✨ 💖 ✨ What TYPE of💥 Hydrolyzed Collagen💥is BEST?-Most✨ Bioavail- 🤑 BUNDLE ANTI AGING DEAL!!✨ ✨

Leda Lum’s Apotheca! And today were going
to discuss the formulation of the perfect supplements, perfect hydrolyzed collagen and
why it is the way it is and how awesome it is. And also we have a bonus, they have created
a bundle with the discount code for you guys that will be in the description. And they’re
coming out with gelatin, they have it right now in fact. Let’s discuss. Hi beauties! Well today someone was asking
me what the formulation of their hydrolyzed collagen is and I was talking and they gave
me a very comprehensive answer and were gonna talk about that. First off, they did a bundle
for me which is great. A few different products that I have been very into and I have done
videos about them and if you’re ever interested in a different, different bundles, maybe they
would do that. So you get a perfect hydrolyzed collagen, the magnesium oil, the RX vitamins,
Liquid D, these are all great anti-aging and they put in Prescript Assist which is my favorite
probiotic as well as the green pastures, royal iced butter oil, fermented cod liver oil with
the X factor so that’s that, so if your skin is dry, it’s a good anti-aging but it’s good
for so many things, all these products. So that’s what their bundle is. Okay let’s talk
about the formulation for the hydrolyzed collagen, shall we? Type I collagen is the most abundant collagen
in your body and its very similar, type III being the second most abundant in your body
that’s why were taking this ’cause this is so supportive of tissues. Both type I and
III are very similar and help with skin health, digestive issues, with ligament and muscle
and joint issues and your brain health, energy, sleep, metabolism and more, both of them.
Type I and III are found all over the body except in the joints. Joints are the type
II, collagen, cartilage. So as type I and III are very similar, basically the same,
perfect hydrolyzed collagen has sourced from type I because that’s what they could find
pasture-raised, grass-fed cows and that’s why were into it ’cause it’s very clean product.
And they did testings and they found that type I was the most bioavailable at 90% bioavailability
so it’s also the most absorbable and used by our body most readily, this is what it
says. Basically we could trade a type I collagen supplement, that was resource from a 100%
pasture-raised grass-fed cows and fully dissolved in water, that’s important because you don’t
want a nasty product. It has no taste, no smell and 90% bioavailability. It’s definitely
my favorite. Okay so this is why you use type II collagen,
the cartilage collagen. Type II collagen can be very great if you have a very specific
issue like a joint knee issue. And taking type II can be very beneficial for a period
of time. Type II collagen is more about providing a solution for a specific problem involving
the cartilage, perhaps arthritis, something might take in specific case for a specific
period of time until the issue problem is corrected. On the other hand type I collagen
is something that everybody can take on a daily basis and have long term benefits. And
I know from my experience that the first thing that I experienced in taking in cartilage
collagen was that my knee felt better so even though it’s not type II your joints will still
heal. A lot of people, their hip issues that’s the most noticeable benefit you will see.
Because it’s bioavailability your body can use it in multiple ways. Take this in daily
basis and see improvement in the overall functioning of your entire body. And if they included
the type II in here then they would have less of a type I just bioavailable. If they include
type I they say we have a product which was good for a specific cartilage issue but less
effective in the whole body supplement which is what were into and that’s what supports
your health, your beauty actually, that’s how it works. So also their gelatin, 50% off perfect bovine
gelatin. They have a coupon, gelatin15 which is down there. Sale ends July 1st. Oh dear
I have to go this weekend. If you make jello or if you make any gummies or it’s more a
tastier ways to ingest this health amazing food, great formulation. I like to just get
it down to hatch. I like take drinking this with water, morning and night, 2 tablespoon. Let’s talk about today, we have the ancient
minerals, magnesium oils. I was thinking of including their baths flakes so that you could
make your own magnesium oil but the thing is that actually ancient minerals magnesium
oil is way more concentrated than the way that they make this versus making your own
involves heating it to 350 degrees but it’s not something that you can really do at home.
A lot of people are making their own magnesium oil by getting the salts and adding a lot
of water but it a little bit is way more concentrated from the oil that they’ve created, it does
feel different but you need less magnesium which is very important for health de-stress
anti-aging. The prescription says 60 caps of soil based probiotics and this is the one
program that I’ve taken that I felt total different in a day or two, and that’s having
few people that I’ve turned on to this. It really churns your gut, it’s very noticeable.
Prescript Assist combines 29 nutrient-rich soil based pH-resistant, you wnat it to flow
through your gut or for your stomach organisms with leonardite prebiotic to increase the
amount of beneficial gastro intestinal micro flora found in the GI. This supplement also
corrects the damage that antibiotics cause helping the GI. In other words Prescript Assist
helps to re establish normal balance good bad bacteria in the intestines. Leonardite
prebiotic, also a soil based organism enables the probiotic organism to thrive and prosper
in the intestines. Then we have of course Rx Vitamins D3. Not a vegan product. It is
combed out the lanolin of sheep which are not killed. If your fully vegan your not gonna
eat honey, which is you know sourced from little bees. We’ve discussed in previous videos
how awesome vitamin D is. I was deficient with multiple blood tests. A little bit. And
I was taking lots of different vitamin Ds. But this one has worked. You just take two
little drops morning and sometimes night. 2000 IU per drop. This has corrected it and
its in olive oil, because its a lipid soluble vitamin. Thats why this is on there. Good
for your bones your cardiovascular health. Its mood stabilizing and happiness. Vitamin
D is important for your hormones synthesis. Its basically a hormone. Super super important.
Green Pastures Blue Ice butter oil fermented cod liver oil. 120 caps of that. Getting those
oils from the inside of you to help with your skin, your aging. Amazing stuff and its in
a little gel cap so you dont have to taste the weird flavors of fish. Perfect combination
of 1/3 X factor gold butter oil and 2/3 blue ice fermented cod liver oil inspired by Dr.
Weston A Price. X factor is important for all these synthesis. Its and activator for
a lot of these vitamins to be assimilated. He is quoted, one with out the other did not
do his patients justice. You need the X factor and the cod liver oil. Cod liver oil has been
around for centuries. Recommended by price and many other physicians for general good
health of babies, children and adults. Dr Prices research revealed that activator X
is fat soluble nutrient found only in butter and organ meat of animals fed a diet of rapidly
growing green grass. They also have a liver, desiccated liver supplements. But I felt like
less people would be into that. Thats why I didnt put that in. It acts as a catalyst
to help the body to absorb and utilize minerals even aids in rebuilding body tissues, bones
and teeth. He believes that the combination of the cod liver oil and X factor butter had
amazing healing benefits. So hopefully you guys take advantage of that if you havent
gotten these products and you’ve been interested you can take advantage of their discount.
I feel so honored. If you have any other ideas for different bundles let me know. Kay guys.
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  1. Thanks Leda. Does it harm the collagen to mix it with coffee/ hot beverage?
    (I put it in my coffee with turmeric and cream.)

  2. Hi 🙂 I was just wondering you have used in the past Great Lake gelatin collagen hydrolysate , Was there a reason you switch? Thanks in advance 😁

  3. Love your videos! Is type 2 collagen safe to take for long periods of time with no specific ailment? Im thinking that it would just pass out of your body if you didnt need it but I dont know much about this. Thank you for explaining this!

  4. As always very informative . I have be using the perfect hydrolyzed collagen for A little over 2 months now on your advice. I feel better over all and my skin is looking so much better. I love it and will never stop using it. Thx to you I am on my way to a healthier me. 😊😘

  5. I love hydrolyzed collagen! My skin, hair and nails are really seeing the benefits of using it. I make a protein treatment for my hair as well as taking it orally. My favorite brand is Zint and I get it from Amazon.Two pounds for $38! It is also organic, grass fed, kosher and non-GMO certified. It is by far the best bang for my buck.

  6. I recommend hydrolyzed collagen to my dad because he doesn't have any tissue in his knees and has severe joint pain. 🙂 I was wondering how many supplements/vitamins you take in a day? Could you do a video on it? ❤❤

  7. Nice, You seem to putt on a lot of different things. Must take a long time to do sow but never mind. Personally i try and make sure i drink enough every day. Keeps me from drying out haha. I have some dark spots under my eyes. (No kidney problems i think) Any advice how to make them look less dark?

  8. Thank you for the information. You look beautiful! I am trying it for muscle and joint pain/repair. However, if I look better along the way, well, then that's a plus! 🙂

  9. I am so thankful that I found your youtube channel otherwise, I would have never known about all the great benefits of Perfect supplements Hydrolyzed Collagen.
    I'm 50yrs old & unfortunately, suffer from both RA and annoying Plaque Psoriasis & I can't wait to try this!! ( just ordered.) I'm learning so many great things from watching your videos. You're beautiful inside & out! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!! Keep up the good work!! 👍🤗👍

  10. Oh good..I can't afford the Perfect brand..I was taking the Neocell but I had to buy 3 for a month intake. I did find that the Bulk Supplement 2lb bag is the perfect amount for my month intake at 4 scoops a day for my therapeutic joints dosage!

  11. ok, I just turned 71 last Saturday. Not aging gracefully. Bought 1 jar of this collagen. The 'Perfect'…it arrived last Thursday. I am amazed, started taking it as soon as it arrived. I live totally on my Social Security, but this is going on my list as most important item to make sure I get. This is ONLY Monday…(per your instructions, I'm taking 2 tblsp. in a.m. and again p.m. ..like I say this is ONLY Monday…4 1/2 day and drinking todays a.m., but I've already seen changes in the creping on my underarms (unless it's just me wanting this so badly), but it looks like the creping is starting to lessen. My knees don't hurt already…when for the past 3 years since I had a bad fall I couldn't even touch them without great pain. I do have a question. I should've gotten 2 bottles like you suggested, but I couldn't afford it…I remember you saying something about not missing a day. What happens if you miss some time? because my bottle already is under the half way gone. And it looks like I'm going to run out and don't have that second bottle which I won't be able to get til my Sept. check( I get paid once a month)? I only put in 1 tblsp this morning…hoping to stretch it out more. But, I'm lovin this stuff. LOL. I really need a reply from you…so I hope you actually read this. Thank you. Oh, and for the exercising the arms with weights. I find that the laundry soap bottles (the small ones with handles) filled with rice (enough ) for the desired weight of 5 lbs. works great. Thanks again for your videos.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your information with us. I started taking collagen two months ago, I had stretch marks at the tops of my legs, but I noticed that they are practically gone. Is that possible?

  13. Is there any effective alternative of collagen for vegan ?? Grass fed doesn’t mean organic necessarily right ? However I did recommend this product to see outcome of it seems great for non vegan … … Thanks …

  14. Hey so I decided to reach out to you because I just got out of the hospital for an adverse effect to Sports Research Collagen peptides. It was a severe systemic reaction that led to a prescription of MethyLPRENIsolone and a trip to the emergency room. I’m recovering 3 days later and I was in tears. I want to try another collagen but I’m so scared 😰 The only “ingredient” Listed on the back is “hydrolyzed collagen peptides”. The doctor said that there had to be some sort of filler to bond the collagen to and that they were not disclosing something. How do I move forward and how can I avoid this in the future 🤕

  15. Ha ha your brilliant. You sometimes break into English accent like it mate, sorted.
    Helped me brilliantly with my tendon repair crusade – golf elbow malarkey

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