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Good afternoon! My name is Brian Weir, I work and live
in Denver, Colorado, I am a physician specializing in healthy lifestyle. Today I
will talk about health – the health related to the
natural processes, to be specific. Have you ever thought about the side effects of each
pill or powder doctors prescribe you? How much chemical substances do we take every
day to “get healthy”? All this can be avoided if we allow nature
to take care of our health. The form of such help can be different. I recommend herbal
collections prepared by the healers of SiberianHerbs.com. Why so? I am going to explain
my recommendation. All herbs are specifically selected to provide a complex
effect on the body, reinforce its powers, stimulate the immune system and cope with
a disease. The available results of scientific studies
have shown that herbs provide a unique mild influence on the body. To get a stable effect,
you need to take a herbal infusion for at least three months; the first changes can
be expected after 4-6 weeks. Moreover, the herbs comprising our collections grow in environmentally
friendly areas in wild nature, they accumulate effective substances, which
guarantees a total GMO absence. Thus, these are safe, effective and exclusive products.
I would like to emphasize that herbal combinations attack disease causes, eradicate the
disease itself, and hence relieve symptoms, whereas most drugs mostly relieve
symptoms, but do not kill the disease itself. People are usually eager to recover as
quickly as possible, but at what cost? It’s like trying to splice a fracture in a week
– it is impossible for the bone to become strong enough
within this period. Our bodies need longer time to recover, in addition, the action
of pills is too fast to produce a permanent effect. The action of natural products is
milder and time-consuming. You should wait for
six weeks until you feel the first effect. The full course will last six months. BUT!
After these six months, your disease will go away
indeed. It’s worth waiting, isn’t it? I tried using the collection “General Effect
Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №1)” aimed at improving the general state of health.
I must admit this herb combination produced a stupendous efficacy! A complete
course brought a tangible effect – I stopped feeling forceless and sick.
The collection is pleasant in taste; you can drink it like common tea. It is packed in
a container, which corresponds to the idea of
a natural lifestyle; it is not plastic, a birch
bark made by hand is used. The inner bag is of an artificial material, but it is a
temporary airtight package to keep the product safe. The ingredients are indicated, the
instructions on brewing are enclosed. There are good remedies to get rid of numerous
diseases and addictions. These are the collections that have proved their remarkable
efficiency and long-lasting effect on people of different ages and sex:
General Effect Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №1)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Vessels and Heart Health (infusion №2)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Kidney Health (infusion №3)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Liver Health (infusion №4)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Stomach Health (infusion №5)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Osteochondrosis and Joints Health (infusion №6)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Hypertension (infusion №7)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Psoriasis (infusion №8)
Siberian Monastery Tea to give up Smoking (infusion №9)
Siberian Monastery Tea to lose Weight (infusion №10)
Bronchopulmonary Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №11)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Woman’s health (gynecology) (infusion №12)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Prostatitis (infusion №13)
Anti-tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №14)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Diabetes (infusion №15)
Siberian Monastery Tea for Parasites (infusion №16)
Tranquilizing Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion №17)
Siberian Monastery Tea to stop Alcoholism (infusion №18)
and others SiberianHerbs.com is a marvelous way to improve
your health. Take advantage of what nature gives you!

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