🌿► “Female health” Siberian Monastery Herbal Tea – How does that natural remedy work?

Female health (gynecology) Siberian Monastery
Tea (infusion №12) Why is it so effective? Let’s discuss its
composition. It includes healing herbs gathered in the ecologically cleanest regions of our
planet. Each plant beneficially influences the body.
Milfoil is often called a “female plant”. It helps to endure painful and heavy periods
more easily, and it restores a menstrual cycle. Its antimicrobial properties promote normalizing
the microflora of female genital organs. Nettle is rich in vitamins. It produces anti-inflammatory
and hemostatic effects. It is used in curing uterine bleeding, fibromyoma, mastopathy,
thrush, infertility and periods disorders. Calendula helps to overcome chronic inflammatory
processes of the female reproductive system, regains female fertility and successful pregnancy.
Eucalyptus is used as an external means to cure thrush, it produces anesthetic, anti-parasite
and antiseptic effects. Celandine is used to cure uterine cervix,
myomas, fibromyomas and inflammations of female genito-urinary organs. Folk healers use it
in herbal teas to help infertile couples to successfully conceive a baby.
Knotgrass tonifies uterine muscles and activates breathing (which improves the body oxygen

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