🌿► “Anti-Tumor” Siberian Monastery Herbal Tea – How does that natural remedy work?

Anti-Tumor Siberian Monastery Tea (infusion
№14) Why is it so effective? Let’s discuss its
composition. It includes healing herbs gathered in the ecologically cleanest regions of our
planet. Each plant beneficially influences the body.
Bearberry improves adrenal glands functioning and hinders the growth of benign and malignant
neoplasms by preventing mutated cells from developing.
Nettle produces a cleansing effect which is of great importance for the body to get rid
of toxins. Also, the plant promotes the hemoglobin rise, invigorates a person, stimulates metabolism,
produces anti-inflammatory effects, improves the blood-clotting factor and normalizes activities
of genito-urinary, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems.
Immortelle beneficially influences liver and gallbladder. Also, it is valued for its capability
to remove pathogenic germs living in kidneys, mitigate the toxic tumor impact and chemotherapy
consequences. Rosehip powerfully stimulates immune forces
of the body. Milfoil produces an anti-inflammatory effect,
stimulates choleretic processes and improves digestive tract functioning.
Buckthorn is rich in iodine that improves phosphorus and calcium absorption as well
as it is important for thyroid proper functioning. Birch buds contain barium which hinders a
tumor growth and significantly increases the body resistance to oncology diseases.
Linden (flowers) is rich in copper, a microelement which is of great significance for hemopoiesis,
insulin and pituitary gland hormones production as well as for viable cell metabolism.
Camomile can significantly reduce the risk of complications when curing oncology diseases.
Immortelle produces a hemostatic effect. It is recommended if the lesion of digestive
and urinary tracks is manifested. Garden sage produces an anesthetic effect,
strengthens vessel walls and improves heart and digestive system functioning.

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