use my ordinary serum the buffet with copper peptides before my drunk elephant retinol ??? I am so unsure when to use this product as I don’t want to weaken my other products. And if my skin is ok can I use my Tarte knockout out acid toner that I love nightly before the DE retinol. I am so overwhelmed with all the information on products. As I like to try new things but I don’t know what’s working and not. I just want to know if I can use my Tarte nightly with retinol and add in the buffet copper serum with out any canceling each other out 🤦‍♀️help me lol. Thank you

  24. What about Copper peptides? I know you’re not suppose to use Vit C and copper peptides together, but I wasn’t sure if the copper peptides affect a TretinoinI use?

  25. I've been using 1% retinol and finally taking the plunge to trentoin .01% so hopefully this time it doesn't make my neck so irritated even tho I don't put it on my neck.

  26. I have been using a Clarisonic at night for about the last month. I’ve not heard you mention manual exfoliation a lot.
    I’m curious to know i could still use my Clarisonic with chemical exfoliates or should I skip that step?

  27. Great video you never disappoint, love the way you explain. Can you suggest something for corner of mouth we’re they are turned down??

  28. Do oral Vitamin A supplements have any skin care benefits like the topical vitamin A? I don't know if you are knowledgeable about supplements and or willing to give advice, but what would the dosage be? I did buy a supplement but felt it was too high for me. Thanks!

  29. Another incredible video! The amount of time and heart you put into your videos is beyond commendable. Thank you Penny for supporting our small business, being an amazing esthetician, and providing the world with your knowledge. We ❤️ you!

  30. It looks like there is an overwhelming need to understand these concepts better, of knowing the PH of products and how to layer them. I would love to learn more please!

  31. Your information is well researched, concise, informative and very user friendly. I am so glad I found your channel. Are there any products containing retinaldehyde that you can recommend? Thanks for speaking to us, not at us. Big difference.

  32. Hey Penn, I'm hoping you could recommend a good book of cosmetic ingredients, their definitions and purpose, ph levels, interactions…etc. I find I'm unable to keep up with all that info and really want to make sure I'm applying my skin care products correctly. Please help!! Thank you so so much for all you do here…I take your advise seriously and have began using your recommended products. Smiles and blessings…

  33. Penny, my question is not related to the video topic but when exfoliating in the shower (the face ) and you feel the little balls forming , HOW do I actually rinse it off ? It is so hard to get it off my skin even after letting the water spray on my face . I use my fingers to help it off but find they are very stubborn and don’t easily rinse off. Am I the only one or do other people experience this too ?

  34. Now with all of the K-skincare, Good Molecules, Inky List, and the Ordinary…
    1. What do you prefer from each line?
    2. Is some just as good or duped for the much higher ends Sunday Riley, Drunk Elephant or Tatcha.
    I’m trying to figure out where to spend my money for 44 year old skin that’s in pretty good shape. Some fine lines and a couple of pigment issues on this oily combo humid skin. Thoughts?

  35. Is the Peter Thomas Roth Firm X peeling gel okay to exfoliate with tretinoin as well? I happen to have it already but didn’t know if it worked safely too or if I needed to make a purchase. You always provide such great advice and help, I have my own notebook just cuz my brain is old!😂

  36. Hi I need a bit of clarification are Retinol and Retinaldehyde also considered retinoids? Also can they be worn during the day? Thanks for all the great information. 🙂

  37. Just wondering what information you may have on The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane. I haven't been able to find much information on this product. It claims to have no side effects and I am very sensitive to RetinA, so this product sounds great since it is no irritation…but does it actually work?

  38. Wear a sunscreen with a really high SPF and great UVA protection, and use a good peptide cream at night. Just skip the Retina-a completely. It is too harsh!!!

  39. Hi Penny! Thanks for another fantastic ”lesson”! You explain everything in a way that makes it easy to understand quite complicated things. I have bought some products that you have talked about previously and they have worked SO well, for example Avene 3 in 1 cleanser (for dry skin) and Avene Physiolift night balm, which I also love.
    I use Tretinoin twice a week and the other days I use the Physiolift. I do have a question for you that I hope you can answer and that is if you can explain the difference between the Physiolift and RetrinAL, which you mentioned in the description box in this video. Thanks from a devoted fan of yours 🤗❤️

  40. Hi Penn, you may have addressed this in the past but I haven't seen it as I am new to you. What are your thoughts on the Personal Microderm Pro ? Thank you in advance.

  41. Good afternoon my name is Zoe I am 45 years old and I live in Greece I love your videos a lot learning new things from them and thank you very much. in use. I also have mixed skin with spangles and would like to ask if I can use drunk elephant tlc sukari baby facial .. Thank you very much

  42. Thank you so much for all your help….I find you to be such a fountain of knowledge!

    I’ve been using Retin A for 30 years and feel it’s been the best thing for my 65 year old face. I have a question though about another serum you’ve recommended and one that I’ve been enjoying. I use my Retin A at night along with dearskin tranex. I’ve not had one bit of irritation using both of them in my evening routine. But, I want to double check with you to make sure it’s ok to use these two together. Or, do you feel I should use the tranex in the morning? Thank you !!

  43. Great info Penny. I haven’t been doing things correctly lol. Have you shown a regimen? If so can you let me know? Thank you very much!

  44. Penny, please check into Medik 8. They have a couple of great retinaldehyde formulations. I’ve been using the Crystal Retinal 10 nightly for a couple of years. They also have a new product R-Retinoate. It’s nice but their Crystal Retinal 10 has worked the best for me. No irritation or excessive dryness. I use sunscreen rain or shine, both inside and out. I also carry the Colorscience powder sunscreen to touch up my face, ears and visible skin. I think the biggest thing is patience. I love your advice. You should write a book. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge.😘❤️

  45. Hi Penny ❤️. My question is this……How long does the actual two step conversion take for the retinol to get to the tretinoin level?? Like minutes, hours, days? I've always searched for the answer but can never find it. Just wondering if you knew! Thanks Penny ❤️❤️

  46. Hello my beautiful friend..what a God send this group has been..feeling blessed..my friend has been struggling with age spots and sun damage for a very long time…any suggestions? My thoughts are Microneedling with a melanin lightner.
    Peels?…so many brands and methods to choose from..I'm also starting Hylaron treatments…any suggestions would be soooooo appreciated

  47. There are retinol products all over the place, but I have found very few retinaldehyde products. I am using Avene and love that they put the concentration of retinaldehyde on the bottle. I am also interested in Osmosis Advanced Retinal Serum and Arcona Advanced A serum which are also retinaldehyde products, but neither the Osmosis nor the Arcona tell you anywhere what the concentration of retinaldehyde is in their products. I do wish skin care companies would get on board that we want to know the strength of the products we are buying 🙁

  48. Hi Penny. I am binge watching all your videos you've made lately. I'm really enjoying all your info. It's been awhile since I got into the ingredients of products.

  49. I think you’ve finally got through – it’s beginning to sound less complicated. 🧐 Now to determine when and where to add my niacinamide.

  50. Hi and love listening to you. I have Avène RetrinAL 0.1 that I bought at dermatologist office, but honestly never noticed a difference. Also, since I use Osmosis, I also have Correct. I do however have a burning sensation from that so I don't use often. Perhaps I've been using it wrong in application or that my skin is too sensitive for.
    Clueless. Hope all is going well! 🥰

  51. Hi Penny, This is a great video – thank you so much for this information. It clarifies some things that I was confused about. You provide amazing information for the 'common' skincare user. Take care, Ginny 😘😘😘

  52. Thank you so much Penny, your information is always so helpful!!! I switched to the Mychelle retinaldehyde and am seeing better results than I was with the retinol I was using. I also have the Thermaderm and Clearista at your recommendation from other videos and love those products. So great I never would have found them otherwise I am sure. Thank you!!

  53. I always thought ( read and head) they you should apply retinol FIRST them moisturize after. But you saying its ok to moisturize first? I usally do gel right now 0.1% then my HA then moisturizer. Should I be waiting 20 min after retinol to apply rest of the skin care?

  54. I would love to see a video by you about anything to help with rosacea. Are retinoids safe for those with rosacea?

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