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  1. please ek canfusion door kariya… me aapke kehne ke mtabik 6 baje tometo shop pii leta hu … lekin muje khane ke baar davai leni hoti he.. jo me 8 baje ke aspas leleta hu to kya ye thik hai…..

  2. hello, blessing to all
    im 23 years old, its being 9 years having severe pain in joints and muscles..
    it started while a emotional attack many years back..
    now im doing this process of 16 hours fasting, i need milk for my bones, yesterday i took milk after 2 hour of my lunch..but im confused, mam can i take milk in other 8 hours? i also took some dry fruits, is that ok to take it?

  3. नाइस विडियो मेडम बहोत अच्छी विडियो है thankyou so much 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 aap ki har bato ko follow karunga

  4. OMG !! today i got to know what all i was doing with my body by eating fast food. Seriously i m gonna follow all your points now.

  5. If a person follows this, will all the mention illness be healed, can the current medication for these illness be stopped if so then after how many days can it be stopped

  6. I want to order a thandi Patti but I don't have PayPal account. If any other type of payment you have please let me know so that I can order it. Thanks Lakshman Saha

  7. Dear mam, as per your video (Detox Your body) i ordered 2 noes enema kit n i received which is found damanged. i register my complaint on ur satvik movement site..bt there is no any compliance receive yet.
    it is requst you to pls replace my enema kit as soon as possible n do the same..

  8. Aaj mene enema first time kiya hai unbelievable result 🙂🙂🙂
    Ye you tube ka number one channel hai
    Thank you so much 🙏💕
    I love you didi 😇😇

  9. Hi..good video..is it same when someone is pregnant..what I mean is..can a pregnant woman follow satvik diet and cleaning methods??

  10. Is enema important and if so can we do it at night before sleeping??
    From all 5 salads all are important to eat or can leave 1 or 2??
    In salad 3 what can we substitute in place of red cabbage??
    For how many days we have to keep wet strips??
    How will we get to know that nerves are opened and blood circulation is happening??

  11. But hm students ko to energy k liye kuch na kuch to khana padta h. Wrna weakness aane se or problem ho jati h. Aap kuch students k liye v btsiye plzzzz. Reply

  12. Hi Subha…I've already started 16 hours fasting and it's been a week now. However, there are two things, I want your guidance with. First: Can I have sprouts (Chana, Moong etc.) in dinner? Second: Anema seems quite weird and I'm quite uncomfortable. I know you have already explained this but I'm still not comfortable. So, is there any other way or substitute of this? Please help.

  13. Mam I started to keep 16hr gap
    b/w dinner n morning 1meal.
    But already i am underweight, i feel i lost some my wieght (may be bcz rest of your diet plan i can't manage as I live in hostel). So what should I do, about my weight??

  14. Main aapki baat Se agree Karti hu.lekin aapki upvas wali baat mujhe bahut thik Nahin Lagi. Kyunki Main Bhi 2007se meditation karti hu. Dhyan me 3-4 hour bethne k karan meri bhi upvas ki aadat thi. raat k khane k baad sidha 10 ya 11 ko khana. I think ye thoda galat hai. Morning ka khana health k liye achcha hai. Bcoz Mari na khane ki wajahse mera 40kg weight hai. I think 2 hisse me gap rakhna jyada thik hoga.. lekin pran shakti ko develop karna bhi bahut achcha hai. Ye hamko defiantly medicine se dur rakhta hai.

  15. I m confused !It is said that Breakfast should be taken in the morning before 8 am but in this video it is said that bf can be taken at 1 pm, If dinner is taken at 9pm. Please clear my confusion regarding breakfast . I have my dinner at 9.30 so what should be my lunch time ? Please tell me !!

  16. Thank you. very useful. But i am super impressed and in awe about the presentation quality. what software/technique did you use to create these videos?

  17. Ye process hmare yaha hota h ek ashram h arogya dham waha par एनिमा aur pani ki patti ki jagah mitti ki patti rakhte h… Mera 15 din m waha 11 kg wait kam hua vo log wahi rakhte h diet bhi wahi dete h

  18. Thank you for your information but i am a athletes kya aap same topic par athletes ke liye video bna sakte hai ?

    Kyoki 16 ghante upwash ek athletes ki performance par bahut negative effect daal sakta hai is vazah se me is routine ko follow nahi kar sakta aap se request hai ki is topic par athletes ke liye video bnao please

    Please ma'am is a humble request to you 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Ma'am I have ordered enema kit for my mom 1.5 months ago and still it's not delivered to me and I have paid also through debit card

  20. Subah ji ho sake you please hindi me video zyada baniye
    Kyonki aap ka hindi me baat karne ka tarika bohat hi zyada achhi hai
    Or ye bhi keh sakte hai aap hindi me bohat achha samjhati ho.
    Jo ki mujhe tou bohat zyada pasand hai.
    Baaki aap ki marzi kyonki final decision you aap ka hi hoga.
    🙏Hare Krishna🙏

  21. I had regular bowel movement but after enema I had irregular bowel movement . . No fix timing. And jab Tak white paati lagana hai I mean how many days

  22. God bless you beta. But me aapke guru mohan gupta (Natural life system) on you tube ko follow kr rhi hu. Unka treatment sasta(cheap) h. Mujhe arthritis h. Ab me70 : /: theek hu

  23. I did enema for last 2 days but only water is betting out, not stool , intestine is not getting cleared what's going wrong with me, please guide me.

  24. Mam mere mummy Ka nervous system week he or blood circulation bhi bhut poor he wo Kuch bhi thandi chez ni kha pati Dr NE kafi Kuch band Kar rakha he.plz unke leyh Kuch suggest kare

  25. बहन जी आपके कहने से ये बस्ती वाला प्रयोग 21 तक कर लिया है , अब जिस दिन ये नही करता उस दिन ध्यान पेट पर रहता है । अब कब तक करना है । कृपया जवाब जरूर देना ।

  26. Hi i leave in bangalore and most of the time its very cold and rainy here so if i do patti i.catch cold what to do?

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